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SOSFakeFlash Quik Note Status Report 20100217

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 17, 2010

SOSFakeFlash asked that victims write articles in their own languages and reference our site. The message must be local to eBay members in their own languages! If you can write in a language other than English, please help. Use your own website or find a site. The messages need to get out to the global public.

The most important document published so far is: Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009

See some recent examples and learn about who is fighting back.

It has been a long time since we published: Ebay Fake Flash Sellers Alert India – A Mystery In New Delhi. We are happy to report that awareness for fake flash memory products is growing in India.

It is important! India is vunerable to fake usb flash drives under the Kingston brand name. Brazil is also venerable to Kingston fakes! Process in both countries is increasing. To everyone who is helping – THANK YOU!

Turkey and Egypt are also receiving the message about fake flash memory products on eBay. Bravo! Wonderful news.

The United States, Europe and Australia are fighting hard. They are being aggressive and leading the challenge against fake memory products. It is hard work. Everyone’s help is needed. People are sacrificing their personal time to help educate the global public. It matters, it helps increase awareness.

The FrankenFlash project is currently reorganizing to serve you better. Continue to report your sellers, we will investigate and add to the database. Use the Report A Fake Tab to report fraudulent sellers. Send information on addresses! This information is important. It helps us to identify counterfeit rings operating on eBay.

We need urgently need articles in Arabic and Persian.

Some recent examples:

Please document your experiences in your own language to help people. Reference our url address: to provide assistance.

2 Responses to “SOSFakeFlash Quik Note Status Report 20100217”

  1. InspectorTech said

    The situation on eBay is sick.

    Our technical groups are working on a new site for early detection.

    1 in 10,000 rule applies. Sorry Kitty, we need to get nasty.

    Two sources:

    a) ebay sellers in the orient
    b) stupid local sellers buying from internet sites in orient

    It seems you really pissed off ebay and paypal. LOL. ebay is trying to hijack paypal process.

    We agree with you, message must get out in many languages! Only way to fight the SOBs!

    Question, what is the magic number for your fake flash sellers?

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