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eBay Fraud Sellers List 201007 * to K. Fake USB Flash Memory – Pen Sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players From SOSFakeFlash

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 31, 2010

eBay Sellers of Fake Flash Memory (False Capacity) usb flash drives, memory cards, mp players as of 20100731 documented by SOSFakeFlash. 1234 sellers listed. The ebay sellers on this list have been documented and investigated. SOSFakeFlash has made it easy for you to research. The list is now in two pages: * to K , L to Z.

If you are a victim please report in using the Report A Fake Tab. You matter! You, can help the list grow and increase the counts against these fraudsters!

Sellers * to K

Ebay Sellers – Fake Flash Memory – Click For Negative Neutrals
Update: July 31 2010

If your seller is not on the list or to add to the count against a seller, use the Report A Fake tab. Leave “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to allow people to find our sites for help. If you left positive feedback, do a follow up feedback. Always test for actual capacity before leaving feedback!

Please do not assume if your eBay seller is not on this list, it is safe to buy from the seller. SOSFakeFlash has received reports that victims used this list as a guide to purchasing from an eBay seller. Do not make this mistake.

If you seller is not on the List, a warning might have been issued, see FakeMemorySentinel. To be on this list, you must report in with your evidence.

Click on the seller’s eBay id link to to see all negative and neutral feedback on eBay. Our counts include people who left positive feedback or reported after a seller was suspended.

