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kentvalleycomputer Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller – United States. Reported 19 Months After Purchase By Victim To SOSFakeFlash!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 11, 2010

kentvalleycomputer is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake – false capacity memory) Flash USB drives. Registered in the United States, kentvalleycomputer was warned in late summer of 2008 to test usb flash drives being sold. SOSFakeFlash periodically runs outreach programmes to eBay sellers.

A fully documented report from a victim has been received, amazing in detail! You would be surprised how much information you as a buyer have access to. kentvalleycomputer was among sellers who never responded. Sellers who do not respond to eBay members engaging in outreach missions are almost always those sell fake memory items on eBay.

SOSFakeFlash has a zero tolerance policy introduced during the summer of 2009. It is also retroactive.

If you discovered you bought a fake (False capacity) mp player, usb flash drive pen stick, or memory card on eBay several months ago, even a year or two ago, it is not too late to report your seller using the Report A Fake Tab. You are required to perform testing and submit the results. Listing information disappears on eBay and also on your won list. However you will find accurate information in your PayPal history if you search for it. Did you know that?

Obviously if you wish to have your fake flash seller documented and added to the list with a historical alert, you do have to provide the proof of your purchase, ebay item number, listing information and your eBay id. It is very important when all obvious traces disappear from eBay.

For the record, we never publish who you are on the internet or your eBayer id, unless you absolutely demand we do! Since the internet is so public, we require readers to submit proof. SOSFakeFlash does not engage in witch hunts. eBay scam sellers fear this site, they have good reason – evidence. It is wrong to fraud people, worse to sell items that cause people to loose their precious files and data.

Should you do this? Yes. It adds into the evidence against eBay, PayPal and eBay sellers.

This problem is now in it’s seventh year. Hundreds of thousands of buyers have been frauded in 72 countries. The US Dollar sales are in the millions each year.

It might be too late to leave negative feedback, it is not to late to have thelast word.

Previously the record was 12 months after purchase for a victim to report in, it is now 19 months after purchase. Everyone in the FrankenFlash project is a volunteer. It is hard work, exhausting some times. The SOSFakeFlash group is dedicated to exposing and documenting fake flash memory sellers and providing victims with the information they need. We don’t just document current eBay fake flash sellers, we document them all if you provide the needed information.

kentvalleycomputer sold:


He was caught because a victim provided the information needed.

Do you want to know all the countries that received fake flash memory items on eBay?

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