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If You Are Warning Fellow eBay Members About Fake Flash Memory Sellers On Ebay

Posted by KittyFireFlash on December 2, 2009

If you are warning eBay members about your fake flash seller(s) or those documented at SOSFakeFlash as an independent Fake Flash Angel, please assist us by making things easier to document and record. It is a struggle to keep up- we receive a lot of information that is incomplete.

Do you know what happens to incomplete information? It goes into a “To Be Investigated” Folder. The problem is, we don’t have the time and we never get around to it. There are just too many fake flash sellers on the loose. Some eBay sellers can unleash as many as 2000+ fake flash memory items in a period of a few weeks.

So how can you help us?

It is a fact that for 5 messages you send, one will reply. That is one of the reasons we ask every reader to spend a few evenings, sending messages. One eBay member can only send up to 5, so a lot people are needed. eBay does everything it can to prevent people from revealing the truth. Why? It hurts the money they make from listing fees .

SOSFakeFlash has observed in the last two years, that eBay will do almost anything to prevent the truth from being known. They will say they are protecting buyers, but the sad truth is, they have not done anything to protect members. They earn a great deal of revenue by allowing fake flash memory sellers to continue, they need the money desperately. They are also afraid. Why? Because eBay sellers in China generate so much money in listing fees.

Read:eBay Fake Flash Sellers Of MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – About Their IDs/

eBay wanted in to the Chinese market and as a result sold their soul. We, the members of eBay are paying the price. Are you surprised?

A lot of buyers will get your message but not respond to you. Some will visit SOSFakeFlash independently if you make sure to put the keyword for us in the message. Others will not believe you, they will unfortunately learn the hard way – when they lose data. Then they will remember your message and search the internet. They will find us, learn the horrible truth. Usually it is too late for them to file a PayPal dispute. For those who did not believe you, they will eventually, if they reach our site, because you left the keyword SOSFakeFlash, learn the facts and become wiser . You did your best for them.

For buyers who take you seriously and test, please collect the information. Use notepad and save as a text file. Some buyers are shy or suspicious and will not reveal their real email address. If they don’t and prefer to stay inside of eBay messaging it is not a problem. Just copy paste their replies to you into the text file.

For each person who confirms make sure the text file contains:

  1. The reply they sent you, showing their eBay id
  2. The eBay Item number if you kept a good record of who you contacted and the item number. If it was a private auction, ask the responder for the item number if you can.
  3. The Fake Flash memory seller Id.

Once a week, send in your text file and or paste it into an email to

For us to accept the file, you need to be a person who reported a fake to us. We need to know who you are. Make sure to identify yourself in the email by your id. This information is for us only. The rest of the world does not know who you are. Only we do. SOSFakeFlash protects the privacy of those who report and those who contribute.

Advise people who confirmed a fake to do follow up feedback for their item, to reveal the truth. They may wish to wait a bit, before doing this, to ensure they get their refund. If the confirmer chose to reveal his or her real email address please send it along to us. It remains with us. It will not be public. If we do not have it, we can not contact the victim in the future.

It is important for independent fake flash angels to report in with their victims. It helps to increase the evidence against an eBay seller. It matters.

For those of you who do send us complete information, we thank you! It saves us so much time.

SOSFakeFlash receives a lot of email from victims, who find it hard to believe that a fake flash seller is allowed to continue with the fraud. We are not surprised. For the oldest members, after two years of fighting, we know how devious fake flash memory sellers can be. They know all the weaknesses of eBay and they exploit them.

There is only one way to kick a fake flash memory seller off ebay – If victims decide to do something about it.


  1. Warn people who left positive feedback.
  2. Make sure to do follow up feedback if you left positive.
  3. Contact eBay and protest.
  4. Contact PayPal and protest.
  5. Set Up A personal web page and document your experience and evidence. (send to so we can do a story). Also leave the website address in a comment for an article on your fake flash seller.

You can contact other buyers while you are fighting your fake flash seller with a PayPal dispute. You are “sharing” your buyer experience and investigating if others have the same problem as you (false capacity). In fact, it is a very good idea, it turns up the heat as other buyers will now start new disputes. It forces eBay and PayPal to take notice. It makes the fake flash memory seller’s life hell. That is what they deserve for having frauded you, the pain and nightmare many of you have or are experiencing.

Help us to help all of you. Independent Fake Flash Angels, please send your evidence from other victims once a week to us with all the necessary information. Time matters, we need to make the most of the free time we have available to fight the cause efficiently.

If you are interested in fighting back and becoming a Fake Flash Angel please read:

How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

The more people help the sooner we could reach our goal:

Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss


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