Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

SOSFakeFlash Announces Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Objective? Demonstrate How Widespread Selling Of False Capacity Flash Memory. USB Flash Drives. Memory Cards. MP Players.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 20, 2010


Our report: Crises on Ebay For Fake Flash Memory Products Sold In 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB – SOSFakeFlash Reports should not be taken lightly. FakeMemorySentinel joins in  publishing –  Operation: Fake Flash Storm.

Did you know that SOSFakeFlash uncovered a ring of 22 eBay id’s? Read: 22 eBay Sellers Identified Selling Fake 128GB USB Flash Memory – They are linked.

Leave negative feedback if your H2testw testing confirms false capacity memory. If you left positive feedback for a seller, do follow up feedback. Ensure you put “SOSFakeFlash + H2testw” in feedback to assist others.

Contact other buyers for your fake flash memory seller to warn them.

Keep your fakes. Be prepared to disassemble them, to sacrifice them for public good after you have been refunded. More details will be released. To learn why Operation Fake Flash Storm was initiated read: 128GB Flash Drives Penstick Memory eBay Urgent Warning To All eBay Members. Tsunami Wave Of False Capacity Flash Drives. eBay Unable To Cope With Fake Memory Sellers Who Scam!


40 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash Announces Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Objective? Demonstrate How Widespread Selling Of False Capacity Flash Memory. USB Flash Drives. Memory Cards. MP Players.”

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  2. Vinc said

    Well,I am not saying selling a fake USB drivers is a good idea, however, ebay buyers always want to buy a good quality products with a ridiculous low price. Ebay should first control the HongKong and China sellers as those sellers are always set their price in very low, and which those products are 100% replicate or fake, and ebay buyers should have to understand that price = quality. If they don’t understand this point, the fake or replicate sellers will continue selling those products, as you will continue to buying them!!!!!

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Vinc,

    It is sad. eBay members have no clue about prices for flash memory. So yes you are absoluting right. So long as people think they can get something for next to nothing, there will be plenty of scammers happy to oblige with the illusion.

    Okay, a lot of people make this mistake. We have to learn the hard way and become wiser. We also have to have guts – learn from our mistake and fight back.

    Demand = Supply

    Want something cheap, there will be people happy to give you your Phantasy. You can lose your money and loose your data too.

    Loosing data is what drives SOSFakeFlash. Especially when it can not be replaced or reconstructed! It is not about helping people get their money back. The issue is the consequences of fake flash memory – it is poison to your data and files. The source is China and the government there is happy to look the other way. After all more foreign currency they get. eBay wants fees, PayPal wants fees, everyone is hungry for money, your MONEY!

    It is up to the people who are frauded.

    Fight back. Give In. Let others kick you in the butt. Say “Thank you” or “WTF” and do something. The decision is up to victims, not SOSFakeFlash or the FrankenFlash project. CHOOSE! It defines who you are.

  4. TAK said

    I’m new here. And this problem is ESPECIALLY serious for Memory Stick Pro Duos. How, you may ask? One reason: MagicGate. See, many people who would buy Memory Stick Pro DUOs are PSP owners. And MagicGate is Sony’s copy protection technology. Which means they could use it to protect games/movies/comics you download from PSN. Simple answer: You risk not being able to use your PSN content on your PSP if you have a fake Memory Stick Pro Duo. At the very least, you cannot boot a to Service Mode (vital if you wish to install custom firmware).

    Anyway, onto how I found this place. I was stupid and bought a fake 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo (labeled as a Sony one) for my PSP from eBay. What happened I saw the price ($28.99 US with free shipping). I naturally jumped on it. Then, after it was all paid for, I looked to see where it was coming from. You guessed it, China. Natually, it’s fake. So I’m in the process of fighting it now. The usual eBay process has been useless since they and the seller INSIST that I return the item. So of course the problem with address I read about on here has come into affect as the seller gave me one address (in English, thankfully), while eBay has given me another (in Chinese). The numbers don’t match up on them. So, I’ll give eBay a call later today and explain to them that there’s no way I’m sending a counterfeit back to the seller, since for all I know he could use it to scam someone else. Plus you know, there’s the satistfaction of smashing the stupid thing myself. I’ll have a longer battle since the PayPal payment was from my bank account and not my debit card (which has the Visa logo on it). So I called my bank about it and they’re gonna do what they can. I can mention that to eBay which will hopefully get them to act. But after this, I’m linking up my PayPal with JUST my debit card.