Investigated Ebay Fake Flash Sellers with Confirmed Fakes * to K: 600 entries

Seller Neg FB Fakes Classification Status
*david*2010 6 Private Auctions Suspension
*mct0056* 2 Suspension
001pawlak 1
007nothingss 1 Suspension
09116623521 1 Suspension
123qazxc 3 Suspension
16thcenturygallery 1 Private Auctions
1963dingdom 4 Suspension
19710620 1 Suspension
1sky1dream 2 Suspension
2009crazyshop 1 Suspension
2009minishop 2 Suspension
2010.flashman 1 Suspension
2010.xiaoju 2
215sellit 4 Suspension
24hour.openstop67 1 Suspension
3688summer 2 Suspension
3ceshop 1 Suspension
3totrade 113 Devious Suspension
415_goodsell 1
4216chrisw 1 Suspension
4brons499 1 Private Auctions
516erenkoy01 14 Clever
5star18 1 Suspension
647voc 1
6656joeana 1 Private Auctions Suspension
86luxe 1
88dogsloverss 1 Suspension
9876520092009 1 Suspension
a_kasravi 1
aaaiphone 2 Suspension
aabbcc147 6
abestpartner0 98 Suspension
acesdistributing 1 Suspension
adaland8888 1 Suspension
adiandian3 32 Suspension
adishop2008 1
ads0s0 2
afei2006 2 Suspension
affordablehighqualityitems 3 Suspension
agathe688 16 Suspension
a-haoyun2010 1 Private Auctions Suspension
air-n-tech 4 Suspension
akm_games 1 Suspension
aldou2! 1 1 Suspension
alexxxp0808 6 Suspension
alice_daphne_a_123 17 Suspension
aliveit 1
alldays189 9 Suspension
allkghr68 2 Suspension
allproductsold1 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
allstar184 1 Private Auctions Suspension
almazar2008 1
alphapound 1
althought77 9 Suspension
aluckywinson 2
alvin.wong800 1 Suspension
amaliahd 2 Suspension
amazingshop2009 1 Suspension 1
amust2009 12 Private Auctions Suspension
andy20090755 2
andybin88 27
andyjiange 9 Suspension
andylu2009 1 Private Auctions
anglo-dist 2 Suspension
annashop-qipao 1
annie129898 1 Suspension
anson528168 3 Suspension
apealy 15 Suspension
appolly 28 Suspension
areema_design 1
arts92588 3 Private Auctions
ashuawi_154 1 Suspension
asperou1974 1
atlasneotech 1 Suspension
attransport 1
atttshop 9 Suspension
auboland 2 Suspension
auctionlimited222 6 Private Auctions Suspension
ausberghi 1
avatad 2 Suspension
awei19888 6 Suspension
awfcomponents2009 1 Suspension
b.a.t.t.e.r.y 3 Suspension
backypk 3 Private Auctions
badboyagu 3 Suspension 1 Private Auctions Suspension
bargain_gift_shop 2 Suspension
barrylamshop 13 Devious Suspension
base-trade 3 Suspension
battery.488 1 Suspension
battery.king888 5 Suspension
bawawa10009898 6 Suspension
bayer4you 1 Suspension
bazaarus 13 Suspension
beautiful-love365 2 FeedBack Private Suspension
beautyseals 70 Suspension
bed.sheeet121 1 Suspension
befeskst 4 Private Auctions Suspension
beijing1682009 1
believes_wo29 3 Suspension
beqaror 1
berrysenior09 2 Suspension
best.customer.service 2 Suspension
best.flash100 1 Suspension
best2all8888 80 Suspension
best2you886 70 Suspension
bestbargain.salesz 1 Suspension
bestchoiceonline2009 1 Suspension
best-e-bay-sell 24 Private Auctions Suspension
bestelecusa 2 Suspension
bestkejian10 1 Private Auctions
bestoall 2 Suspension
best-phone-sell 2 Private Auctions Suspension
bestselleryan 2 Suspension
bestshop1909 1
bestzbuyz2010 1 Suspension
beyboosry 21 Suspension
beyondstart09 1 Suspension
biaofa52088 1 Private Auctions Suspension
bid2buying 23 Private Auctions Suspension
bidbidzone 5 Private Auctions
biduwant 7 Suspension 14 Private Auctions Suspension
big.sales25 1 Suspension
bigdawgbaker 1
bigmorg27 1
big-will0 1 Private Auctions
bingbing1209 1 Suspension
bingliuhou68 1 Suspension
black.carrot43 1 Suspension
blockwei 6 Suspension
bloomboy99 10 Suspension
blue.martell 2 Suspension
blueheart2010 2
bluetech_networks 1 Suspension
bombas33 2 Private Auctions
bosstrade168 61 Suspension
brajones53 2 Suspension
bright-crystal837 4 Suspension
brighting688 5 Private Auctions Suspension
bunqqto 2 Suspension
button-inlay 1 3 Suspension
buy088 12 Suspension
buyingculture 1 Suspension
