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EBay Fake Memory June 2010 Progress Report – Operation Fake Flash Storm Against EBay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 6, 2010


Continue to patrol and monitor eBay for suspect flash memory listings.

eBay powersellers using private auctions to sell false capacity memory cards, usb flash drives and mp players are no longer immune to suspensions. Pressure on eBay continues.

When members take the time to warn others who left positive feedback, powersellers are starting to be suspended despite high positive feedback scores.

As always, buyers should test the true capacity of items: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives to ensure advertised capacity was received. If not, leave SOSFakeFlash + H2testw in feedback (negative, or follow up to positive), file a dispute for a refund, contact eBay if you are able and begin warning others.

If you are a lucky one, contacted by a FakeFlashAngel, offer your help.

SOSFakeFlash is currently focusing on investigations, processing information received from The Report A Fake Tab and Action Cells. We need to produce updated eBay Fake Flash Seller lists.

Addressing information is revealing fraudulent sellers are running several eBay ids in parallel, slightly staggered in time. A Fake Flash Memory relay race? Instead of a baton, pass the fake flash memory sticks? As odd as this may sound, it is exactly what is happening on eBay at the moment. Help trip them up and prevent them from passing the same listings to a new id.

In two months, 235 alerts have been issued on the Internet by SOSFakeFlash. Dragon Dakel’s Watchdog at FakeMemorySentinel 385+ testing warnings.

Consider this, if eBay powersellers who sell fake memory products can now receive suspensions, ask yourself why?

The answer:

2.5 years of eBay members who have been made victims by these fraudulent sellers. Their efforts, protests and contributions (especially evidence), documented at SOSFakeFlash makes it impossible for eBay and Paypal to ignore.

Unfortunately they have not changed the rules or listing requirements for the sale of flash memory items on eBay. At this point they only suspend sellers. They do not protect you from fraudulent listings, nor do they refund all buyers for a seller who has been caught selling fake flash memory.

Keep increasing pressure on eBay. There was a time when they ignored buyers who complained about receiving fake mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives. No refunds. No removal of listings. No suspensions.

That has changed. Victims before you, knew more victims would be created in the future. So they fought not only for themselves, but also for you.

Operation Fake Flash Storm is causing eBay to feel your pain. If you don’t like being deceived or frauded, add your voice.

How Are People Fighting Against Fake Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards? eBay And The Internet.


6 Responses to “EBay Fake Memory June 2010 Progress Report – Operation Fake Flash Storm Against EBay”

  1. red said

    It really is working.

    egotechbase and ndspro are 2 of the latest sellers with high feedback scores to be suspended.

  2. Seth said

    Yep! It is working. People are kicking butt.

    ebay is peeing in their pants. About F*cking time too!

    Looks like Kingston is after their socks. Stupid listings for 128 gb Kingston flash drives under $100 us are being pulled.

    Paypal and ebay still try to scam. Kitty says this site gets emails from victims saying they try to pull a fast one asking for proof – H2testw testing not good. Duh! If you don’t have a serial number etched on the usb connector you have a fake. No need to test, its a counterfeit. Get Kingston to help, report scam sellers. Tell them about ebay send tech support the bullshit email from ebay and paypal.

    If you didn’t leave feedback, skip the yata yata. Read comments here. Do yourself a favor. You can save yourself a lot of grief, say you did not get the shit. Watch ebay whack the seller and give you back $.

    If you think a real kingston 128 gb goes for $100 or $25 us you ain’t smoking tobacco but the other stuff.

    You can Whaaaaa!!!! Or show you have balls. Don’t be dumb and accept ebays crap, they know.

  3. Seth said

    What the F*CK is brokencontrollers . com problem? Do they work for ebay?

    I was checking FakeMemorySentinel for Dragon Dakel and found this little shit at it again. Reported to techreporters at fakeflash news, lucky somebody answered the telephone. The assholes are at it again. httpfakememorysentinel-wordpress-com/

    Sorry Kitty, but @#$%!**&% is just too good for them. Scam like ebad and paypee.

  4. KittyFireFlash said

    Thank you Seth,

    Draken Dakel, owes you big time. Your salty language is okay. There are always bottom feeders, brokencontrollers is no exception. That site is a very sick puppy.

    There are all kinds of scam artists in this world. Some blog sites are grateful to them to raise visiblity for their material. The FrankenFlash project hardly needs their help!

    They tried to steal content from SOSFakeFlash too.

    Where we need help is in language translation to reach more people. The blog stats speak for itself.

    Messing with FakeFlashSentinel was very unwise for brokencontrollers.

    We don’t have a problem with people who link to articles, in fact we encourage it. Promote it. What brokencontrollers did is unforgivable. If people want to see for themselves and understand the difference they should see the article link you posted.

    brokencontrollers needs to have it’s legs broken for stealing posts. Its a site scraper. Nasty as far as the FrankenFlash project sites are concerned. Stealing content and trying to earn money from hits is another kind of scam.

    If they don’t stay away from our sites, Seth, we will be opening a new category at all the sites, documenting their theft.

    People need to earn their google rank honestly and not by misrepresenting authorship.

    We link to many articles at sites, but we never claim the content as our own. Yes brokencontrollers is a sick puppy, a bottom feeder and dishonest.

  5. KittyFireFlash said

    Update 20100625

    eBay continues to erase information on the internet for sellers who sell fake memory products. It is having a negative impact on eBay members who have been frauded.

    Make sure you report into sosfakeflash using the tab.

    They are really asking for trouble. If the seller has an alert published at this site, report your progess for a refund.

    Many victims have asked for a class action suit. If eBay continues to allow the fraud and does not refund buyers, all buyers from a fraudulent seller, the day will come when THERE WILL BE A CLASS ACTION SUIT against them.

    We at sosfakeflash find their behavior toward eBay members disgusting. It is over 8 years since the first reports of flaud for fake flash hit the internet.

    8 years, readers. You may be new to this site, we have been in operation for over 2 years now, trying to help you.

    It is up to you to fight back any way you can. Your money is earned the hard way. It hurts. May of you have lost important information, some of you for good. Was this fair. Was it alright with you?

    eBay is supposed to protect it’s members against fraud and harm.

    Make sure you get your refund and do not accept any excuses from them. They know exactly what is going on. They have not made any serious effort to stop the fraud or protect you.

    It is sad.

    The only people who are attempting to reduce the fraud and protect other eBay members are eBay members. If it was not for victims on eBay fighting, the situation would be even worse than it is now!

    The only thing that is reducing profit for eBay and PayPal?


    Leaving “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in feedback helps others. It also cuts down on the profits earned by fake flash memory sellers on ebay, wrecks eBay profits and hurts PayPal too.

    All deserve it. Make your protest known. Hurt them back where it counts – their sales and profit.

    To everyone with the courage to fight back and add to the evidence, we thank you!

  6. KittyFireFlash said

    Update 20101027


    We are struggling under the load of fake flash sellers on eBay. We are doing our best but your help is needed.

    Please do not believe in eBay buyer protection, do not be so naive. If they really protected buyers, we would have been able to close this site a long time ago.

    Fight back any way you can. We’ve added a facebook button on fake flash seller alerts so you can share with your friends! Tell your personal story, share with with others. You can help raise awareness and stop eBay scams.

    Did you like getting a fake?

    Embarased? Don’t feel bad. We made the same mistake. Stop others from buying fake memory on eBay – SHARE!

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