Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Id Change. High Alert! Why Reporting In To SOSFakeFlash Matters.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 18, 2009

yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake – false capacity memory) Flash MP3 MP4 players. Registered in China, yuanhuaii has changed his eBay id name from yuanhuayh.

Almost one year ago SOSFakeFlash published:Alert – yuanhuayh – Ebay Fake Flash Seller MP Players the difference is, this time yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh has been using private auctions to get away with fake flash selling. He carefully leveraged his return by selling:

USB 2.0 A to MINI B 5-PIN CABLE FOR MP3 MP4 Camera

yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh demonstrates how eBay is unable to control or stop the problem of fake flash memory items such a mp3 mp4 players, memory cards and usb flash drives from being sold. If you want to buy these items on eBay – you do so at your own risk. The probability of acquiring a false capacity memory item is over 90%. Do you feel lucky?

Thinking that changing his name would erase his fake flash memory selling past, what does yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh do? Return to selling fake memory on eBay, what else?

263 001 002

To review yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh’s negative feedback

Here is a recent snapshot. You will see the fake flash selling past documented and also how many eBay members were foolish enough or conned into revising their feedback for the seller. So if you bought a fake mp3 mp4 player from him, now you know why you are a victim.

yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh fb

SOSFakeFlash does not forget YOU, the victims of eBay fake flash memory sellers. That is why we have databases and why we ask you to report in using the Report a Fake Tab.

We track and trace known eBay fake flash memory sellers over time. If they change their name we can catch them with your completed information. If they try to start up under a new id, we can connect the dot’s and trace them, often to major counterfeit rings operating and abusing eBay and frauding members.

As far as victims and SOSFakeFlash are concerned, there is no eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller Protection Program. Correct behavior is to contact all buyers, to refund in full and to apologize for the harm that has been caused. The seller yuanhuaii aka yuanhuayh has no intention of changing, only becoming more skilled at deception and fraud.

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