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crystalpalace1987 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller Back In eBay Town – Watch Out!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 3, 2010

crystalpalace1987 is a fake flash memory seller on eBay. This seller id started out selling hacked 16GB SDHC SECURE DIGITAL MEMORY SD CARD 16 GB G 9S cards. On November 19, 2009, SOSFakeFlash published crystalpalace1987 Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – China.

crystalpalace1987 has set up shop for another round of fraud. crystalpalace1987 belongs to the YU zhikang counterfeit ring operating on eBay.

Current id’s in ring?


If you bought a flash memory item from eBay seller crystalpalace1987, you are advised to test item(s) immediately for advertised capacity. Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

If your memory item fails testing report immediately to SOSFakeFlash. You should also warn other buyers who left positive feedback. To learn how please read: How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

Only eBay members can have fake flash memory sellers suspended. If there is no action on the part of victims, more buyers will suffer your fate.

Monitor crystalpalace1987 negative and neutral feedback


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eBay Seller vs-passion Served His Suspension In eBay Fake Flash Prision. Beware!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 3, 2010

vs-passion’s speciality was selling fake 16GB and 32GB flash memory cards on eBay. At the moment this seller is selling low cost items to build his positive feedback. Even 2GB memory cards most likely genuine capacity as they are selling in line with the cost of flash memory chips. SOSFakeFlash Published on June 23, 2009: vs-passion Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China

Keep a close eye on this seller. It is the pattern to sneak back to fake flash memory selling when the coast is clear. vs-passion frauded more than 700+ eBay members with fake memory cards.

Monitor vs-passion negative and neutral feedback

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