buzzle_2009 1 Suspension
caipemz 15 Suspension
calltimtim 11 Suspension
candyatsz 12 Suspension
canotwithout88 6 Suspension
cao21118 5 FeedBack Private Suspension
carol_syy 1 Private Auctions
Carol-World 11 Suspension
carterunlimitedpro 1 Suspension
cckelectronic99 2 Suspension
ccywee88 4 Suspension
ceasoherer 1 Suspension
celeste_689 3 Suspension
celikengin 1
ch_km 3 Suspension
chaiching28 84 Old Timer Suspension
chakkkkk 5 Suspension
chance2save-money 20 Suspension
changshengzhubao666 5 Suspension
chanxi968 1
chaogestore88 3 Suspension
checkmeout88 11 Suspension
cheermagun 2 Suspension
chekel2007 1 Private Auctions Suspension
chendimz 19 Suspension
chendongyu0504 1 Suspension
chenggong1881 3 Suspension
chenhui52147 1 Private Auctions Suspension
chenwubang88 18 Suspension
cheuk2238 1 Suspension
cheukpanpan2008 3
chgcln 1
china1949100120091001 2 Private Auctions Suspension
chinajiayou 3 Private Auctions
chinashopstore88 3 Private Auctions
chingching688 4 Private Auctions Suspension
cholui88 5 Suspension
chongmaomaoabc 4 Suspension
choose.c 1 11 Suspension
cissyoissy 1 Suspension
cititrading 13 Private Auctions Suspension
cityin168 20
cityunlock 1
clares-trading-room 3 Private Auctions Suspension
clarke3029 2 Suspension
clarkveyron 1 Suspension
clicktoblue 7 Suspension
cnebapaypa 9 Private Auctions Suspension
cnsilkdress 1 Suspension
coca-mes 4 Private Auctions Suspension
cocopark009 2
collect-palace-art 1 Suspension
colorselectronics 1 3 Suspension
comewithrich 3 Suspension
comingworld2008 4 Suspension
comp_usb 1 Suspension
conniechan09 1 Suspension
cool.stuff12053 1 Suspension
cool_kaka 1
cool_shop168 1 Suspension
coolnew.12023 1 Suspension
cossact 3
cppbest 1 Private Auctions
cqingwushilei 1
cqwing 4 Suspension
crate7products 1 Suspension
crazy.sales.omg 1 Devious Suspension
crispspring149 5 Private Auctions Suspension
crispy_garlic 1 Suspension
crystalpalace1987 8 Private Auctions
ctone51 1
ctrl_alt_del7880 1 Suspension
cumbuy.nowww 1 Suspension
curiousshop 21 Suspension
customizepc1 1
cx0010 12 Suspension
cy.yaya 1 Private Auctions Suspension
cyber.networks 5 Private Auctions
cybershotdude 3 Private Auctions Suspension
cyg_2009 2 Suspension
cylwendy 5 Suspension
cymemory 8 Suspension
cypress_network 37 Private Auctions Suspension
cyz198175 1 Suspension
d9bay 7 Suspension
dabao1030 3 Private Auctions
dai_xinyu 11 Private Auctions Suspension
dailydeals99 1
dairyman6880 1
dalebuk 5 Suspension
dallasoncall 1
dan.fff 3 Suspension
dandygenio 5
dang_gengshen 1 Suspension
daowobaobao2008 10 Suspension
darnubiz 1 Devious
david200804 2
davidtam000 11 Suspension
dc-emperor 40
dd.ee3493 2 Suspension
ddup-2007 1
demonedemone 3 Suspension
dengkimz 2 Suspension
deresz18 1
desrothwell 1 Devious
Dfsr1 1 Private Auctions
diamond_wedding 6 FeedBack Private Suspension
diaoweifeng2008 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
digibabyboy 7 1 Suspension
digitalgundam 1 Suspension
digitalmonkey198366 1 Suspension
digitalting0303 30 Suspension
digitexpert 27 Suspension
digitmonde 13 Suspension
digitsonic 4 Private Auctions Suspension
digivendeur 24 Suspension
dingdingstore11 10 Suspension
directsz 1
discount9390 2
disubs 56 Suspension
djlasombra 1 Suspension
Dogdog999 2
dogoyong 1
dogusb2008 17 Suspension
domi.krak1804 4 Private Auctions
dongfangzhubao9898 3 Suspension 4 Suspension
dragon_wallet2008 1
dynamic.2 2 Suspension
e.goodshop2008 6 Suspension
eac-buy 2 Suspension
eastdragon2010 1 Suspension
east-jewelry-art 1 Suspension
easye.514 1 Suspension
easytrade_12388 1 Suspension
ebestshop58r 1 Suspension
ebidetrade001 1 Private Auctions Suspension
ebram111 1 FeedBack Private Suspension
ec_station 1 Private Auctions Suspension
eddyunoseller2008 8 Suspension
efiyanki 1 Suspension
egotechbase 26 Private Auctions Suspension
elect-republic 1 Suspension
electronicbase663 42 Old Timer Suspension
