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etechdealz Genuine eBay Seller Of MP3 MP4 Players On eBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 6, 2010

etechdealz eBay seller, sells genuine MP Players! The advertised memory, is the true capacity delivered for any MP3 MP4 player you buy from him.

Based in the United States he makes sure the memory is true by carefully testing every unit before it is sold. It’s a lot of extra work, but etechdealz understands how important it is to make sure. SOSFakeFlash classifies etechdealz as a “safe eBay seller” to buy MP Players from.

His profit margin is very modest, it’s a lot of extra work to test every single item, so why does he sell? etechdealz is committed to providing real capacity mp players to eBay members. You asked for a long time. We searched. At last, we found one. Just how confident is he? He offers a 100% guarantee.

etechdealz is a long established member. His contribution to fight all those false capacity mp players, is to offer the real deal at a reasonable price. To see what he sells, click on his profile link and select “Items Offered”. Hassle free, buy now with a 100% guarantee. It the way things should be on eBay. Support an honest seller.

Visit his profile on eBay

The FrankenFlash Project receives no referral fees and does not accept donations from eBay Sellers. If a seller is nominated, it is by the sellers own merit. This service of nominating true eBay sellers is provided at the request of eBay members desperate to find genuine sellers for true advertised capacity flash devices.


One Response to “etechdealz Genuine eBay Seller Of MP3 MP4 Players On eBay”

  1. KittyFireFlash said

    If you are in the market for an MP player and live in the United States please consider buying from etechdealz.

    You will not be disappointed. And no, we receive zero $ from him. We know who he is and his commitment to providing genuine items is exceptional.

    You all asked for genuine eBay sellers for flash memory. We found one who sells real capacity. It is very hard for them to stay in business because of all the competition for false capacity. If you didn’t like being frauded with a fake, buy real capacity at a fair price from a seller who is trying to help.

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