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Yogi’s Fake 32GB MP Player From kinhome88 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – Charger Blows Up

Posted by KittyFireFlash on October 3, 2009

Buying a false capacity MP3 MP4 Player on eBay happens all the time. SOSFakeFlash is also receiving reports that these items often have a dangerous wall charger too – they “blow up” and can lead to electrical fires!

On June 25, 2009 SOSFakeFlash Published: kinhome88 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China

You should read the email from the kinhome88 in that alert! It may explain why he has been able to continue frauding through the summer of 2009 and continues unchallenged in the Fall of 2009. kinhome88 now also offers those fake usb memory flash pen drives SOSFakeFlash has seen a few too many times.

eBay buyer victim “Yogi” bought this 32GB Touch Screen MP3 MP4 Player from kinhome88:


Yogi provided the following listing description from kinhome88:


32GB Touch Screen MP3 MP4 Player
USB Data & Power Supply Cable
High Quality Earphone
USB Wall Charger (Free Gift!!!)

Yogi said:

Received a Wall Charger which BLEW up !See picture

kinhome88 ChargerBlewUp

Yogi Observed:

High Quality Earphone….it’s subjective….

The 32GB player with 2,8 inch screen….After putting more than 2 GB on the memory the problems start to arise. corupt files etc.
Because of the site.. I decided to open the MP4 player. It has a Samsung memory chip :


The Hardware chip is:
ANYKA AK3631LQ14402

SOSFakeFlash had a lot of difficultly trying to find this the memory chip at Samsung: K4S281632C-TC1L when found, the serial was for SDRAM and was an EOL product (end of life). Very confusing. The investigators have no idea what to make of this. An SDRAM flash memory chip being used in an MP Player? Or was it a counterfeit nand memory chip, using a legal serial number from Samsung? Or was this chip “converted” to be used in low quality MP Players because it was an EOL memory chip? At the moment no one really knows.

Yogi on testing the capacity:

Output of H2Test 1.4.. after completing the writing of the 32 GB and the verify starts it complained about errors and it/… crashed.
Because the writing of 32 Gb takes so very long I didn’t do the test again.

Yogi has filed a claim with paypal as do many eBay victims.

Yogi’s false capacity MP Player, reveals two additional facts buyers need to be aware of:

1) Wrong storage memory chips being used, possibility of counterfeit knock offs or recycled chips that should not be used in MP Players.

2) Wall chargers that are an electrical hazard. Yogi’s MP Player was damaged as a result. Wall chargers that are sub standard and not properly certified could damage your electrical outlet, MP Player and possibly start a fire in your home.

In hunting for unrealistic bargains on eBay you could end up with much more than a false capacity memory item.

Meanwhile kinhome88 continues to fraud and SOSFakeFlash sees little evidence of buyers attempting to contact and warn others who bought from this seller. As a result, kinhome88 will to earn and to sell fake memory items to unsuspecting eBay members.

If you feel this is wrong, lend a helping hand, warn buyers of kinhome88.


10 Responses to “Yogi’s Fake 32GB MP Player From kinhome88 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – Charger Blows Up”

  1. ITGuy said

    The specification sheet for the memory chip indicates 128Mbit SDRAM or 16GBbyte chip. A typcal MP3 player will have RAM and Flash memory. Synchronous DRAM is not typically used in a media player, but when used it allows the designer to replace the RAM and Flash memory chips with a single Sync DRAM chip. Unlike Flash memory, Sync DRAM always consumes power, even when in standby mode. So when your battery runs out the contents of the SDRAM memory is deleted. So why use SDRAM in a MP3 player? The usual answer cost. Cheaper design, cheap surplus end of life chips.

    One player that

  2. The_Flash said

    I hope nobody was hurt by that charger!

    Regarding that, this link should be required reading for anyone wanting more information on the dangers of poorly-made (and in some cases, counterfeit) power supplies and chargers: . As you can see, it’s terrifying.

  3. FlashChipTutor said

    Yes The_Flash,

    It is terrifying!

    The dangers are not just fake memory (reprogammed chips to lie about real capacity), but a lot of these very low priced MP3 and MP4 players ship with bad chargers/adapters too! In many cases they come with a cd that is infected with viruses, especially the trojan kind.

    It all boils down to price. There is no “free lunch” as the American’s say.

    People should see – using a wrong adapter or a counterfeit one is very dangerous!

  4. Jessie said

    i had bought this mp3 player on ebay from this seller before i found this forum. I live in a very old cottage and have a pretty weak laptop, the last thing id want to do is risk a fire or corrupting anything on my computer.

    I contacted Kinhome88 and said that if they hadnt sent me the mp3 player yet, not to bother and just to give me a refund. they said they had already sent it and i should see if it works ok and then send it back for a full refund if it doesnt.

    i told them i didnt want to risk trying it and i copied and pasted what yogi had experienced (above). I thought Yogi or others might be interested in the reply i got:

    “pls check your paypal now.
    i have refund firslty for this trouble item now.

    i really can’t think it will fire in my cottage.
    no need return item, i dont want give you trouble again.
    and, i will phone my supplier to get a correct proposal for this so bad item.
    i think i need to change a good supplier.

    any required,pls email to me asap

    Legitimate? who knows…
    Im getting an ipod.

  5. Jeff Alger said

    I have purchased 4 of these items from different sellers. I have received 2 so far and they are both pretty much JUNK. Will not be able to use as gifts for Christmas. These folks need to be stopped.

  6. Ioctl said

    Good article!

    they must be shutdown , Them rippoff masters!
    BTW kittyfire, the proper name for a Mp-Whatever Player

    Is ‘MPx player’ – ‘Mp player’ is a common typo. – just wanted to point this out!

    anyway I love you guys at Sosfakeflash And at Flashdrivefacts!


    Keep up the good work!

  7. Julian said

    Yep, if I would have just checked a bit before. I also bought me one of these 32gb Mpwhatever players, and as described, after putting 2gigs on there it starts shutting down and you are unable to add any more files or music, NOR deleting the ones you put on there!!

    Sadly I did not do anything with the item for a few weeks and so I cannot return it anymore, but this adds on ebay are simply a fraud. BEFORE you leave any feedback put at least 3GB on the players and then you are gonna see! BTW, a 2gb Mp3 player in the US is not much more then 20bucks, for the supposedly 32gb player with then 2GB I payed 45 and had to wait a month!

  8. red said


    Disregard the seller’s “return” policy. If you are within 45 days of your transaction date you are still eligible to file a paypal/ebay dispute to get a refund.

    If you left positive feedback, you can still leave feedback followup to warn other buyers. Mention h2testw & SOSFakeFlash so they know where to look for help.

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  10. […] Yogi’s Fake 32GB MP Player From kinhome88 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller – Charger Blows Up […]

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