electronicru838 2 Suspension
electro-passion 2
elegancesupply 1 Suspension
elektronikfreaks2010 1 Suspension
eleseed 5
elinkfast 4
elizmeliz 2 Suspension
emily123123 2
emma_sun_wu 18 Suspension
endure2009 3 Suspension
enquiel 1
eric_rick 5 Suspension
eric-58 1 Suspension
errtgiojsdhf09 1 Suspension
erseas195 1 Suspension
esalin88 2
esraelonline 1 Suspension
etrade4world2008 25
etrader84 1 Suspension
eugenerts 1
evergreen.market41288 2 Suspension
evil1314520 5 Private Auctions Suspension
e-win100 7 Suspension
excel88past88 10 Suspension
f9w8g4f 3 Suspension
fabulous3d 1
fahaidowmv999 1 Suspension
fanfan6888 1 Private Auctions Suspension
fanglei518 1 Suspension
fantasic-ac 9 Private Auctions Suspension
fantasticbid008 26
fantasticoffer2009 1 Private Auctions
farness.98 2
fashionzhou 10 Suspension
fast_limited 6 Suspension
fdb168168 1 Suspension
feida698 5 Suspension
fengtiaoyushun1618 3
fgstore2009 1
fhdhdsfe 1 Suspension
fine_collection123 9 Suspension
fine_trade100268 1 Suspension
fionasfox2009 5 Suspension
fire.fox751 1 Suspension
fireworkzz2010 3 Suspension
firstfortechnology 1 Suspension
firstly2008 8 Private Auctions Suspension 1 Suspension
fkepdcwcw 13 Suspension
flaming.desire 1 Suspension
flash-drive122 1 Suspension
fleabase 7 Suspension
flog.kingdom 2 Suspension
fly_sky9898 63 Suspension
flyfoo0 1 Private Auctions
flying-bee2009 5 Private Auctions
flyuper 1 Suspension
focus-discount 11 Suspension
fomahip382 1 Suspension
forexxhusky 1 Private Auctions
fortunefa886999 7 Private Auctions Suspension 5 Suspension
foxtreesoftware 1
foxxxxxxxxxy 1 Suspension
freebid99 3 Suspension
friend.2009 7 Private Auctions
fsdheaa 1 Suspension
Fu1121 17 Private Auctions Suspension
Fubuchulaidexing 9 Suspension
fufu$$ 1 Suspension
fuhua88982009 4 Suspension
fukkee 4 Private Auctions Suspension
funclubbing.09 1 Suspension
fung60200155 13 Suspension
funkyguard 4 FeedBack Private
fyx20099 5 Private Auctions Suspension 1 Suspension
gally2841 1
gamegamezone 1
ganfort1990 1
ganglin08 20 Suspension
gaojizhang 1 Suspension
garysin2008 10 Private Auctions Suspension
gbay21112 5 Suspension
gdayunk 4 Suspension
gem-high-grade 7
genericdeals 1 Suspension
genuineness2009 1 Suspension
genuineworld 1 Suspension
geomeiphoto 4 Suspension
geraldson305 1 Suspension
geraldson85 1 Suspension
getwowprice 19 Private Auctions Suspension
gggworldwide 4
gguesswhat 1 Suspension
giesha2 1 Private Auctions Suspension
gigabidgame 2 Suspension
gigabytemall545 1 Suspension
giltioe 11 Suspension
global_emart8 7 Private Auctions
global_eshop8 8 Private Auctions
global-allied 4
gmltd2000 2 Suspension
go2besthk 4 Suspension
go4tradetrade 2 Suspension
goahead365 1 Suspension
gogohkbar 1 Suspension 37 Private Auctions Suspension
golden20090517 2 Private Auctions
gongdanhua0268 1 Suspension
gongwuyuankaoshi10 1
good.pr0ducts 1 Suspension
goodgoods2012 7 Suspension
good-online-shops 2
goodseller_231 1 Suspension
goodstore-2010 16
goodxiaoon 1 Suspension
gozya 1
grandtechdigital 5 Private Auctions 1 Suspension
great.gift1301 4 Suspension
greatetech 3 Private Auctions Suspension
greathkseller 7 Private Auctions
green_hkshop 1 Suspension
green_world9898 3 Suspension
greenberg136 1 Private Auctions Suspension
greengift1970 1
grzegofry 1 Suspension
gsmnissi 1
gtim45378 6 Suspension
guizhicom 1 Suspension
guliaholder 1
guople 9 Suspension
guruelectronics 7 Suspension
haha1218ai88 2 Suspension
hahoneypub9 1
haifter 31 Suspension
handsomebea 1 Suspension
haogooding 6 Suspension
haoyunbeijing-2008 7 Suspension
happily-sunny 11
happy.eb4yer 1 Private Auctions Suspension
happy_to9 1 Suspension
happy1853 1 Suspension
happy4u888 1
happybybaby 4 Suspension
happy-ending88 2 Suspension
happyeveryday1980 1 Suspension
happyyaoyao2009 13 Suspension
harveyengling007 1 FeedBack Private
hausmanjacob 1 Suspension
hav7468 1 Suspension
haveaniceweekend 1
