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128GB Flash Drives Penstick Memory eBay Urgent Warning To All eBay Members. Tsunami Wave Of False Capacity Flash Drives. eBay Unable To Cope With Fake Memory Sellers Who Scam!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 25, 2010

Do not bid or buy any 128 GB Memory Usb flash drives on eBay. The FrankenFlash project began operation Fake Flash Storm against eBay on March 20 2010. Little did anyone know just how deep the problem is.

Currently eBay is attempting to suspend sellers and erase information on listings with lightening speed. The team at FakeMemorySentinel is trying to preserve information. Normal operation of SOSFakeFlash has been impacted. All efforts focus on investigation. Several sources have been identified as a conduit for entry into eBay. Internet sites are being examined. To protect eBay members we are unable to reveal, what we are tracking. We can say that you the victims and readers, have provided clues we needed!

Thousands of fake capacity USB flash drives have been sold on eBay in the last month. Most in buy now multiple item listings. We urge everyone to test their usb thumb drives purchased on eBay immediately with H2testw immediately.

Under no circumstances should you consider returning a fake to the fake flash memory seller on orders of eBay or PayPal. Instead you should challenge and fight them as they are complicit in the fraud.

Operation Fake Flash Storm is revealing that eBay members in many countries are being scammed. Education and awareness is key in this battle.

Please visit any internet technology site you can find and post a warning against buying 128 GB flash drives on eBay. This is very important for Kingston DT200 128GB flash drives. In many listings sellers have frauded as many as 750 people with only one listing. We are unable to understand how members believe they can buy 128 GB capacity for $50 US or less! It is their lack of awareness on the true costs that lead them to become victims.

Read Current Prices For Genuine Kingston DataTraveler 200 128GB USB2.0 Flash Drives DT200/128GB And For Fakes – A Guide.

If you are a victim of a fake 128 GB flash drive purchased on eBay PROTEST! Use your own personal web space or page to document your experience, in your language! Post your photos, post your evidence.

Link to

The only way to fight this fraud is to use the internet to educate, to warn and to protest!

Patrol for any 128 GB usb flash drives for sale on eBay. Report at SOSFakeFlash, then report the sellers to eBay, in that order. Do screen captures first of the listing to preserve the evidence as eBay will try to delete the information.

Because eBay is trying to hide the truth by suspending sellers, attempting to warn other buyers is of little use. Therefore, SOSFakeFlash asks that you use the internet to speak out about the truth. Warn your country, warn in your language.

Be a part of operation Fake Flash Storm, say NO! to fraud and the damage fake capacity does to files and data. If the message does not get out on the internet, there will be more victims just like you and the frauding will continue. You have a choice and you have a voice, please help us to help all of you!

Report your information to . Leave comments also at this site.


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