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mycandyshop Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 31, 2009

mycandyshop is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) false capacity mp players. Registered in China, mycandyshop doesn’t offer anything sweet, only poison to music files on mp players. mycandyshop also sells those famous 16GB memory cards on eBay that have been confirmed fake just a few too many times.


not yet investigates are the following items:







in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

FakeFlashSellers01Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims. See what we have on file.

Did You Leave Positive Feedback For A Fake Flash Seller Of MP Players, Memory Cards Or USB Flash Drives Purchased On eBay?

To understand about Fake Flash Sellers Read:

A Victim’s insight: ebidetrade001 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert Devious – Hong Kong

Victim consumer education on nand flash storage chips:

Want to know the bid prices eBay victims paid for fake MP Players. Read: MP Players On Ebay – Current Prices For Cheap Fake 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32 GB SOSFakeFlash’s Report it includes Q2, 2009!

Important Reading:

To see mycandyshop’s negative feedback Please Click Here

August 29th, 2009 – we have 1 eBay listings confirmed fake.

The model sold under the eBay seller mycandyshop confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. If you bought one of these items from mycandyshop, you should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 . Do not store any important information until you can confirm you have the advertised capacity (minus formatting overhead).

Should your device not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on it to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:

Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller mycandyshop
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:

on your correspondence.


36 Responses to “mycandyshop Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – China”

  1. TechChips said

    Wanted – address information for ebay seller mycandyshop.

    SOSFakeFlash needs any address information you have on this seller from your mailing envelopes, also addresses you received to send the item back.

    mycandyshop is most likely a member of an existing counterfeit ring.

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    Wanted all addresses for mycandyshop. Please send in to immediately.

    mycandyshop currently is demanding victims revise negative feedback in exchange for a refund. This is feedback exhortion and against eBay policy.

    Contact eBay and inform them, offer to forward communications from mycandyshop demonstrating feedback exhortion.

    Do not revise your feedback for a refund, you only make the problem worse and create new victims.

    Continue to assist fighting this seller by contacting other buyers who left positive feedback and warn them to test their items for capacity.

  3. rd750 said

    I bought one of 32GB SD cards which is really only a 4GB card. Confirmed with H2testw.

    Their shipping envelope had no return address.

    When first contacted, this was their response:
    Dear Friend;
    So sorry happened like this matter,
    All these iems we send it out directly to the buyer by factory, occurt like this inferoir quality items i am really sorry, and i have report this case to our company and the supplier, dear, thanks for your important information, in order not to takes more trouble to you and help you sovle this matter asap, i am willing try my best help you,
    If you do not mind could you help me send it back for complete inspection, after that we will arrange replacement or full refund?
    Or in order to save the trouble and your time, we can give you partial refund for compensation, is that ok?
    Anyway i will do anything in our power to help you out of this situation, dear, please tell me what is your opinion, thanks,
    Waiting for your soon reply,
    Hope this matter can solve with our satisfacion,

    – mycandyshop

    I prodded for their return shipping address several times, but they never provided it.

    I opened a paypal dispute, reported the item to ebay and left a negative feedback.

    After trading several other messages, they agreed to a full refund with no return shipping if I modified my feedback. This was their last message:
    I am so sorry got your negative for this unfortunately case,

    Okay, i am willing to give you full refund, and the item do not need you ship it back,

    But i have a request could you please help me remove the negative?

    That is very easy for you, you just need to help me follow- up the negative you left me, write this:”we have solve this matter, i want to remove it” that is all,

    If you accept this, i will refund you asap,

    It is very easy for you, but that is very important for me,

    Hope you can do me a favor remove it,

    Waiting for your soon reply,


    – mycandyshop

    I reported this extortion to ebay and escalated the dispute to a claim on paypal indicating that the seller didn’t require the return the item. It’s still sitting in paypal as “Awaiting other party’s response”.

  4. rd750 said

    Also, I’ve contacted 10 other buyers and heard back from 6 with confirmed fakes.