hayahay09 1 Suspension
hbruanxue 1 Suspension
heavysell 4 Private Auctions Suspension
hebe.back 1
hello-9928 10 Private Auctions Suspension
hellogod88809 1
hellopetpet 1 Suspension
hengdang 1 Suspension
hengheng-store88 1 Suspension
hengtong8880 3 FeedBack Private Suspension
henseller 13 Suspension
heqingfen2009 2 Suspension
hereliu 1 Suspension
heycardtt 5 Suspension
hhh9527 3 Suspension
hi20cards 1 Suspension
hi2echworks 1 Private Auctions Suspension
highqualityproductsss 3 Suspension
hill-item 1
hishatcha 1 Suspension
hititems 16 Private Auctions
hjstore 9 Private Auctions Suspension
hk_buy 1
hkbay 2 Suspension
hkbobobo 9 Private Auctions Suspension
hkeagle168 13 Suspension
hkonline168 1 Suspension
hkonstore11 10
hksell88 1
ho-goods 6
hola-fly 1 Private Auctions
holymoley2010 1 Private Auctions Suspension
honchai9974 1
hondong2009 2 Private Auctions
honestselling3658 1 Suspension
honesttop88 14 Suspension
hongbiao168168 1 Suspension
honghualvye-niu-niu-niu 1 Suspension
hongkongxpat852 9 Suspension
honnli1 6 Suspension
hosamfarrag 3
hotdealsinc 70 Suspension
hotmail1024 1 Suspension
hotseller668 8 Suspension
hotselling.store88 3 Suspension
hotzone2009 1
housedigit 1 Private Auctions Suspension
hp.shops18 1 Suspension
huaxiongcp20092009 1 Suspension
hubaobao9898 5 Suspension
hubincn 1
huizhang12 1 Suspension
hunter-moon 1
hwat71 3 Suspension
hxiongxu 5 Suspension
hzm2009090909 3 Suspension
i.babecare 1
i.t.smart_electronic 3 Old Timer Suspension
i.traders.168168 8 Suspension
i.u_mobile 2 Old Timer Suspension
i_sinve 1 Suspension
i24hours4you 8 Suspension
iamkingtor 3 Suspension
icesandy9995 1 Suspension
id1_pro 3 Suspension
imagestars 1
imgameqi 5 Suspension
imopod 3 Suspension
inaltd 7 Private Auctions Suspension
innovico_surplus 1
interdider 2 Private Auctions Suspension
interfutura 2
international-distributing 58 Private Auctions Suspension
intlshop4u 6 Private Auctions Suspension
i-power88 14
irsamv2009 1
isuper_sales 2 Suspension
itchee9888 54 Old Timer Suspension
iud0406 1 Private Auctions
ivywenstore 19 Suspension
jack2house 1
jackleestore2010 1
jade9600_2007 1
james8ss 1
jameshome621 2 Suspension
jankabudayova 1
jeffreylawchung 5 Suspension
jennie2688 7 Suspension
jessica2796 3
jhy8011 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jie2059 1 Suspension
jiejie5544 30 Suspension
jimleung88 5 Suspension
jin5559 1
jincai208 3 Private Auctions Suspension
jinchaomianfei168 3 Suspension
jingpinwu688 7 Suspension
jinyu_zheng 12 FeedBack Private Suspension
jixin099 1 Private Auctions Suspension
jj-digit 2
jjody 1 Suspension
jnnqrjy 1 Suspension
john_ca7 1
johnnymagasin 3 Suspension
johnsonmall 5 Private Auctions Suspension
jojacsales 1
jojie011 1 Devious Suspension
jonyyang2000 2 Suspension
Jrelease 8
jun_ting1218 3 Suspension
jundty 2 Suspension
junfongc 7 Suspension 2 Suspension
jxinjie85 5
Jzfm131 3 Suspension
kaho.chan 25 Private Auctions Suspension
kakalotte 5 Suspension
kanglone 1 Suspension
karleader88 1 Suspension
kathy200908 1
kaykay268 25 Suspension
kbis_system 1 Private Auctions Suspension
k-boxz 7 Suspension
kchtcarlm 9 Suspension
keepgoodme2009 5 Suspension
ken_bo2008_2 13 Suspension
kennethwing 2 Suspension
kenqyeung08 3 Suspension
kensington153 6 Private Auctions Suspension
kent-appliances 1
kentvalleycomputer 1
Kidprimis 1 Suspension
kikikimarket 24 Private Auctions Suspension
king88zone 4 Private Auctions
kinhome88 10 Suspension
kitkitdigital2008 4 Suspension
kitmanlaw2008 3
kitty-lin-lin 6 Suspension
kkt2009 1
kllko2088 16 Suspension
klookde 3 Suspension
knightchina 1 Suspension
ko_091582 2 Private Auctions Suspension
kodaksrange1274 1 Suspension
komhjian3021 1 Suspension
konopp20010 5 Suspension
kraczo 1 Suspension
kuailedwo 3 Suspension
kun_elecshop99 15 Suspension
kungfuchiuchiu 15 Suspension
kurth912 1
kwankwanbaby 1 Private Auctions Suspension

