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eBay – Top 25 Countries Frauded. Fake Flash Memory Items Available On Ebay. 200912

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 27, 2009

SOSFakeFlash’s data for December 2009 reveals the top 25 countries where eBay Members have been frauded. Data exists on 821 eBay sellers. The current team stuggles to investigate and document fraudulent sellers.

eBay refuses to address the issue and protect it’s members against fake flash memory items such as mp3 mp4 players, memory cards and usb flash drives.

Buyer protection is a myth, a sham. There is no such thing as buyer protection on eBay. If sellers are being suspended or stopped it is because individual members, disgusted at the magnitude of fraud have chosen to fight back. They are contacting other eBay members to “share their buyer experience“.

Paypal in an attempt to pacify angry eBay members has been issuing “courtesy refunds” to victims. They clearly stipulate they are doing this as a favour, not as an obligation. Is this fair? Victims, while relieved to receive refunds from PayPal, are angry. They do not feel that it should be a “favour” but see it as their obligation!

Is your country among the top 25?

Currently according to SOSFakeFlash’s data these are the top 25 countries impacted. We do not believe the picture is accurate. There is a language barrier. Many countries and members are not comfortable with the English language. If your country is not listed in the top 25 that does not mean there is not a problem, it only means not enough eBay members in your country are reporting in to SOSFakeFlash with their fakes. Please increase the visibility for your country. Create a web page or visit internet forums to let them know about us. Write in your native language and stress the importance to report to us using the Report A Fake Tab.

Reporting 1-4 does not require the English language.

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
New Zealand
Russian Federation

We have 71 countries on file. Please help by educating your country on the problem of buying mp3 mp4 players, memory cards or usb flash drives on eBay. No one should really consider buying these items on eBay. 85% to 95% of all items listed are fake! False capacity items, it leads to to the loss of data files, not just money!

The only way to address the issue, is to educate people. You can help stop this fraud!

Warn others. Post at internet sites. Advise in local newspapers. Create bulletins at work and for schools (Universities, Collages, High Schools and Elementary Schools.

No one should buy these items on eBay. The problem of fake flash memory has entered it’s 7th year on eBay. If you are a victim, make your voice heard!


4 Responses to “eBay – Top 25 Countries Frauded. Fake Flash Memory Items Available On Ebay. 200912”

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  2. בלו ביי – קונים מוכרים – מכירות פומביות, מכירות רגילות, לוחות ובארטרים…

    (In case anyone wonders, PayPal was notified by dispute, seller replied within hours for a full refund keep the player, I’ ll take this further though as it’…

  3. eBay victims are being grouped into regions of the world. FlashFakeCentral has menu tabd them. There is no content. It will be added in the future.

    InspectorTech reports victims will be issued their region identification in the next month. The region is based on eBay country of registration.

    In the interim, eBay members who are victims of fake flash memory fraud on eBay should start to think about problems and issues they experienced according to their country.

    It is clear to everyone in the FrankenFlash project, the treatment received from eBay and Paypal is not the same. There are issues and prejudice being observed, depending on the country of eBay registration.

    For example, in the United Kingdom, eBay is afraid. Why?

    In Eastern Europe they are extremely insensitive. Why?

  4. Peter said

    Hlasim podvod od stranke vsetko je tam podvod!!!

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