  5. rd750 said

    Here is ebay’s response to my ‘feedback extortion’ complaint:

    Thank you for writing eBay in regard to the seller of item number
    xxxxxxxxxxxx who stated that they will issue a refund if you will revise
    the negative Feedback you left on their account. I know it’s taken us a
    while to get back to you and I’m sorry about the wait.

    We are very concerned about violations on the site and have thoroughly
    investigated your report. The eBay Privacy Policy prevents me from
    discussing the specifics of our investigation. I can tell you, however,
    that in this instance we didn’t find evidence that a violation occurred.

    I understand your concern about this situation, and we can reopen the
    investigation if we receive additional information about the possible
    violation. Please feel free to contact the SafeHarbor team with any
    further information about this situation.

    Furthermore, I’d like to let you know that when buyers or sellers abuse
    the feedback system to get goods or services that aren’t part of the
    original transaction, it’s called feedback extortion. Feedback extortion
    is strictly prohibited.

    For example, buyers aren’t allowed to threaten sellers with negative or
    neutral feedback or low detailed seller ratings to gain something that
    wasn’t in the original transaction. And sellers can’t require buyers to
    leave — or withdraw — specific feedback or detailed seller ratings.

  6. Denis said

    Question: If it is so clear that mycandyshop is a counterfitter, (reported in august 09) why is he still able to sell on eBay and now has 8.500+ transactions (of which 99.1% positive)??

    Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate this info a lot, and will surely test the equipment that I recently bought from him/her.. but it just strikes me as odd that eBay wouldn’t have acted on it??

  7. KittyFireFlash said

    Hmmm Denis,

    Did you receive your merchandise Denis from mycandyshop, or have you been reading his feedback?

    Your first step will be to test your item(s) for actual capacity. What was the advertised size? What is the reported size?

    You are just starting your education, welcome to our world. It seems you actually believe in eBay. That is okay, most of us did too – once……

    Dennis please read this:

    eBay Fake Flash Sellers Of MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – About Their IDs to start learning more.

    A feedback score is important and we hear that this seller is quiet nasty. 41 revised feedbacks. What does this tell you Denis?

    No shipping envelopes include a return address so far. What does this tell you Dennis?

    The only address anyone ever found is in Chinese. Odd for doing business abroad…is it not, Dennis?

    mycandyshop is fighting frauded buyers tooth and nail. It is extremely important that anyone who tests and finds they do not have the advertised capacity, leave immediate negative feedback and under no circumstances, change it for a refund. If his feedback score continues to dip, then he will end up in the cross hairs of eBay. Not until then can anyone expect eBay to do anything.

    mycandyshop is unlikely to surrender this powerseller id without a fight.

    Unless people warn buyers of mycandyshop to test and do follow up feedback about the truth, there will be more people like Dennis asking exactly the same questions about this seller in 6 months.

    As we have always said, it is up to the victims to do something. Mobilze or accept this sellers continued fraud. The choice is yours…

    We are still looking for addresses on this seller.

  8. rd750 said

    Here is the latest from Paypal. They are demanding proof that the item is ‘not authentic’!


    Dear xxxxxx,

    We are currently investigating your complaint:

    Complaint Details

    Seller’s Email:
    Seller’s Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxx


    To continue with the investigation of your complaint, we must request
    documentation to support your claim that the item is not authentic. Please
    obtain a document from an unbiased, third-party, such as a dealer,
    appraiser, or an organization that is qualified in the area of the item in
    question (other than yourself), which clearly identifies the item as not
    authentic. The document must specifically state how the item received
    differs from an authentic item and must include a detailed explanation of
    how the person evaluating the item determined that it is not authentic. If
    possible, the document should include a serial number, and must be on
    letterhead that includes the name, address, and phone number of the
    business or organization so that PayPal may contact them if necessary.