    Man, this was long.So, I’ll be sure to update this once I have my refund. In the meantime, I’m gonna go make a post on the Report A Fake page.

  5. Scott Weston said

    you want us to keep fakes ????

  6. Chuckie said

    Scott Weston:

    Keep the fakes as evidence. You can also offer the remains of a destroyed* fake on eBay. Such listing serves as a warning to all who see it. The auction parameters can be set so that it is very unlikely to be actually sold (for example, you can exclude users from all continents from bidding). Also, eBay allows (at least now) its users to post 5 listings per 30 days without paying any insertion fees, so it won’t cost you anything.

    Currently, I’m offering two halves of a fake SD card on eBay, and I’ve already received a few questions about the fakes. It’s like a work of a Fake Flash Angel, only in a passive way.

    I’ve included the instructions, tips and relevant excerpts from eBay policies in a document accessible by TechChips, one of the people responsible for these sites. If he considers it useful, he may post it somewhere.

    *) Offering a fake item in one piece is a bad idea — it could get re-sold to make another victim.

  7. […] monitoring made it clear a new approach was necessary. SOSFakeFlash announced a new initiative: Operation Fake Flash Storm. All efforts of project members are being channelled to […]

  8. Seth said

    WTF! 128GB usb pen sticks are still being listed. Duh. How many stupid buyers are out there?????? You should organize people to spread the word. 128GB at less then $300 UB = sucker.

    BTW flash memory higher than 16GB is not very “stable”. A lot of manufacturing suppliers warn about it.

    A lot of problems with higher capacity, it looks like all these 64GB and higher pen sticks are going to be antiques by 2015. They are already looking at new technology to replace them because of the stability issues and limitations. Wonder how many people know this.

    Does anybody remember the 8 1/4 floppy? Don’t think so. Anybody use 1.44 floppy disks anymore?

    Unless you can spend $400 US on a 128GB flash pen stick or $1,000 for 256GB buy a portable usb hard disk. A lot cheaper and will be around longer.

    If you spend less get screwed. LOL. Take a break sosfakeflash, you deserve it. Bet U 6 months from now people will still be jumping to buy this shit on ebay.

  9. […] SOSFakeFlash Announces Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Objective? Demonstrate How Widesprea… […]

  10. […] SOSFakeFlash Announces Operation Fake Flash Storm Against eBay. Objective? Demonstrate How Widesprea… […]

  11. Betsy Garfield said

    I used the h2testw test on supposed 32GB flash drive and it reports almost entirely corrupted. Only 30 MB are ok. 28 GB are corrupted.

    The seller is demanding return of the item before issuing a refund. What to do?

  12. KittyFireFlash said

    Who is the seller, Betsy? Country of registration? Did you try to contact eBay?

  13. Betsy Garfield said

    The envelope return address is Texas. I contacted PayPal and am going thru dispute process with them; returning the product is the final step and the seller will give me a refund.

    I escalated the dispute with PayPal and said I didn’t want to return it because seller would just turn around and sell it again. Seller says it is not a fake and will refund my money after I return the drive.

  14. KittyFireFlash said


    We don’t know if you bought branded or unbranded. Depending on what the flash memory item is, you do have the possibility to gather additional evidence as to whether you have a fake – false capacity memory. It involves carefully opening the item, then to decode the usb flash controller chip (the little one) and the flash memory storage chip. The flash memory storage chip is the long black chip.

    You would carefully write the serial information down on paper. Then search the internet for information. The flash storage chip if it is good quality and not grade c or d, will have the manufacturers information on the chip. Hynix, Samsung etc. You could then visit the site and check what size matches the serial information. You can find more information – hot links to manufacturers at FakeMemorySentinel.

    There is always the possibility of a flash memory chip failure. However, it is very rare. Almost 99% of the time it is do to flash memory chips having their size digitally altered. A lot of people will open and decode the chips – it makes it impossible for a seller to remain in denial. If it is a memory card, you can’t open it.

