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Urgent yescard2008 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong

Posted by KittyFireFlash on May 14, 2010

PrivateAuctions - eBay

yescard2008 is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake hacked – false capacity memory) memory cards . Registered in China, yescard2008 uses private auctions.

Private Auctions read: eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide

Do you know why yescard2008 is so lucky at frauding you? This may sound strange. The colour red is associated with “Lucky” for Chinese.

To begin his fake flash memory card debut, yescard2008 used a red border surrounding the very first card sold:


This first card sold with a red border, it allowed yescard2008 to sell over 650+

New 32GB SDHC Secure Digital SD Flash Memory Card 32G

so far. If you are a victim of yescard2008 will you fight back? Or will yescard2008 lucky first item border protect him?

6603Read: Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

Special Feature: 32B, XiaoFeng Building Address Fake Flash Memory Selling On eBay. On Site Visit To The Don Of Fake Flash In The Orient.

Questions? Please read:

Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drive PenSticks. How To Fight Against Fraud.

SOSFakeFlash A Special Message From KittyFireFlash To Reader Jonno

First time victim? Please read this article, see what fake flash memory sellers do when not enough buyers fight back: international-distributing Ebay Flash Memory Seller – An Experiment In Selling True Capacity? The History Behind international-distributing ID On eBay. A Very Dark Past. Also read If You left Positive Feed Back For A Fake Flash Memory Seller. Can You Change It?

Please read:How Can You Spot Fake Flash Memory Chips? What Is the Key Factor That Determines If MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives Or Memory Cards Are Fake Capacity? Don’t forget to answer the questions. We need your data!

Please test your device to ensure you have the advertised capacity with H2testw to ensure you have the advertised capacity. Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

FakeFlashSellers01 Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash ” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

Do a good deed. Warn other eBay buyers of fake flash. Save another person from a a fake flash nightmare and potential data loss. Read: How Contacting eBay Buyers OF Fake Memory Purchases Saves Others – A Victim’s Thank You!

How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

eBay Fake Memory Seller lists


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