    The documents should be faxed to PayPal at (402) 537-5760 (please note this
    is a United States phone number, if you are faxing from outside the United
    States, you will generally need to dial 00 1 before the number). Please
    include a cover sheet with your fax that includes the email address
    registered on your PayPal account and the ID number of your claim
    (PP-xxx-xxx-xxx), so we may attach the documents to your claim as quickly
    as possible.

    We must receive your fax by January 11, 2010 in order to proceed with the
    investigation of your claim. If we do not receive your fax by January 11,
    2010, your claim will be canceled. We are unable to grant extensions to
    this time period. Please note that PayPal is unable to reimburse you for
    any costs or fees that may be incurred in obtaining the requested
    documents. Any documents you provide may also be supplied to the seller in
    your dispute if necessary.

    Thank you for your cooperation and patience. We regret any inconvenience
    this request may cause.

    Protection Services Department
    PayPal, an eBay Company

  9. KittyFireFlash said

    The 3rd party is a computer repair store or an outlet that has technicans. Most are happy to help out.

    See Superman’s 8 month battle with PayPal article in the PayPal refund guide. In the end, PayPal had to pay for the “appraisal”.

    The email you received is a template, not written by a real person. The details are just added by a programme, including the “Erik”, possibiliy the employee who has your case assigned in queue. The name is also not the real name of the employee either, they use aliases.

  10. Regis said

    Hey. As long as you paid via Paypal, just claim that you never received the item if you’ve gotten screwed. These guys do not provide a tracking number or address and therfore cannot prove otherwise. I just won a dispute against them this morning. On a side note, I really did not receive the 32GB SD card.

  11. why bother? said

    PayPal and eBay always regret any inconvinence casued by siding with frausters and ripping you off. Don’t stand for it folks! I have seen progs on telly where ebay fraudsters (not flash mem) were pursued. There has been court cases against ebay – some won, some loosed.

    Mabe u guys shuld get this fraud on the gogle box.

  12. rd750 said

    Thanks Kitty. I did read Superman’s article.

    Regis, it’s too late to file a ‘non-receipt’ as I’ve already filed a ‘not as described’ dispute which has been escalated to a claim.

    On another note, mycandyshop’s negatives for the month were 54, compared to 95 for the last 12 months.

  13. Brian Matthews said

    Oh well I learn the hard way. Now I just send the following message to the seller after the purchase:

    ‘Please ensure that the memory on this device is as stated. We test ALL memory on receipt. Failure to comply will result in report to eBay as FAKE and a PayPal dispute. Return costs will be charged to you if a FAKE is detected.’

    I include this in the PayPal message box. It often means sellers ban you from bidding on their other items. Well thats fine….

  14. KittyFireFlash said

    We all learn the hard way Brian.

    Very tired. The fraud stinks. It’s time eBay sinks. People are just too naive. Too good, honest and ethical. Funny how that works against people who have intergity.

    Know thy enemy. Respond accordingly.

    At the moment I am very pissed off with people who are naive. The recent statistics indicate we are all being taken for a ride.

    Needed are victims who have muscles. Teeth. Who will refuse to be frauded and who are willing to fight fire with fire.

    As far as mycandyshop goes, don’t be nice. Don’t play fair. mycandyshop won’t.

    Unless people are more aggressive in fighting sellers like mycandyshop, the fraud will just continue.

    People if you are not interested in fighting, just bid and buy on eBay, donate your hard earned money to the fake flash memory sellers in the Orient. Consider it your charity for China.

    Ask the fake flash memory seller for a tax receipt and make sure they specify – Charity to support China’s Fraud Of The Global community, Destruction of Data.

    We are monitoring eBay members to see if they have backbone. A lot of people sacrificed the holidays to make sure this new series of alerts were published.

    If we don’t see action, we will be taking a holiday and leave people to their fate. We need a break. Not enough people seem to be fighting.

    SOSFakeFlash has a question to victims. Can we take three months off to rest and recharge?

    Would you mind if we took a break?