    Sometimes people will find the memory storage chip has no information or has serial information partially erased. If that is the case, you definately purchased a substandard item and a fake. Immediate failures in testing are becoming more common. The reason is a shortage of flash memory chips available to use in fakes, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel these days. Actually the shortage of flash memory chips in general (big orders from companies like Apple), is fueling the use of grade c and d. Chips that should have been destroyed.

  15. Betsy Garfield said

    The drive is completely unbranded and was not advertised as any brand. There’s a kind of outer swivel metal case with a shiny sticker that says 32GB.

    It cost about $28 including shipping.

    Would you take it apart and forgo the for-sure refund?

    Now I’m looking at it closely. It would be hard to get apart. It’s 2 pieces of plastic but I guess I could pry it apart.

  16. KittyFireFlash said


    You raise a good question.

    It depends on several things. Buyers have different situations.

    1) 32GB for $28 including shipping screams FAKE. It is not possible to offer 32GB at that price. No seller sells to lose money. Most reputable manufacturing wholesalers charge about $29 US for 16GB of memory in terms of a chip.

    2) What does $28 US mean? To some people that can mean anywhere from 4 hours wages to a full days pay. To others (including a few volenteers) on the Project it is less then 30 minutes gross pay.

    3) Principal. We often see that people who take the greatest risks are those who can afford it the least. They are more concerned about the issue than the hardship of their financial loss. They also demonstrate the greatest interest in their fellow buyers. IMHO they are the heroes in this battle.

    Interesting and strange that people who have the least money to spend are often those who care the most about other people. Perhaps their situation makes them sensitive to the plight of others. Not sure but from my experiences I believe this to be true.

    4)Curiosity and Being sure.

    This is important. An alert at SOSFakeFlash is serious. It is a permanent internet record. It can destroy an eBay sellers reputation. Changing id names is useless, as we are able and do track such changes. We will re-alert if they try to escape us or buyers, no choice, it is a duty to the victims.

    For this reason, any victim or person who suspects they are a victim should do all all their homework to be sure. It is simply the right thing to do.

    Because the problem is not decreasing and as eBay has not introduced new rules for listing flash memory products we were forced to introduce a zero tolerance policy, one fake and a seller can have an alert issued. The best interest of members comes first.

    There is 8 years of fraud for fake flash memory on eBay Besty, can you imagine how much money has been involved and how many people have suffered?

    5)A dislike for fraud.

    Most people learn from their mistake. Others just dislike the idea of fraud. They work very hard for their money.

    6) Data and File loss

    People who have lost data and files, they carry the trauma for ever. They are also the most bitter against eBay and the most likely to leave both eBay and PayPal.

    I wouldn’t leave them in a room with eBay employees or fake flash sellers. The only person to be alive the next day would be the victim.


    Betsy what does $28 mean to you? In opening the item, even if you are not gentle, you can still send it back if you must. These items do not have a special seal – anti tampering.

    To everyone, please remember and show some respect. If you get a refund from eBay do not think it is simply because of your efforts. Sorry. But let’s remember the truth. It is because of the FrankenFlash project sites and the efforts of previous victims you get a refund. Before the sites existed, people got zip in refunds. The earliest members did not get a refund. Ebay and paypal gave them the cold shoulder. They fought. They refused to return the items. They refused to commit postal fraud (sending counterfeit items using the mail). It was principal, it was in consideration for the victms of the future – YOU!.

    BTW to all, we have not forgotten them – they are on file in the database and await the day of reckoning with eBay.

  17. Betsy Garfield said

    Ok, will do it. I’m sure if I just send it back, he’ll turn around and resell it. I’ll report back with my info or with questions.


  18. Betsy Garfield said

    Ok. You gave great instructions. I had to use a jeweler’s loupe to read everything. 😉

    There is no match to my chip.

    This is the info stamped on the memory storage chip [long chip]:
    Samsung 646

    This is the flash controller:

    Here is where I searched, following the link at FakeMemorySentinel:

    Maybe you’d like to take a minute and verify my results. And, now what do I do?

