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Venting Is Good For Frauded eBay Members Of Fake Flash SD Cards, Pen Sticks, MPx Players Purchased On eBay. Action! Even Better.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 4, 2010

Venting is indeed good for frauded eBay Members who purchased false capacity SD Cards, Pen Sticks, MPx Players on eBay. Action? Even Better!

Recently a comment arrived from diagon-elly on mygodyeah. mygodyeah was a really bad case.

diagon-elly said:

“mygodyeah” is no longer a registered ebay member. Even though I know that he’ll be back in no time or has several accounts already, I won. I and the other buyer kicked his Chinese butt!!! I got my money back too and I hope that every buyer I wrote to, has opened a dispute too.

It brought back many memories of fights by eBay members to remove fraudulent sellers. diagon-elly channeled the anger of being frauded with a dangerous false capacity usb flash drive into positive action – warning others. Refusing to let this id get away with more fraud.

mygodyeah belongs to the 3totrade counterfeit ring operating on eBay. There are currently 16 eBay ids on file, only one is still active and brazenly selling fake memory usb pen sticks,obamastores .

It’s amazing how the last id active of the Don Of Fake Flash In the Orient, continues. Strange, but it is not the last time I said this…the last active id when writing about the Don Of Fake Flash. Soon we will be offering victims a little guided tour, to the mystery address. The Don has claimed so many victims these last two years. An opportunity for a little undercover photo shoot presented itself.

Why obmamastores continues is a mystery, perhaps not enough committed victims like diagon-elly possibly. Unlike most fake flash memory sellers in the Orient, obamastores follows in the footsteps of the early id’s, offering a fair amount of real capacity for the 32GB advertised size – 4GB flash memory chips often grade D.

On the subject of “butts” readers, it is not only Chinese butts that needs kicking.

It is true, though, they do represent the majority of fake flash memory sellers currently operating on eBay.

SOSFakeFlash and eBay members have kicked butts for many nationalities and countries these last two years. Here are some memorable ones from the past:

Canada: rickysell819 Ebay Fake Flash Seller – Canada – Case Of Ricky The Tricky

India: Ebay Fake Flash Sellers Alert India – A Mystery In New Delhi

America: Investigation On Seller Using eBay Id guruelectronics Continues At SOSFakeFlash

Australia: fufu$$ And The Counterfeit Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler USB Flash Drives

United Kingdom: naffy23k eBay Fake Flash Seller vs H2testw and eBay Victims

Europe: mpt555 aka arifqammar Ebay Seller Playing With Fire – Ukraine.

Frankly there is no eBay country where it is “safe” to buy flash memory products. Sad but true. The only real difference is how much you will spend for your item (see Global Report – eBay Fake Memory 2008 – 2009 for the prices eBay sellers charge for fakes by the 5 regions in the world).

The majority of fake mpx players, memory cards and usb flash drives come from eBay sellers registered in the Orient. It is impossible to dispute this. You only need to look at the fake flash country categories for sellers on SOSFakeFlash’s category list to see how many sellers have been caught by area of the world.

Unfortunately, in the mind of consumers around the world, the Orient means cheap, discounted. This may be true for many products, but it is not true for flash memory technology. 80% of the cost is the flash memory chip, something buyers are unaware of and also resellers. Until people understand this fact, eBay members will continue to be victims.

If you are a victim and you are angry – channel your energy into something positive. Warn other buyers of your seller. Hound eBay and PayPal. Tell your friends, family and colleagues at work about your experience. As diagon-elly reports, kicking “butt”, warning others and removing a fake flash memory seller can be a very satisfying experience. Positive too.

Vent, focus, act!


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