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Urgent Message SOSFakeFlash December 2009 – Please Read!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 7, 2009

SOSFakeFlashSOSFaKeFlash is busy investigating eBay sellers and documenting. We are struggling under the load. The holiday period shows escalation. We need every victim who finds this site to help out for December 2009. The easiest way is to make sure you leave sosfakeflash in your feedback so other buyers find this site and the information they need.

We also need people to warn others. Recently a lot of fake flash memory powersellers have suffered damage in negative feedback – as you are all fighting back! The id’s are being taken offline and older id’s are moving into action. One such id is mycandyshop. There are others. You will find more information on how you can help and make a difference on the SOSFakeFlash Notice Board.

FakeFlashMemoryProfit AdicitionWe are seeing 32GB usb flash drives being sold at prices as low as $16 US. There are a lot of naive eBay members about to become victims shortly. All current Fake Flash Angels, Fake Flash Commando’s and those who would like to help, please review flash chip prices: Flash Memory Prices Are Rising In 2009 – Up To 25% Since April 2009. Danger Of Grade C and D Being Used In False Capacity MP Players, USB Flash Drives And Memory Cards.

Patrol eBay for sellers and contact buyers. Have them test and report into SOSFakeFlash immediately if they confirm false capacity.

If you want eBay and or Paypal to take action against these sellers, you will have to be aggressive. They addicted to the fees fraudulent sellers for mp3 mp4 players, memory cards and usb flash drives generate. Both are desperate for revenue and would prefer to look the other way. It is up to you to add your voice and say you will not tolerate their complicity in this fraud. They advertise buyer protection, but it is not fact, just advertising to reassure buyers. The records of eBay victims before you at this site make this fact very clear.

If action is not taken by eBay buyers, December 2009 could be the worst fake flash memory selling record in eBay’s history – the highest ever.


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