  19. InspectorTech said

    No chip starting with K5 at samsung. Contact samsung technical support to find out if they really made this chip. Could be a counterfeit?

  20. Betsy Garfield said

    Well, it flunked the h2testw test and thanks for verifying my check at Samsung. So, I think it looks like a fake.

    So, what to do now? I need more advice!

    Thanks for all help so far. 🙂

  21. KittyFireFlash said

    Join the army of victims, the column is long. Sharpen your sword and prepare to do battle with eBay, fake flash memory seller and paypal. Check the sellers FB, make sure you leave negative FB and NEVER agree to remove it. Contact others who bought the same item as you did and get them to test!

    Everyone’s case is different. Consider calling eBay and demanding a supervisor if the person gives you the run around. You will find a lot of information on how to deal with your dispute at this site.

    Good Luck! Hang in there.

    Key is not to give up, not to back down and be persistent.

  22. Betsy Garfield said

    Ok, thanks, I’m on it.

  23. Seth said


    NEED to own a fake 128GB pen stick, you can get them cheaper here.

  24. Detective7 said

    Seems listings are decreasing on ebay!

  25. KittyFireFlash said


    Yes and no.

    Everyone should read:

    eBay Removes Item Listings For Fake 32GB 64GB 128GB 256GB 512GB Flash Memory MP Players, USB Flash Drives, Memory Cards. What Does This Mean To YOU The Buyer?

    It’s not so simple. We suspect fake flash memory sellers and eBay are getting a bloody nose. Thanks to everyone who is fighting back and of course the excellent work you do in sniffing out sellers, Detective7.

    We’ve seen this before. The pressure must continue and even escalate. It requires everyone, FakeFlashAngels, FakeFlashCommandos, eBay warning listers, and victims at large to keep the sellers howling along with eBay and PayPal. Rest and take a break and as many have observed:

    Cut of one head, two new ones appear.

    To put an end, we need a “knock out punch”. At the moment we ask that everyone continue in their efforts and do not assume that the battle and war is over. Fake flash memory sellers, particularily in the Orient are very patient. This is a business for them. Unlike eBay scamming sellers in the West, they do not give up easily. Getting whacked over the head, is not taken personally but just part of the scamming game.

    The objective is to starve them off of eBay and keep them off. That requires everyones participation and also realising that just because listings are “down” does not mean it is over. Listings are down because eBay is playing dirty as usual, they are erasing the evidence as fast as they can.

    Also the warning listings, are helping. eBay members are getting an education on the spot, something they badly need. Every person who reads such a listing, learns the truth and becomes a wiser consumer. It is something they are unlikely to ever forget and of course you can bet they are telling their colleagues, friends and family. When people list careful warnings and offer their “STORY” as an item, it prevents a lot of members from becoming victims.

    The warning listings also have a positive benefit. It allows honest eBay sellers who sell the genuine flash memory items to have a chance. When people realise there is no super discount bargain for flash memory products, they learn to pay the fair market value prices. It has been so disappointing to see honest sellers buried by scammers who lure people with unrealistic prices. It is unfair to sellers who offer the real items. Most have to pay very heavy fees to eBay, they don’t get a free lunch like the eBay sellers in the Orient do.

    The more we expose the scam artists the better chance honest sellers have to make a living.

    KEEP PRESSING EBAY’S BUTTONS until they go insane. Do it for yourself. Do it for the victims over the past 8 years who never received an penny back as a refund from eBay and who lost data and files they were unable in most cases to reconstruct.

    Make the victims and contributors to this site over the years proud of you. FIGHT BACK!

    It’s your opportunity to do a little something against the corruption and fraud that exists in our world.

    My favorite words: The one become the many…..

    PS we are working hard to catch up and enter your information. Thank you all for reporting in.

  26. I think Operation Fake Flash Storm has something to do with it Kitty.

    eBay is learning we can not be ignored. FakeFlashNews is correct about erasing information, my team spends a lot of time in forensic work to unerase efforts to erase information. We are concerned about the level of effort involved.

    The good news is that we are preserving information. If sosfakeflash catches up and we don’t have to help you so much then we can concentrate on compiling listing information we have.