  15. Denis said

    take a break! But do make sure you come back with full energy and continue the fight!

    Please take comfort in knowing that you educated me already, and I’ll spread the word. I learned:
    – I’ll check my purchase properly when it arrives
    – I won’t acknowledge receipt until it proves to be genuine
    – I will file complaint (of not received) – and WILL leave negative feedback

    Over time, I’m sure I’ll learn more, and act accordingly.

    Thank you for your efforts of educating another (formely) naieve eBayer.. 😉

  16. Denis said

    Ok, got my 32Gig USB stick of mycandyshop today, which H2Testw shows to be a fake.

  17. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Denis,

    Welcome to our world and thank you for the update. I also was a naive eBayer once.

  18. Darnell said

    I purchased a 32GB SDHC card from seller mycandyshop item#180441604279 on dec12th 2009 that I have yet to receive almost 4 weeks after purchasing but because of security concerns I feel I must make you aware of the following

    I contacted over 15 people that purchased these SDHC cards and left positive feedback not knowing that they were fake. I directed these people to test their cards and all the people that responded to me said the the program used in detecting fake SDHC cards reported all cards were smaller capacity cards hacked to falsely report that they were 32GB cards. I have not yet received mine as of today but I do not hold any hope that it is a legit card if I receive this at all.

    Here is the list of buyers that have responded to me thus far and reported the item is a fake,

    SOSFakeFlash comment – the buyer id’s have been replaced by xxxxxxx. An eBay member id may only be presented in a comment by the eBayer. We take your protection and privacy seriously. Darnell has been contacted privately for the details on the victims. We do not edit comments unless it is to protect people


    This seller seems to be feeding off the buyers that do not know how to properly test this equipment. I am a electronics technician by trade and am very knowledgable in field of computers.

    if I do not receive my item with the next couple days and/or the item arrives and I determine it is fake I will be filing an official dispute against the seller.

  19. KittyFireFlash said

    To Anyone who would like to warn people who left positive feedback for mycandyshop please read

    How To Warn Others On eBay As A Fake Flash Angel – Fight Back Against Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives – A Guide

    mycandyshop’s alert predates the inclusion of the guide. How do you chose people? The best way so that everyone does not contact the same people twice, is warn people on the date you left your fb for the seller or another seller. There are so many victims of mycandhshop, plenty to go around for all.

    For positiver’s if they confirm with testing, ask they do follow up feedback to their positive to help warn others.

  20. red said

    Mycandyshop is ‘no longer registered’ on ebay!

  21. Denis said

    *** eBay Note: This user is no longer registered on eBay. ***

  22. Brian Matthews said

    I have just made PayPal claims for all non received items from all sellers who are *** eBay Note: This user is no longer registered on eBay. ***

    Let em deal with it……..

  23. Darnell said

    I just received an email from ebay stating that I am to no longer have any communication with the seller and the he is no longer registered with ebay. I filed with paypal to recoup the cost of my purchase.

  24. Tom said

    I Ordered this fake 32 Gig HDHC card from this seller on the 13th. of December just got it today and it will not format in my Sanyo Xacti HD2000. Wish I had found this site a month ago. Tried a full format over a dozen times and every time you restart the camera it comes up with the format menu and says there is a problem with the memory card.

    Also, tried it in my friends SLR and it also will not format. I highly recommend that anyone looking for cards on ebay that they make sure you check the card out and the seller carefully. Will be filing a claim/dispute with ebay on this item.

    Went to walmart and got a 16GB PNY HDHC and it formats fine, so I know for sure its not the camera. I had contacted this seller because it was running late and one of the emails mycandyshop is now using is

    P.S., This seller now requires you to sign for the item at deliver or at the post office and have your ID checked so they know you got the junk!

  25. InspectorTech said

    Hi Darnell,

    Buyers for mycandyshop still need to be warned, those who left positive fb there are so many victims. It is not over yet.

