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desrothwell Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert Devious – Ireland. Buyer Made To Feel Guilty – Victimized A Second Time By eBay Buying Experience.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 18, 2010

desrothwell is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake – false capacity memory) Flash USB drives registered in Ireland.

A Victim of desrothwell , nom de plume – BlueShiver reported:

After a long fight I finally got a refund on Friday 29/01/2010. Paypal had already closed the case because they claimed the information I sent of proof of postage and proof of delivery was invalid although it was via a tracking number with the Royal Mail and was on their web site as having been delivered on the 05/01/2010.

This item cost me in 40 Euros and was bought on the 06/12/2009. It was proved to be a fake and yet I was made to feel as if I was the guilty party.

The seller tried to say the item wasn’t returned but once I told Paypal I had contacted Royal Mail and they were intending to carry out an investigation with their Irish equivalent and if it was proved it was delivered then I would be seeking legal action they decided to pay out.

I was caused a lot of stress over this and endured almost eight weeks of wrangling to try to recover my money. I also had to foot the bill of returning the item. This included the packaging, insurance and payment to receive signature on delivery. This totaled £4.90 and I have been told it is non refundable. I also noticed this posted on Ebay for the same seller:- Note: The user you are contacting is registered on another eBay site and may speak a different language. Your message will be sent exactly as typed below.

BlueShiver’s experience is not unusual, over the years many eBay members have suffered similar agonies. It is one of the reasons the SOSFakeFlash internet site exists – to help people share their stories and document their experiences. So much for the buying experience on eBay…

So you thought only sellers in the Orient lie? Wrong. Two places where eBay fake memory sellers lie a lot: United Kingdom, Canada. It also occurs in the United States, but not to the same degree. For the EU, we have not had many reports, but desrothwell is a sober reminder where there is fraud, anything goes.

BlueShiver lost £4.90, but had he not spent the money for insurance and proof of delivery signature, he would have lost everything. Paypal would have sided with the seller.

desrothwell earns the classification of devious for lying.

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Please test your device to ensure you have the advertised capacity with H2testw to ensure you have the advertised capacity. Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

FakeFlashSellers01 Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash ” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.
Do a good deed. Warn other eBay buyers of fake flash. Save another person from a a fake flash nightmare and potential data loss. Read: How Contacting eBay Buyers OF Fake Memory Purchases Saves Others – A Victim’s Thank You!

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To see desrothwell’s negative feedback Please Click Here

February 15th, 2010 – we have 1 eBay listings confirmed fake.

The models sold under the eBay seller desrothwell confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. If you bought one of these items from desrothwell, you should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 . Do not store any important information until you can confirm you have the advertised capacity (minus formatting overhead).

Should your device not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on it to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:

Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller desrothwell
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:

on your correspondence.

3 Responses to “desrothwell Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert Devious – Ireland. Buyer Made To Feel Guilty – Victimized A Second Time By eBay Buying Experience.”

  1. grump3 said

    IMO returning a fake intact to the seller only adds to the problem as most likely it will then be re-sold.

    Consequently I informed Paypal I did not wish to return the item but if they insisted I would mark the Customs Declaration “Return of FAKE/COUNTERFEIT GOODS to FRAUDULENT EBAY SELLER on STIPULATION from PAYPAL Australia Pty Ltd”

    In my case Paypal then conceded posting a fake item may be illegal & required an independent report be faxed to them.

    After which they directed the item be destroyed & refunded the purchase price but not the cost of having the fake tested.

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    grump3 you said it well:

    Consequently I informed Paypal I did not wish to return the item but if they insisted I would mark the Customs Declaration “Return of FAKE/COUNTERFEIT GOODS to FRAUDULENT EBAY SELLER on STIPULATION from PAYPAL Australia Pty Ltd”

    It is also very deja vu. People should read:

    3ToTrade – The Battle Continues
    PayPal Shields EBay Fake Flash Seller 3ToTrade – Odyssey of FlashDad
    Perhaps we should include your version in new alerts? Straight to the point. Sharp.

  3. grump3 said

    KittyFireFlash said

    Perhaps we should include your version in new alerts?

    Whatever you consider that may assist others in their dispute with Ebay/Paypal.

    Just returning a fake for refund benefits the seller, not the buyer.

    Thanks for all your assistance in this matter.

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