We hope this list helps you. Fake memory capacity occurs when the chips have been digitally altered to lie about their real size to operating systems. This leads to information loss once the true size of the chip is exceeded. You will not be able to recover files beyond the real capacity of the chip, they were not copied, they do not exist on the flash memory chip.

Help fight this problem, warn others. Read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

We found the tool from helpful. If you find has helped you, be kind – donate to them at see button upper right corner at their site. Their tool made it easy and fast for you to find the truth!


14 Responses to “eBay Fraud Sellers List 201007 * to K. Fake USB Flash Memory – Pen Sticks, Memory Cards, MP Players From SOSFakeFlash”

  1. TonyTheTiger said

    1264 sellers.

    WTF! 😕

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    1265 sellers on file. Important notice to eBay members, to have an alert issued against a seller you need to report in using the “Report A Fake” on main menu bar.

    No alert can be issued on the internet for other buyers unless you report. eBay continues to fight us and remove listings. You are the loser, other buyers for the seller too.

    Send a screen capture of you eBay listing from your won list if you can. Our investigators need it now….

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    We’ve received emails asking when we will publish new lists. Currently there is a lot of investigation on sellers taking place.

    A lot of data entry is occuring into the databases. It’s important that people continue to report in using the REPORT A FAKE tab on the main menu. We only need one report to add a seller to the lists.

    Yes the lists are long, we can’t help that. Ask eBay, why the allow the fraud.

    Because they are so long, they can only be published one way now, ie upload.

    We are also tracking sellers who renamed their id’s. It’s a lot of extra work.

    Alerts on fake flash memory eBay sellers should resume sometime this week.

  4. KittyFireFlash said

    1316 eBay sellers on file.

    We are working hard to add the new sellers. Spoke with TechChips, not sure but they might have to rewrite code for the lists. We may have to issue three lists instead of two.

    Some sellers are renaming their id’s to escape us at SOSFakeFlash. It adds a lot of overhead to track them down.

    Keep reporting in so we can issue alerts and add to the database. If a seller makes it into the database, it remains on the internet forever.

    My team has a serious question for eBay.

    eBay, just how many sellers do you need documented to stop this crap?

    Readers see:

    We need every frauded buyer to raise a stink. Internet presence grows but not at the level of the fraud.

    I spent my lunch break yesterday thinking….wondering. Why do people think they can get a usb flash drive like the Kingston DT310 for under $50 US?


    they offer the best value and are honest. Right now the price is over $700 US.

    Readers, should we give up on people who buy the DT310 for less then that price? It is using a lot of our time and resources. Why do people rush to buy this DT310 on eBay?

  5. KittyFireFlash said

    We hear you Seth,

    The DT310 fake problem is BAD!

    We are working and working and working. A lot of readers at SOSFakeFlash do not understand we are volenteers. That means, we are not paid. We get nothing for all the time we spend to help people or warn. It is a thankless job.

    As we need to eat, our day jobs come first. Our families matter too.

    You can LOL all you want Seth about people who buy DT310/256GB that are fakes. But it does not deal with the ignorance of buyers. We get a lot of email DEMANDING we assist individual cases to get a refund.

    Sorry readers, we don’t have the time for individual coaching for a $20 dollar purchase. Our objective is to stop the sale of fake flash memory. On eBay and elsewhere. There is a lot of information at SOSFakeFlash to help you fight your case.

    People who are refunded are people who don’t accept crap. They stick up for their rights. They go after Paypal and and ebay. Some even care about other buyers. These are the people we really like and appreciate. They learn from this site and they contribute. How? They take the time to send warning messages to other eBay members who left postitive feedback for a fake flash memory seller.

