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eBay Nervous About Fake Flash Memory And Fraud. 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Fakes. Pressure Rising From Frauded eBay Members.

Posted by DragonDakel on July 3, 2010

Fake Flash Storm Against eBay is entering phase II. The objective is to block new eBay sellers for fake flash memory from selling on eBay. eBay is getting really scared!

SnoopyBlockingSellersA recent comment from reader Paul says eBay is being proactive. The truth is the FrankenFlash Project is increasing pressure! You are helping to increase the pressure!

Never accept any bullshit from eBay about your 45 day claim window. They know what is going on and they have a lot of information in their databases, do not let them play dumb or jerk you around. Their objective is to protect their revenue, the fees they get from sellers. Just like the fake flash memory sellers, they will try to persuade you that you are an exception, instead of the rule.

85% to 95% of all flash memory sold on eBay are fake capacity. If you did not know this, well now you do! It is not something recent, it has been going on for years, more than 8 years if you really want to know. If you found this site, 99.99% you were frauded.

Right now, my site at FakeMemorySentinel is busy issuing testing alerts to warn people. My team needs help! SOSFakeFlash is giving me their resources to starve and choke new sellers. We have to block them and reduce their ability to list.

Everyone is trying to keep new scam artists from selling on eBay. Reader Paul unfortunately did not research this site very carefully, if he would have, then understanding how deep the problem is, how long it has been going on would be clear.

Read these articles to understand why you are at this site!

FakeFlashAttackeBay is not stopping the fraud. You are. By leaving things like “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in feedback you are scaring eBay, PayPal and the fake flash memory eBay seller. You are also helping other people who were scammed to learn about the dirty secret and the truth.

The truth is, we are going nuts trying to keep up with the fraud. While Kitty has given me help, there is a price. Issuing confirmation alerts at Sosfakeflash. The good news is that sellers are being suspended a lot faster. eBay is peeing in their pants. So get cracking and demand your refund. Paul might think eBay is addressing the situation, but those of us who have worked on this issue for the last 36 months know this is not true. You guys are the ones forcing eBay to cough up the money and refund people.

Progress is good, but we need people to continue warning other buyers for fake memory scammers! Help out by contacting other people who left positive feedback for your seller. Read How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

My apologies for FakeMemoySentinel messing with comments here. Don’t worry. Leave your feedback on sellers here. Fact is, anybody looking for your seller will see them. Things are getting rough and tough, here.

The project is moving to the next level, no choice.

Besides going insane with new scam sellers for flash memory, is the fact that people just don’t get it – the real costs for flash memory chips. It is the real reason why people get scammed and then end up here.

My team believes

95% of the fraud for fake usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards could be reduced on eBay if people would just boycott any sellers registered in Asia.

Think about it. Look at the categories at this site. See the sellers caught by country. It’s pretty obvious. You will find the same thing at FakeMemorySentinel too.

Can you help? Post at website and forums, your own website? Warn people to stay away from any seller in Asia for eBay.

If you don’t then you can expect the FrankenFlash project to crawl. There are too many worms out there. There are also just too many eBay members who think they can get flash memory for peanuts. The weird thing according to KittyFireFlash is that people who paid the least, complain the most. Unfortunately Kitty says they only complain – action or fighting is NOT what they do. So this is probably why you found this site…..

Now that you found it, what will you do?

TeamFatigue Will you be like Paul and think eBay is really doing the work and helping?

Or will you research this site and learn that it is really because previous eBay members who were frauded, chose to fight not only for themselves but for future victims.

Everyone is tired. 36 months fighting for you. No pay. All are volunteers. Victims just like you.

How you chose to fight is up to you. Everyone counts. Everyone matters here at SOSFakeFlash. We need peoplw to contact other buyers for your fake flash memory sellers who leaf positive feedback. It helps increase disputes and everyone to get a refund.

The most important advice the project can give you?

Don’t buy mp players, usb flash drive or memory cards on eBay! Avoid being a sucker like us! Learn from other victims, boycott eBay and let people know there is no free lunch on eBay, only misery and being scammed!


6 Responses to “eBay Nervous About Fake Flash Memory And Fraud. 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB Fakes. Pressure Rising From Frauded eBay Members.”

  1. KittyFireFlash said

    We are doing our best to help you and your team DragonDakel. It is a tough call as we do need people to research sellers so we an issue alerts here.

    SOSFakeFlash does agree that it is important to prevent new eBay items from claiming victims. Yes, the fraudulent ids are mostly sellers in asia.

    While we all struggle to deal with the issue the best thing people can do is leave:

    “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw”

    in feedback for a seller.

    True, no one should accept the 45 day claim window from eBay to file a dispute. Most fraudlent sellers are delaying shipment to buyers. They also are very good at pretending to not know the issue and are happy to engage in email tag. This eats up the claim window. Buyers should not be naive or foolish enough to sent items back. Our experience with victims shows that most will never get a refund and the item will just be resold to a new buyer who will then become a victim.

    True eBay is now very frightened. They should be, there is now so much evidence at our site an others they can not deny.

    No victim should give in to paypal, eBay or FakeFlash memory seller. There is enough supporting evidence on the internet to validate claims.

    Those who are timid, will not be refunded. Only individuals who are willing to refuse nonsence and have a resolve to fight will receive refunds.

    We can provide information but ultimately it is the person who is frauded that must make a choice. Most fight on principal rather than on the money they have lost. It is these indivuals that make the difference and it is why many people today can actually recive a refund.

    Reader Paul unfortunately did not research this site, if he had, he would not have been so kind to eBay.

  2. Andy said

    Just a line to say that I was frauded on ebay and I found this site.

    That was a month ago.

    Since then I send 5 messages a day and I get a LOT of replys from people thanking me for helping them. I find that very satisfying.

    I’ll send messages everyday for as long as it takes. From work, on holiday, from my mobile phone in the pub – I don’t care.

    Keep fighting!

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    Good to hear Andy! That is how sellers are shut down. Fake Flash fever can be used constructively to help others and kick them off eBay. Being frauded hurts, loosing data even worse.

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