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GrandTechDigital eBay Scammer Threaten Frauded Buyers. eBay Busy Protecting PowerSeller Of Fake Memory.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 7, 2010

FraudedBuyersgrandtechdigital sells fake memory cards and MP Players. This powerseller has eBay in his back pocket. He uses private auctions to hide what he is selling. Recently some eBay members received threats from this seller because they send warning messages to test! eBay is not fair and is playing a very dirty game.

SOSFakeFlash has over 30 months of evidence on file as to how nasty they can be. No they will not protect eBay members. Instead they protect the sellers. Why? eBay is becoming increasingly desperate for revenue.

We need all victims of GrandTechDigital to teach him a lesson! There is only one way. If you were frauded by GrandTechDigital with false capacity we need you to send messages to other eBay members to warn them to test! Read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

How do you chose who to sent messages to? Easy, look at postitive feedback. Any eBay item number that says “private” is hiding a fake flash memory item.

We need every single victim of grandtechdigital to take a stand. If you don’t then grandtechdigital will get away with the fraud and eBay will laugh all the way to the bank. At issue is principal and refusing fraud to continue on eBay.

grandtechdigital belongs to the eBay counterfeit ring HK Cy:

  • cyber.networks
  • cybertown_network
  • grandtechdigital
  • cypress_network

grandtechdigital address:

Mr. Yiu

Flat 02, 10/F, Block F, EVERGREEN VILLA, 43 stubbs Road, Wanchai.
Hong Kong


We ask that any victim of grandtechdigital contact other buyers. Anyone who has been frauded by any eBay seller is also invited to contact buyers of grandtechdigital to warn them to test. If you didn’t like what happened to you and are disgusted with eBay’s 8 year participation in frauding members ( eBay Refunds. Warning Messages Not To Complete Transactions. Fake Memory Fraud 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB On eBay. SOSFakeFlash Call To Action Frauded Buyers! ). Fight back, help tear grandtechdigital to peaces. He’s not listing right now. Negative feedback is starting to grow. Help kick him off eBay with a suspension.

6 Responses to “GrandTechDigital eBay Scammer Threaten Frauded Buyers. eBay Busy Protecting PowerSeller Of Fake Memory.”

  1. grump333 said

    Presently he has no items listed???

  2. KittyFireFlash said


    grandtechdigital is on the eBay radar and is fighting like crazy to avoid being suspended by eBay

    Have a look at current neg and neutral feedback:

    Frauded buyers are fighting back with negatives. As usual what is disturbing are the eBay members who revise their feedback for a refund. It is a betrayal of all those who are determined to force the seller id off eBay.

    grandtechdigital is using private auctions. Deadly but we exposed him all the same.

    We need everyone to help reduce his feedback score. It is the only way to kick him off eBay.

    The worse thing about grandtechdigital? He doesn’t think he is doing anything wrong by frauding people!!!!

    We’ve received some very disgusting evidence about what he says to buyers trying to stop him.

    Meanwhile, eBay is busy with their risk management. Refunding buyers for grandtechdigital if they scream loud enough. Anyone who does not scream and fight, will lose their money.

    We first reported him in 2009. He did get a little suspension. As soon as it was over grump333, he started to sell fake flash memory products again.

    It just shows how eBay doesn’t give a damn about buyers. We do! So we ask everyone to help out and leave negative feedback to shut him down!

    Warn other buyers who left postive feedback. If the eBay item number is private, it is hiding a fake.

    grump333 what is your opinion on eBay? The fraud they permit?

  3. Pwntatochips said

    How do I do this if I have a micro sd card? Since I can’t just plug it in like a flash drive?

    How the hell do I use the program if I bought a micro sd card for a phone and not a flash drive?

    How do I use the program if I have a micro sd card no a flash drive :o?

  4. red said


    “How do I do this if I have a micro sd card?”


    There are several ways to do it:

    1. Use a microSD to SD card adapter. The microSD card inserts into the adapter which can then be inserted into a card reader.

    2. Use a card reader that accepts microSD cards.

    3. Connect your phone to the computer (with USB cable) and the card appears as a drive.

  5. RM said

    Grandtechdigital is no longer an ebay member, is this permanent? Is it a result of suspension? This is great!

    I left positive feedback for a fake SD card bought from grandtechdigital before i got a chance to test it. Sure enough the test revealed that “32GB” as advertised = 2GB hacked micro SD card. This was over a month later and was too late to get a refund through paypal. I still havent got my AU$43 back and never will. hope he is gone for good!

  6. KittyFireFlash said


    We wish! GrandTechDigital is an oldie. He should be out of commission for 1 to 3 months. If enough people complain to eBay he might get a 6 month sentence.

    It’s not too late to get a refund, RM. If you paid by credit card, call them to reverse the sale on the grounds of fraud. Most will be very happy to do this as they care about your patronage and protection.

    If you funded from your bank account you can consider visiting the bank to reverse the transaction, you have enough evidence.

    You can also contact eBay and demand they get you your refund.

    To all,

    Don’t be fooled by any deadline eBay imposes. The case of fake flash memory is very different from other kinds of fraudulent listings on eBay. Also eBay is only too painfully aware of the problem…

    They just want you RM and others to go away. Most will. Good for them, less money to pay back. Some don’t and they are the ones who get refunds these days.

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