    As far as we are concerned, they are are real people that matter. Anyone who believes in truth and honesty, will leave “SOSFakeFlash ” and “H2testw” in their feedback or follow up feedback. It’s the easier way to protest. It scares fake flash memory seller on eBay. It scares eBay into refundning buyers. It makes Paypals life hell!

    FYI, if you funded with a credit card….

    Call the credit card company, explain. Just see how fast they do a reversal and refund you!!!!! Fact is, the credit card companies care more about their members then eBay will. Make sure you have information and evidence for the credit card company!

    SOSFakeFlash is finding that if we receive evidence against a seller and can raise an investigation when people report using the tab, when we publish the details on a seller with a full alert and post, credit card companies will refund you FAST! It’s why it is important to send us the details. Your information is entered into our databases. Your testing results for the item is also entered.

    You have a choice dear Reader. Give your money to the fake flash memory seller and accept fraud or you can fight back! Decide.

    Your decision says a lot about your. Not about eBay, PayPal or Fake Flash eBay seller. It is about YOU!

    Who are you?

    How you deal with your eBay purchase of a fake flash memory item, tells you about you as a person.

  6. KittyFireFlash said


    We are working hard to investigate the sellers you are reporting! New lists on eBay fake flash sellers coming in October. They are over due. Keep reporting and make sure you leave negative feedback for a fake. –> “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” to help other buyers. You can also do follow up feedback to tell the truth about your purchase.

    Please do not allow yourself to be blackmailed by a seller – demanding you change your feedback to get a refund. It is extortion – blackmail and against eBay rules. If you got an email from a seller demanding you change your feedback for a refund make sure to send it to eBay! FAST!

    Warn other buyers if you can, report in on your seller so he/she makes it to the new lists. Don’t be shy. Stand up against fraud.

    Did you know that any eBay seller reported to us, gets on the list? Most also have alerts issued against them.

    In 36 months, we have NEVER removed a seller from our lists. We have never removed an alert published against a seller. It becomes a record forever on the Internet.

    No we do not publish eBayer buyer id’s. We publish eBay seller id’s that engage in fraud. We also collect their addressing information for counterfeit ring detection and their email addresses too. Often we publish the addresses to assist victims.

    Make sure you get your refund from eBay, never accept the 45 day claim window.

    Fight back as we are fighting for you! You can visit forums and internet sites in your country to tell your story and warn others. You can also tell them about our site so people can get help

    We ask you the reader an important question:

    Do you know of any internet site that has documented as many eBay fake flash sellers as we have?

    Fight for your rights. Refuse to be frauded.

    Are you interested in helping? Read

    choose what suits your style.

    eBay continues to deny the issue and they are engaging in risk management.

    What does that mean?

    Well maybe a 100 buyers buy from a fake flash memory seller. They will run to suspend and remove the listings. Often they refund only 5~10 buyers. So the other 90 buyers don’t get a refund and they get to keep the listing feeds.

    Clever scam is it not?

    The only people who make a difference are those who chose to fight back. We do get email reports from buyers who say they received a warning message from another eBay member to test. Are you one of the good people who have taken the time to warn some other buyers?

    Do a good deed, warn a few buyers for your fake flash memory seller who left positive feedback to warn them. It’s how the scamming sellers get suspended and are stopped!

    We care. We were victims of eBay fake flash memory sellers. Do you care? If you do, do more than read at this site, do something positive.

  7. InspectorTech said

    See my comment

  8. KittyFireFlash said

    Notice to all,

    Please do not hot link to a fake flash memory seller list.

    For example:

    We are going to retire these lists soon and close the comments.

    We have also reached 1400 sellers. It exceeds the capacity of our blogging software. 700 sellers per list is not very user friendly.

    The question is, should we ask the programmers to make 3 lists, or 4 lists? 4 would give longer life to the effort.

    The team is continuing to work hard on documenting sellers. It is a lot of work, but you all know that. We are catching a record number of sellers, with your HELP!

    There is also a possiblity of producing a pdf report listing ALL the sellers. We can no longer produce reports showing the items the fake flash sellers sold as the pdf files are just too large for storage here and also for downloads. Do you want a pdf file list of sellers?

