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SOSFakeFlash Announces New Website Joining Fight Against Fake Memory Chips – Flash Fake Memory Central – Information – FlashChipDirector

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 30, 2009

A new website has joined the FrankenFlash Project:

Flash Fake Memory Central – Information – FlashChipDirector

Rushed into service two months ahead of schedule, it is a work in progress. Different from many of the existing websites in the Project, this site sports pull down menus. Different from most blogs, it is more like a traditional website. Why another site? What is it’s purpose?

To be published at on December 30th, 2009 – almost 100 eBay seller id’s found to be part of counterfeit rings operating on eBay! Due to all the hard work by you the victims reporting in to us with the Report A Fake Tab , we are able to make connections. Your help matters and makes a difference!

The first site in the FrankenFlash Project was SOSFakeFlash. It was followed by several international sister sites that offered on demand translation. Donated, they were not under direct control of the Project and as a result, viciously attacked. Who knew that this subject was so volatile? We learned a painful lesson and operate under extreme security.

The main objective of SOSFakeFlash is to issue alerts on fraudulent sellers, the current objective centers on eBay were most fake flash memory products are sold to the general consumer public. At times, so many alerts can be issued in the period of a few days, other important information is soon buried. Did you know there are over 1,000 articles at this site?

To keep information fresh, other sites joined to assist, centering on different topics.

The new site, Flash Fake Central has a duo purpose. As a switch board for communication and to publish victim stories. The site says:

Flash Fake Central – Switch board for the FrankenFlash Project.

Special communications for sites and groups operating in the project. Report archives. General communications for the Global public.

Stories from victims who purchased fake mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives. Feature articles. General interest articles.

There is another reason for this site, as some of you will learn shortly.

Unlike the other sites in this project there will be a lot of “protected content”. Protected content means only certain people will have access to the information. Okay, some of you might find this a bit stinky or not in the spirit of sharing. You need to know – A War is going on. It is very nasty. eBay, PayPal and Fake Flash sellers are using SOSFakeFlash and information presented to find new ways to continue with fraud.

Our early success came from operating in secret, in sleath. Well the data for the past year has made one thing very clear – we need to return to our roots.

There are those among you who might like the word “sleath” and those of you who do not. If one thing is clear from the data in the last year, the fraud continues. eBay continues to find ways to block our efforts to clean house and stop the selling of fake flash memory products.

The most damming thing against eBay is their refusal to contact all buyers for a confirmed fake flash memory seller to warn members not to use the devices. As for refunds, well that takes some arm twisting. What good is it, if only one victim in a hundred is refunded?

One of the problems we face is that some team members are over worked. They are beyond burn out. Will they stop? No. They will just stubbornly continue to crawl and fight even if from their hospital beds. Only it will be very slow. Not good. This issue is quick moving. Sellers must be caught early for SOSFakeFlash to do any real good for eBay victims.

Flash Fake Central is joining us to keep the truth and the stories of victims alive. It will also serve “other” purposes, Grin!

We need fresh troops. To help you have to be a registered victim. You don’t have to sign your life away and some of us have (sigh!). The oldest members are on life support, we have our fake flash items in jars and keep them on our desks to remind us what this fight is all about. It is about you, the new victims of fake flash memory purchases on eBay. We chose to help the victims to be and not to walk away.

I, KittyFireFlash hold the record in the FrankenFlash Project for full refunds on eBay for fake flash memory purchases. I never sent a single item back and I received every single penny back, including shipping and handling. Like most people, I did not understand the true costs of flash memory chips at the time. I bid and bought many in a few short weeks.

Ouch! I learned a very painful lesson. Did you?

I can slice and dice with words. I suppose it is why I got drafted to do a lot of the writing or editing of articles here. I cut my fake flash sellers to ribbons, only words were necessary. Not everyone can do that. We all have different talents. Everyone can contribute something. Flash Fake Central will explain more soon.

Let’s welcome FlashChipDirector’s new site and group! He is going to need recruits and help.

We can win this war on eBay. Understand it will take time, the problem is over seven years old. If you got a refund without a serious struggle from an eBay fake flash seller, who should you thank? You should thank all the ebay victims before you!

If you have ideas on how to better fight this war on fake flash memory selling, we would like to hear your ideas! Feel free to leave your ideas and comments. Anything goes. Some wacky and strange ideas can be really good!

To FlashChipDirector,

Welcome to the team buddy! We think your site is different and neat. Hopefully you will have time to work on it and really make it great. As a member of the Project, you like us, serve where the need is greatest. Folks really need to contact other buyers and warn them, else we will all go insane and the fraudulent sellers will continue at our expense. Keep working on the different job descriptions – what we all do.


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