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tamstore003 Bites The Dust. eBay Powerseller Of Fake Flash Memory Suspended, For How Long? Are You A Buyer?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on May 17, 2010

tamstore003 sold fake memory mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives. He has now been suspended by eBay. What does this mean to you, if you are a buyer?

SOSFakeFlash issued: February 24, 2010 tamstore003 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – Hong Kong

Buyers began to fight back and tamstore003 realizing the this id was in trouble began offering bribes: May 2, 2010 tamstore003 – Bribery The eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller’s Way. Why Fraudulent Sellers Fear Negative Feedback.

Since tamstore003 was suspended victims are receiving orders from PayPal to return the fake memory products. Don’t.

Paypal and eBay both know tamstore003 is/was a fraudulent seller. You can expect them to play naive, anything to keep your money. Escalate your claims, point them to the articles on the internet. Ask both why they allowed this id to continue frauding for several months. How much money did they earn from tamstore003’s transactions?

Do not let email robots from either eBay or Paypal take control. If you can, call and ask for a human. If you get the run around, ask for a supervisor.

Don’t think you can win? Read: PayPal Refunds Victim Of Fake – False Capacity USB Flash Drives Purchased On Ebay. 8 Month Battle Leads To Success. Do not let a computer programme (email robot) decide your case. In your disputes make sure to copy paste all your previous correspondence.

tamstore003 address:

Tam Tsz Kin

G/F 10 Yau Kom Tau
Tsuen Wan, New Territories
Hong Kong


One Response to “tamstore003 Bites The Dust. eBay Powerseller Of Fake Flash Memory Suspended, For How Long? Are You A Buyer?”


    hi guys
    just to add a bit more to this frauds reputation.
    I bought an MP4 player from this seller. When i recieved it it stopped working almost immediately.
    I contacted the seller who told me to send it back and to send a reciept of my P&H fee.
    After doing all this the seller asked me to reconfirm my address so he could send it out which i complied with.
    after waiting several weeks for it to arrive i again emailed the seller who asked me to reconfirm my address again.
    I did this expecting that he would then send the item and maybe there was a miscommunication or error the first time.
    again after waiting for the product i tried to get into contact with the seller. no reply.
    I tried to lodge a complaint with ebay and pay pal however as the seller had purposely strung me on for more than 45 days
    (pay pals and ebays pethetic excuse at a protection policy) they would not touch my case.
    I want a refund and now cant get one.
    BEWARE this man is a fraudulent scammer and cannot be trusted and ebay admitted on the phone to us that sellers are fully aware of the 45 day policy and string people along until that period is up on purpose. They recommend i get my bank / credit card facility to take care of the problem.
    Shame on them all

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