    The new lists will be published as soon as we catch up on FakeFlashAngel reports.

    Alerts will continue. The most important thing you can do? Make sure you leave negative feedback! If you left positive, then do a follow up feedback revealing the truth.

    To help others test and also to find us, use key words such as “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw”.

    If eBay continues to allow fraud for flash memory, SOSFakeFlash will reach 1 million hits before January 2011, it is that bad on eBay!

    Please spread the word so others do not end up in YOUR unhappy situation.

  9. predictor said

    sells broken memory cards

  10. shaun said

    尹 薇婷
    Seller’s Email:
    was an ebay seller of san disk micro sd cards and is no longer registered on ebay. i believe i was had. what do i do? zeromedic999

  11. Seth said

    When will you publish the new lists?

  12. kathy balman said

    I was had to by orangemango. I am requesting my money back from ebay/paypal but have to wait 7 days. Thank goodness they have 100% buyer protection.

  13. KittyFireFlash said

    We are processing information as fast as we can, Seth. We are human, not machines!

    People need to do the following:

    2) immdiately leave negative against an ebay seller if false capacity from testing. It is really stupid to try and use pending feedback as leverage as a refund. LOL! When will people learn?

    We are getting a lot of people who do not provide the information we ask for on the report a fake tab. File 13 is where the information goes, read trash bin. There is no time to chase after people who do not provide the info we need, just to many fake flash memory sellers on eBay.

    We ask that people keep facebooking our posts. It helps a lot. No way facebook or eBay (pee bay from my point of view) can stop them all.

    Currently we are witnessing eBay protecting sellings registered in western countries. Sick. They are peeing on sellers registered in Asia. So eastern sellers just register in the west, duh!

    The most powerful weapon remains NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! The second weapon is doing follow up feedback to positive for a seller. The third is making sure to leave SOSFakeFlash in the feedback comment.

    Last and actually most important? Raisng a stink on the internet. It makes a real difference.

    Finally, oh how naive ebay buyers are!


    Stupid things to leave in feedback. It shows just how easy it is to con buyers on eBay.

    Believing in eBay, well that is a big mistake. If people could believe in eBay we would not exist!

    Since eBay is deleting listings so fast, we need people to make sure they send in the item details (complete) and a screen capture of the listing before eBay does its fraud magic by making the listing disappear!

    Seth, it really doesn’t matter if we have 1200 sellers listed or 2,000, especially if they set up a new id. What matters is that people who have been frauded, document at internet sites and of course, ahem, ahem point to us in an address url.

    We continue to be attacked, the fakeflashnews site recently reported on that. The truth is, our facts are impossible to deny and there are a lot of people out there sympathic to our cause.

    Frankely there is only one way to break eBay and stop the sale of fake flash memory.

    Leverage the internet! Yeah there are a lot of SEO games going on. But it is amazing how the truth still can prevail. It just requires frauded buyers to make a little contribution.

    SOSFakeFlash is wondering. When will we reach 1 million hits? We are at 997,977.

    Do we have to say more? About the fraud on eBay or else where for fake flash memory items?

    Get real people, learn from your mistake as we did. Do something positive!

    Yeah, I still hold the record for refunds from Pee Bay. Not everyone has a way with “words”. The key to a refund has always been and still is – refusing to be frauded.

    So new lists are coming out. But people should not rely on a list for their seller, they should test the capacity with H2testw, and if false, TAKE ACTION.

  14. InspectorTech said


    1) No ebayer member id = no entry into the datebase

    2) No investigation by SOSFakeFlash

    3) No alert at SOSFakeFlash

    4) No entry of seller on to the fake flash eBay seller lists, see

    What does it mean to the people who investigate? You waste their time. Currently people who do not add their id, end up in file 13. File 13 = trash bin in email.

    The people here do not have the time to do follow up. To many fake flash sellers on eBay. So if you are serious about having your seller documented make sure you give them all the facts.

    If you don’t send your id, how can they take your report seriously?

    SOSFakeFlash is about facts, truth. They have never removed an alert. If you send the proof, there is absolutely nothing eBay or the seller can do.

    If you don’t send in your id they won’t publish a seller.

    FYI, only people who send in their complete information have the possibility to participate in a class action suit.

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