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Fake Flash Memory Education eBay – SOSFakeFlash 20100108

Posted by KittyFireFlash on January 8, 2010


Why do people become victims on eBay when they buy flash memory cards, usb flash drives or MPx Players?

Members do not understand the real costs of flash memory chips. They assume the low prices on eBay are because the retail outlet has been removed from the picture. Wrong!

Please visit FlashFakeCentral . The site was fast tracked to the internet.

You have two very important lessons assigned to you:

A) Consult Flash Memory prices. Flash Memory Chips – Prices. You will even find a current hotlink to the spot prices for the day.

B) Read the Global report. It covers SOSFakeFlash’s efforts for 2008 to the end of 2009. Global – eBay Fake Memory. You will find out how much fake flash sellers receive in bid prices for their false capacity items depending on their continent of registration, What the average buying prices are by victims, even how the false capacity sizes offered is changing by business quarter.

After you have completed your lessons, return to SOSFakeFlash to test your item, report in and begin your fight against having been frauded on eBay.


3 Responses to “Fake Flash Memory Education eBay – SOSFakeFlash 20100108”

  1. BigNandWanda said


    Do read and learn. It will make you wiser.

  2. Micro said

    Do NOT just read and LEARN…… DO just DO Use your FIVE per day to contact other buyers that have left positive feedback, warn them to TEST TEST TEST before they risk
    losing valuable data:

    Suspect sellers, check their feedback reports, select confirmed buyers of flash devices and WARN them to TEST and visit here to report fakes.

    If you have been caught, please do your bit to stop others being caught, you help is badly needed..


  3. Micro,

    You have summed it up!

    SOSFakeFlash does not contact buyers. eBay victims have that responsibilty.

    mycandyshop was suspended because victims fought back! If you are a victim you have two choices:

    1) allow yourself to be frauded. Let the fake flash memory seller, eBay and PayPal keep your money.

    2) Say NO! Step up to the plate and fight back. Contact other buyers for your seller, warn them to test. Help them to file disputes with paypal. Strength is in numbers. Rip the seller to shreds by leaving negative feedback, or doing follow up feedback if you left positive.

    According to a lot of victims, sometimes it is easier just to say you never received the item. A fib. If the seller has been documented at SOSFakeFlash, does it matter?

    In the alerts that KittyFireFlash issues, there is a link to the sellers neg and neutral FB. Use it. Examine your seller, then decide according to your personal point of view.

    What really bothers me?

    How many victims there are out there. If you don’t warn other buyers, they don’t just loose money, they lose files, data. Would you like to loose your files? If the answer is NO! then sacrifice 15 minutes a day to save others and turn up the heat to fight this WAR! Fraud, stinks!


    How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

    and help save people. You will be glad you did. Since a person can only send up to 5 messages a day, everyone is needed. eBay does not want people to warn others, that is why you can only send 5 messages a day.

    Kick ASS! If you are angry that you bought a fake, this is your chance to fight back. According to Kitty, SOSFakeFlash is slowly improving on the internet for visibility. Keep posting this site, it helps victims.

    A long time ago before I was drafted for techical issues, I was a fake flash angel myself. I liked it. I did over 10 missions and saved a lot of people from loosing information. Can you help? I did.

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