    You should consider adding a new post or page for a class action suit against eBay either at this site or another one in the FrankenFlash project.

    It is a fact that less then 1 in 10,000 respond, it indicates the magnitude of the fraud against eBay members.

    Our site FixFakeFlash, has about 1/2 of your hits. We might not have as many visitors as you do, but it demonstrates how serious the issue is for fake memory. When you consider how few articles we have posted compared to you, it makes it pretty clear how serious the probem is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  27. TAK said

    I suggest also demonstrating how much of a freaking joke eBay’s Buyer “Protection” Program is (Yeah, more like Fraud Seller Protection). I’ve posted before about how disgusted I was with it so I just gave up. Sure the guy got away and I lost my money, but at least my exprience got another fake flash seller branded AND helps to further show how much the “Protection” program fails.

  28. Martin Finney said

    Why is there no forum at your site? It might help people more.

  29. InspectorTech said


    It was considered. The earliest members of FrankenFlash got their education by searching the internet. Mostly it lead to internet forums.

    What did we find?

    A moan here, a moan there. Forums are useful but in fighting the issue on eBay they are very ineffective. Consider this petitionon

    It has been on autopilot for many years. Did it address the issue? Did it force eBay do to something? No. It is a record showing just how far back the issue goes.

    We have members who work in Information Technology. My group is part of it, along with the TechChips group.

    Forums are very good at discussing general issues. They are very powerful when they redirect with url references to a blog site like sosfakeflash.

    Forums are ineffective when they try to deal with individual sellers and so on. eBay sellers who sell fake memory simply change their eBay id name (rename it) or switch to a new id. This causes dilution, it leads to fragmentation of information. The real problem is that there are so many fake flash memory sellers, Martin.

    This site is powerful and has a lot of pull on the internet. Sellers when exposed get shut down. Yes, they do use new id’s. The power to track is based on using a database, something that forums do not have or use.

    Yes, comments can be buried at this site, but that is not an issue. Anyone searching the internet for a seller id, will find the alert posted at this site. People can leave comments. If the seller renames their id, the database will be updated and a new alert will be released. It will have track backs to the original alert. This makes it easy for a victim of a fake flash seller on eBay to get the information they need. Forums by their design can’t do this, or not easily.

    It is important for people to remember – forums existed before blogs. If they were effective in fighting the issue, then there would be no blogs such as this site.

    Forums are important to raise awareness, they are not for fighting against fake flash memory sellers, especially on eBay.

    People who are victims of a seller want to see information on their seller. If they type the sellers id on google they usually find this site.

    SOSfakeFlash has been debating whether or not to reduce information in an alert. Study of user behavior reveals that is is necessary to include a complete kit of information. All those additional posts Kitty posts. KittyFireFlash the id that is used to publish most of the articles at SOSFakeFlash hates this. Reader behavior dictates it is necessary.

    The other problem is the additional overhead. The people who work on this issue have limited time to offer, day jobs come first. Based on metrics, it was decided that adding a forum would use too much energy and offer little return.

    The goal of this site is to put an end to fake flash memory selling on eBay.

    Recording and documenting the fraud is important here. Victims need to report in using the report a fake tab. Reports are screened.

    If eBay and fake flash memory sellers think they are going to get away with this scam, they are sadly mistaken.

    Forums are good. We welcome them. The project will not create any in the near future. But for forums to be effective they need to point to sosfakeflash, otherwise their efforts are useless.

    It doesn’t really matter whether comments are visible or not at this site, if a victim types in the eBay seller id on the internet they will find this site and also see what other victims have to say. Trackbacks provide the needed updates, if a seller renames their id. we spent a lot of time building in the ability to keep up with their techiques.

    This comment may be long but a lot of people ask your question. It is not in the best interest for fighting the issue, if it was we would have created a forum. The majority of readers are happy with what SosFakeFlash offers.

  30. JumpingJackFlash said

    “”Seth said
    April 24, 2010 at 1:40


    NEED to own a fake 128GB pen stick, you can get them cheaper here.””

    My own experience on DHGate was very bad. Bought 16GB Sony Prod Duos. Came in packaging and all that screamed SONY.
    I tested the first one. 256MB not 16GB!!

