Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

SOSFakeFlash Announces Dragon Dakel’s Watchdog for Fake Flash Memory – MPx Players, Memory Cards, USB Pensticks. FakeMemorySentinel Joins The FrankenFlash Project.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 19, 2010

Dragon Dakel’s Watchdog FakeMemorySentinel is now online.

This is a new site joining the project. It is different from SOSFakeFlash. To know why read their About. FakeMemorySentinel is a new warning system being developed at the request of frauded buyers. Early detection, rapid response. The war against fake flash memory products has moved to a new level.

For sellers to be on the official black lists, you are still required to report in using the Report A Fake Tab.

Currently FakeMemorySentinel is not a site that permits comments on most articles. It is message oriented and counseling is not it’s mandate – that is SOSFakeFlash’s job. While not Fake Flash Commando, it is as close as it can get …respectably.

FakeMemorySentinel follows SOSFakeFlash’s design and layout, only leaner.

The project thanks everyone who worked on developing and getting the site up and running, it was a challenge. You have full time jobs, responsibilities and are unpaid volenteers. As victims of fake flash memory the sacrifices are appreciated!

FakeMemorySentinel leaves SOSFakeFlash with less team members. One of the goals of the new site is to have frauded buyers report in early rather than late. To cut back on the magnitude of fraud and naturally the profits of sellers who are determined to sell fake flash memory: MPx Players, Memory Cards, USB Pen sticks harming the global public with data and file loss.

You will not find every item sold by a seller documented at FakeMemorySentinel. It’s goal is rapid response. SOSFakeFlash will document if evidence is provided.

If you are interested in becoming a spotter on eBay for new fraudulent sellers and are a registered victim, please contact

A) Put Available For eBay Patrol in the subject title of your email

B) Ensure you provide your eBayer id (we will be checking the database to ensure you are an existing victim, cut off date is currently February 18th, 2010 for victim email reports. Security reasons.).

FakeMemorySentinel and FlashChipTech provide hot links for memory validation of flash memory chips and well known brand names.

People who choose to open their fake flash memory items should exercise care. According to InspectorTech, the best way to confirm the results of H2testw is to then open the device and decode the usb flash controller chip and flash drive storage chip. Also to document both chips with a digital camera, there is no way to dispute photographic evidence.

We welcome Dragon Dakel’s Watchdog! Feel free to promote their site on the internet as the early warning system!


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