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for information. Anyone who bought from mycandyshop should not sign. Instead, claim item not received. They are not going to get a genuine flash memory item.

    Addressing Information received for mycandyshop:

    Tai Fat Trading

    10th floor, Ging Yip Building,
    9A Un Chau Street,
    Sham Shui Po, HK

  26. Paul said

    I’ve bought 16GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive 16G Memory Stick Drive 16GO U2 on 11/22. I don’t receive it yet and I miss 45 days limit of buyer protection plan (((.
    Because I start panic only after **eBay Note: This user is no longer registered on eBay.**

  27. KittyFireFlash said


    Hope you are registered with us. You have 60 days with eBay. Paypal is trying to pass the buck.

    Keep all your records and information. There will be no such thing as eBay or Paypal getting away with not refunding buyers who are on file, if it takes us to the next century (Grand Children will have to take up the cause).

    We are not interested in any legal yata yata. At some point eBay’s files will have to be forced open and also PayPals, if they refuse to refund buyers who have reported and documented to them.

    On a personal note: If I was sitting in eBay’s Ivory Tower I would issue a directive. Refund anybody who provides evidence for a known fake flash seller to shut them up and make them go away. I would not fuel a revolution or risk eBay’s reputation any further. Damage control.

    They don’t seem bright. There are just too many members who say “I will never buy on eBay again” or “I will never buy from any eBay seller not based in my country” or “I will never buy from the Orient…(can’t add some words here)”. We don’t have access to the attrition rate in ebay membership.

    Contact eBay. Keep contacting eBay. If they had done their job properly, they would have contacted you. Warned you in time. Refunded you and asked for you to give them a second chance.

    Never accept no as an answer, Paul. There is no such thing in the world – where there is a will, there is a way. The same applies to “rules”. Rules are always bent or modified or exceptions made in our world. Perhaps eBay may decide to be honourable and refund you.

    Readers need to know that some high flyers on eBay, got refunds easily long ago. Special gift certificates (translates to money to purchase). Why? Very high profile members.

    So demand your refund from eBay. Wear them down until they comply. If there is but one reason why they should? You were smart enough to do research and determine you were frauded.

    If they want additional proof? Drop by a computer repair store to attest to the fact your item is false capacity. The repair shops are generally sympathic. Great advertising too. Just want eBay needs. More people who know it is not safe to buy on eBay and who tell others…. Great for their future business, or the lack of it!

    Don’t give up Paul. mycandyshop is no more. It speaks for itself. The database has a lot of new victims for this seller.

    Fortunately eBay Members fought him. We even got his address. Writing in Chinese will not save eBay fake flash memory sellers.

    There are Chinese people who detest the insult to their nation and people, that these fake flash sellers cause.

    Readers, InspectorTech and his group merrily torture fake flash memory and change the sizes. How do you think they got software to do it?

    It is true the fraud occurs in the Orient, mainly in China and Hong Kong, to reprogramme. However, everyone needs to know there are Chinese who try to help us. It is extremely difficult and risky for them. They do not have the laws and protection we enjoy. They are noble and deserve to be recognized.

    Paul, fight back. Contact ebay. Let us know your progress.

  28. red said

    Here is mycandyshop’s address according to paypal:

    FLAT C 11/F
    Xiao Fung Court WAN FUNG GDN. YAU YEE ROAD

  29. InspectorTech said

    Thanks Red,

    Ring knows as: Zhuo Qiuge(PC) now contains 5 ids


    Keep searching for address information on sellers. eBay, PayPal, mailing envelopes, return instructions from sellers.

  30. KittyFireFlash said

    Victims of mycandyshop please continue to report in using the

    Fight back against this seller. The fraud is astonishing!

  31. KittyFireFlash said

    The battle with mycandyshop is not over. Keep fighting. Make your paypal disputes and warn buyers who left positive FB, they risk data loss. Get them to file claims with PayPal!

