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eBay Scam – Urgent! Did You Buy From getwowprice Also Known As greatwallseller?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on September 10, 2009

If you bought an MP Player or usb memory pen stick flash drive from an eBay seller known under the ids of getwowprice and greatwallseller you risk losing information! You may not be aware that you purchased a false capacity device. The advertised capacity was wrong!

The flash storage chips were digitally altered to lie about their real capacity and fool operating systems.

SOSFakeFlash on August 28, 2009 published: getwowprice aka greatwallseller Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – China

Currently known as getwowprice, eBay has suspended this id! getwowprice has been sent to eBay Fake Flash Prison. It is urgent you test immediately! File a claim with paypal. Do not delay.

Currently PayPal is harassing victims of this seller’s scam refusing to cooperate with refunds.

getwowprice aka greatwallseller is one of the worst cases of fraud on file with SOSFakeFlash. Using private auctions this seller frauded thousands of members.

Paypal is not happy. Think of the money they need to refund! Do not let them get away with it! Force them to honour their supposed “Buyer Protection”.

One victim got this email from PayPal.

“Thank you for contacting PayPal.

Hello, my name is Katherine. I hope you understand that it is against PayPal’s policy to retain both the funds and the item therefore we require proof that the item has been returned to the seller before we will issue the refund.

If you fail to provide tracking information within 10 working days the claim will be closed in the seller’s favor and we can only advice you to take this matter outside of PayPal.

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. We value what you have to say, and we know situations like this can be difficult. If you have more questions, visit our Help Center by clicking “Help” in the top right corner of any PayPal page.

PayPal Resolution Services
PayPal, an eBay Company”

This is the standard robotic stupidity paypal engages in . Do not be deceived by it. It is a silly template response. Please review PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences.

We advise you examine the telephone numbers available for PayPal: PayPal Telephone Numbers – Quick Reference Guide To Get A Human Responding Instead Of An Email Robot Try to get a human on the phone instead of a computer robot! Do not allow PayPal to make you a victim a second time. This seller’s fraud is amazing and PayPal enjoyed the fee’s.

getwowprice aka greatwallseller Addressing Information:

Chen Haijian


RescueEbayFakeFlashVictimsBuyers for getwowprice aka greatwallseller need to be warned. In using private auctions, you will not see an eBay item number. It is not needed. If you see ‘Private”, it is hiding a fake MP Player or usb flash drive sold.

If you found this article find at least 5 members who left positive feedback at random. Send them a message. Warn them! Do a good deed. Tell them to test and march their claim to PayPal immediately! You can only send up to 5 messages a day. Save another victim!


11 Responses to “eBay Scam – Urgent! Did You Buy From getwowprice Also Known As greatwallseller?”

  1. Dave Cross said

    The address above is also being used by ebay seller xoldskool who sold me a duff 32G SD card

  2. TechChips said

    It gets even worse.

    Another counterfeit ring has been detected. Just how many are there?

    Information will be sent to FakeFlashNews soon.

  3. biztyke said

    google the address and found this. i too bought an sd card from xoldskool and it doesn’t work. i contacted him and said to send it back to the address above for refund. now i am not quite sure what to do, am i out $$?

  4. pep said

    ive just got an email to send my fake sd back to this adress to

    Chen Haijian




    i googled to see where exactly it was omg

  5. pep said


    also know as newarcade

  6. TechChips said

    Pep, could you please report in using the Report a fake tab?

  7. TechChips said


    You need to fight back! SOSFakeFlash has lot’s of information. Make sure you put in a PayPal claim. If PayPal demands you send the item back, contact them!

    See the PayPal Guide:

    Both ebay and paypal are very much aware of the issue. They know about xoldskool and other fake flash sellers. They have the data and information. Do not let their email robots stop you.

    Victims do get their money back these days when they refuse to accept NO! It was not always like this. Many early victims who built this site and the others never got a penny back.

    eBay appears to pay attention to SOSFakeFlash these days. Sellers are suspended quickly when we publish alerts. In a way they are actually starting to help.

    Unfortunately as Frank as pointed out many times, the sellers just start up again under a new id.

    It is your choice biztyke, fight and get your money back (one victim fought 8 months with paypal but got every penny back from every single seller!). Or let xoldskool cheat you. Decide.

  8. pep said

    already reported, on here, ebay and open a dispute on paypal

  9. TechChips said

    NP Pep,

    But if you do not report to the information will Not be entered into the sosfakeflash database as evidence. It also means the count for the fake flash seller lists will not increase against the seller.

    It is okay to leave information on an alert post, but that does not mean it will be added into the database.

  10. biztyke said

    techchips thanks for the info. i have never been scammed like this before. i bought a 32gb card from both newarcade and xoldskool(same seller), i filed a dispute against both last night. this morning xoldskool refunded my money. he again asked me to send the item back to him, and to not leave negative feedback. i will do neither.

    i would report them here, but my card reader will no longer recognize them to do a proper H2testw test.

    this opened my eyes, i had no idea there were so many flash counterfeit schemes out there…….

  11. pep said

    @ Techchips

    ive already sent an email to that address with the details asked for

    1. eBay item number
    2. eBay Seller id
    3. Your eBay Buyer id
    4. Your output from H2testw 1.4
    5. eBay item description if the listing has been removed
    6. Seller address (complete) if you have it. Important to build profile and track multiple id’s
    7. A short word of you experience and or thoughts if you like (optional)

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