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Urgent wusulihewd eBay Seller Fake 128 GB USB Flash Drives. Hocus-Pocus Abrakadabra Poof! eBay Buyers Frauded. eBay Black Magic And The Art Of Fraud For Flash Memory Products!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 3, 2010

wusulihewd eBay seller sold fake 128GB usb flash drives, DT200/128GB Kingston Technologies . eBay rushed to remove all evidence of his sales and suspended the id. So you would think nothing was wrong or suspicious when you view wusulihewd’s profile. Wrong. eBay covered up for wusulihewd! Did eBay and wusulihewd get away with fraud? No, a buyer reported in. You will find the story interesting. It is the experience of a lot of frauded buyers for flash memory on eBay.


wusulihewd suspended

The listing reported was:

And what happens if you click on the url?

wusulihewd 128GB USB 2

Gone. Hocus-Pocus eBay style for fraud! It is occuring an awful lot these days.

Now why would a listing available on July 4th, 2010 suddenly not be available? eBay pulled the listing and cleaned up the internet traces. As the war against fake flash memory being sold on eBay escalates, eBay is making sure to fight back. Not against fake flash memory sellers on eBay but against their members.

One of wusulihewd victims tested the usb flash drive one it arrived.

Warning: Only 10700 of 127968 MByte tested.
The media is likely to be defective.
12 MByte OK (24576 sectors)
10.4 GByte DATA LOST (21889024 sectors)
Details:0 KByte overwritten (0 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (< 8 bit/sector, 0 sectors)
10.4 GByte corrupted (21889024 sectors)
0 KByte aliased memory (0 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x0000000000000000
Expected: 0x0000000000000000
Found: 0xffffffffffffffff

H2testw version 1.3
Reading speed: 4.00 MByte/s
H2testw v1.4

What did this victim of wusulihewd have to report?

Item ordered on Ebay on 4th July 2010. Paid by Paypal. Received message from Ebay to say item withdrawn on 5th July. Contacted Ebay & Paypal but neither could or would say why item withdrawn.

Had to wait 2 weeks to raise a case. Paypal sent mail tracking info but no item movement registered until Paypal case was active (about 20 days), then item arrived in about 4 days.

Item was described as coming from Ireland when in fact it came from China. When item arrived checked to see that it registered 128GB on windows XP which it did. Wrote data to drive some of which worked but majority wouldn’t remain on drive. Tried to reformat, would not work. Tested with H2test_w1.4 – result most of drive corrupt and very slow. There is no serial number on drive. Concluded it is a fake.

Paypal will not refund without a letter from a computer professional or a police officer to say this is a fake. Initially they said I had to return to sender via tracked mail but when I pointed out that it is probably a fake they said I should destroy it but no refund without the letter. I cannot believe I am going to get anyone to write me a letter, least of all the Police so I guess the fraudster has got away with it (with the help of Ebay & Paypal).

Conclusion: Basically, as long as Ebay & Paypal have their money, they don’t want to know!!!

eBay removed the listing. If they do that, it is pretty obvious the item was for false capacity flash memory. If they sent a message you better belive the listing was for a fake!

Listing items in countries outside of the Orient is often done. A Lot of people in are suspicious of sellers in Asia and with just cause. So many sellers pretend to be local. It’s just another way to catch buyers who try to avoid being scammed by a seller based in Asia, the origin of most false capacty flash memory.

Why is PayPal giving this buyer a hard time? Well most email from eBay or PayPal is template drive, it is not from a human being, it is from a computer program. This unlucky buyer drew a short straw.

Why should a victim of fake flash memory be put through the wringer? When eBay removes a listing and sends warning messages it is an admission of guilt, a confession that a fake flash memory item was listed on eBay.

Can this victim do something? Yes? Most local computer stores, when they hear the story of a frauded buyer on eBay are only too happy to write a short letter. Why? eBay fake flash sellers hurt their business as they sell real capacity at fair prices. They loose a lot of potential sales because of the unrealistic prices offered for flash memory on eBay. The buyer in their opinion has learned his or her lesson. It is also their oppportunity to fight back against the fraudulent sellers harming their honest business.

Refunded buyers will all tell you one thing – the key to getting a refund is to persist. Most do, not so much because of the money they lost but the prinicpal of the matter. If it wasn’t for the “Prinicpal” – SOSFakeFlash would have ceased to exist a long time ago.

If you bought from wusulihewd, you need to test and FIGHT BACK! Accept no if’s or maybe’s from eBay or PayPal. If you used a credit card to fund the purchase, call the credit card company immediately and ask them to to a reversal. They don’t like fraud and they are very concerned about protecting their members from fraud on the internet. Credit card companys, care about their customers. eBay does not. If they did, why have they permitted the sale of reprogrammed flash memory items for over 8 years?

The victim of wusulihewd insight:

  • Conclusion: Basically, as long as Ebay & Paypal have their money, they don’t want to know!!!

Is completely accurate about both eBay and PayPal. It is why SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash project exist.

wusulihewd Address:

Huang Shuling,
Xinkeng Village,
Changpin Town,
Dongguan City,
Guangdong Province,

This is the second report of a fake usb flash drive coming from Dongguan City. The eBay fraudster in Dongguan City is xinshifeng.

Kingston read:

Kingston USB Flash Drives. How To Check You Have A Genuine One And Not A Counterfeit – Easy Guide. Kingston Technologies Fighting To Protect Consumers And Itself From Counterfeits.

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Current Prices For Genuine Kingston DataTraveler 200 128GB USB2.0 Flash Drives DT200/128GB And For Fakes – A Guide

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Buyers of 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB advertised capacity, please read these three articles immediately!

Questions? Please read this report: Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drive PenSticks. How To Fight Against Fraud and SOSFakeFlash A Special Message From KittyFireFlash To Reader Jonno.

First time victim? Please read this article, see what fake flash memory sellers do when not enough buyers fight back: international-distributing Ebay Flash Memory Seller – An Experiment In Selling True Capacity? The History Behind international-distributing ID On eBay. A Very Dark Past. Also read: If You left Positive Feed Back For A Fake Flash Memory Seller. Can You Change It?

Please read and vote: How Do You Alter Flash Memory Chips To Lie About Their Real Capacity – Do You Want To Know More? Your input as a victim is required.

eBay Buyer Protection – Call To All USA eBay Members Who Are Victims Of Fake Flash Memory Purchased On eBay

Please test your device to ensure you have the advertised capacity with H2testw to ensure you have the advertised capacity. Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

FakeFlashSellers01 Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash ” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

Do a good deed. Warn other eBay buyers of fake flash. Save another person from a a fake flash nightmare and potential data loss. Read: How Contacting eBay Buyers OF Fake Memory Purchases Saves Others – A Victim’s Thank You!

How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide


To see wusulihewd’s negative feedback Please Click Here

August 2nd, 2010 – we have 1 eBay listings confirmed fake.

The models sold under the eBay seller wusulihewd confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. If you bought one of these items from wusulihewd, you should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 . Do not store any important information until you can confirm you have the advertised capacity (minus formatting overhead).

Should your device not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on it to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:

Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller wusulihewd
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:

on your correspondence.


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