    DHGate is also allowing this issue to go on as is AliBaba. I filed a complaint with DHGate. Was told to ship it back to the seller at my expense but they would reimburse me shipping and all when it was received.
    The items were delivered and I Couldnt get a response from DHGate for over a week. I emailed the mayors office of Beijing and told DHGate I did so. Then I got a refund for my initial payment to this lousy person in China. DHGate told me when the seller makes more sales Id get my shipping cost back too. I went ballistic. Sent them theri own emails that told me on delivery they would refund all, not when seller makes more sales. It wasnt until I posted that in a review how DHGate did such a lousy job of protecting me that they refunded me the shipping as well.

    Case in point, the same people on Ebay are now on DHGate and AliBaba as well. BE CAREFUL! I am now trying to purchase REAL MEMORY Players to resell on EBay ( will post my info when I do ) but let me tell you it is hard. They play the language game. They tell you it is UPGRADED memory. That means FAKE! No such thing as upgrading to total; garbage!

    Whew I need a breath. This shit really gets me roiled. And then Ebay has the NERVE to raise the fees to us here in the US! Maybe we need to start our own auction site Kitty? One that tolerates no such BS.

  31. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi JumpingJackFlash,

    Those wholesaling sites are a real issue. The word games of “upgraded” very true.

    eBay fleecing sellers in the USA with their listing fees while allowing many sellers in Asia to list free or for pennies is disgusting and discriminating. It also shows where their interest and loyalities are.

    eBay protects the fraudulent sellers in the Orient. It is their bread and butter. They will whine and complaint they can’t police all the listings for fake flash memory there. That is pure BullSh*t.

    Meanwhile they are engaging in spin with their new “eBay Buyer Protection” program. It is to give members a false sense of security.

    Since over 95% of flash memory sold on eBay is fake, if they really wanted to protect members they could easily ban the sale of mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards.

    Exactly how much revenue does eBay generate from the sale of fake flash memory items? Nobody really knows. They do. From a risk management perspective, better to pay out one or two victims, erase the listing information then face the music.

    There is absolutely no excuse for eBay’s behavior or the magnitude of fraud members have suffered, are suffering and are going to suffer at eBay’s hands.

    Setting up new auction sites, “Un eBay” has been tried. There are many sites and a lot of competition. Many efforts have been unsucessful, but noble in intention.

    Better to have eBay dragged to court by new consumer laws in countries. Laws need to be passed. Visibilty for fake and counterfeit goods.

    Emailed the mayors office of Beijing is a good idea.

    If people have time, we could use a list of email addresses to send protests too. Flooding in boxes is an excellent idea. The voice of people frauded by fake flash memory products coming out of China need to be heard.

    People are welcome to paste them here.

    JumpingJackFlash you have every right to be boiling with anger and frustration. We all feel the same.

    Our advice to people, is simple. Fight back any way you can, any way you like. The protest is growing. Keep adding new fire!

  32. Gordon, Flash Gordon said

    Take a look at the link below:
    Notice how many they’re already sold!
    Certainly I didn’t do it! The price speaks by itself, doesn’t it?

  33. KittyFireFlash said

    Flash Gordon,

    Thank you! Kripes! tpyboc has sold more than 477 items so far for only AU $23.28. Impossible for a DT200/128GB usb flash drive from Kingston.

    477 eBay members frauded by tpyboc. ebay seller. Question is, so what will people do about it?

    To anybody who bought from tpyboc, sorry guys and gals, do not expect 128 GB for the pen stick. Do not think you received a genuine item. If you are lucky, the usb flash drive will fail quickly so you don’t lose your files.

    Report in to sosfakeflash fast, with your testing results. Contact other buyers from tpyboc who bought this item.

    Don’t let eBay wiggle away from their responsibilities. Make sure they refund you. No ifs buts or maybes. Don’t accept any bullshit about claim windows or time. Fact is, there is no such thing as 128GB capacity for AU $23.28!!!!!! You don’t even have to test.


    then kick their sorry buts.

    Thank you, Flash Gordon for spotting this scammer!

    Send in your test results and addresses for this new scammer.

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