  32. jason said

    I’d just like to point out to any people in AUSTRALIA,

    If paypal asks you to send it back to them, it is illegal for you to do it because Australia post prohibits items containing lithium batteries (ie mp3/4 players) to be sent in airmail. There is also NO OPTION FOR SEAMAIL to asia pacific.

    If you email paypal or call them they WILL NOT require you to send it to the seller and will issue you with a full refund.

    Check the urgentshipping2u page on sosfakeflash for the email they sent me.

  33. Paul said

    From: eBay Customer Support
    Dear Paul,

    We appreciate you contacting eBay in regard to the problems you have
    been having with item #______. It’s a frustrating situation to
    deal with, and I am sorry you have had to encounter it. You are a
    valuable member to us, and we want to ensure that your experience on our
    site is exceptional. My name is ***. and I’ll be more than happy to
    assist you.

    Unfortunately, as you stated, you are past the deadline to file a claim.
    All ?item not received? claims and ?significantly not as describedö
    claims must be opened within 45 days from the date of transaction. If
    this should happen in the future, notify us as soon as you suspect there
    is a problem because, outside of the 45 day window you are no longer
    protected by our Buyer Protection Policy.

    For more information on our Buyer Protection Policy please visit:

    I understand you’ve been attempting to communicate with the seller, but
    have you spoken with them over the phone? This is usually the easiest
    way to work these kind of situations out.

    Here are the steps to request your seller?s contact information
    (including their phone number):

    1. Go to the eBay homepage
    2. Near the top of the page, click on “Advanced Search” to the right of
    the search bar and “Search” button
    3. On the left side of that page under the section that says “Members”,
    click on “Find contact information”
    4. Enter in their User ID and Item Number
    5. Click “Search”

    Aside from this, you can always contact your local authorities or report
    the member at

    You may also report the member for selling violations here:
    Rest assured that we look into all members that are reported and take
    action against their eBay accounts if necessary.

    I understand your frustration regarding this matter and apologize for
    the inconvenience it caused you.

    eBay Customer Support
    : Dear ****,

    as I could found on internet this seller has problem since middle 2009
    I don’t understand it!!!
    And I couldn’t contact mycandyshop by phone because his ebay account was
    I’m really shocked!!!
    Brgds, Paul
    Dear Paul,

    Thanks for contacting eBay. I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to
    get a case started. Under eBay’s buyer protection plan, 100% of your
    purchase price is covered for up to 45 days after the initial purchase
    date of your item. Unfortunately, because over 45 days have passed, and
    eBay is unable to take direct action on your behalf.

    Because eBay process billions and billions of transactions, we cannot
    pursue every transaction indefinitely, and so we have to set deadlines
    in situations like this. In the future, even if a seller appears to be
    working with you toward a solution, I always recommend that you get a
    Resolution Center case filed if the 45 day deadline is approaching just
    to be on the safe side.

    If you feel it is possible that you and the seller may be able to
    resolve the situation, I would advise you continue to try to communicate
    with him to reach a resolution. I will send an e-mail to the seller to
    encourage him to work with you on this matter.

    In addition, because each eBay transaction is a legally binding
    contract, you have the option of pursuing outside legal action against
    your trade partner. You also have the option of reporting the situation
    to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. To do so, or to learn more about
    the ICCC, you can visit their website at

    Even in situations where it appears that the seller is willing to work
    with you, in the future I would recommend that you always get an eBay
    Resolution Center case started before the 45 day deadline expires.

    I understand that situations like this can be frustrating, and I
    appreciate your patience.

    Customer Support

  34. Paul said

    I filled the Complaint Referral Form on Internet Crime Complaint Center.

  35. Paul said

    No answer!!! ic3, paypal, ebay keep silence (((

  36. Denis said

    Just to complete my story:
    Today, after 3 whole months after filing a ‘not received’-complain, I got the refund from eBay, and the case is closed..

    As promised, I’ll keep educating people around me about the fake flash cards, and hopefully the amount of victems reduces.

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