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SOSFakeFlash Quick Note 20090821

Posted by techchips on August 21, 2009

Don’t see your seller on the current eBay Fakes – Seller List? Then report in with your evidence using the Report A Fake tab. A new list is being prepared. Currently every seller’s status is being examined. Who is currently suspended, who has been released from eBay fake flash prison on parole. Sellers who changed their eBay id’s to escape victims are being tracked down. You data matters.

Recent comments at SOSFakeFlash indicate that eBay and PayPal are cooperating with victims to claim refunds against the fraudsters. Read: Tony Woods and conrad. Are you also having positive experiences with eBay or Paypal? Let us know. We’ve noticed eBay is improving – trying to shutdown sellers reported at our sites. You data gives evidence, we present and eBay reads. It is not an easy task for eBay, they have so many selling categories, help by submitting your evidence to us and contacting eBay. Is PayPal now waking up too? Are they starting to respond to victims and making it easier to receive refunds?


The FrankenFlash Project websites have a new tab – Article List. This feature allows you to see all articles published as a list. Just scroll through, click on the title and start reading!

Urgent! eBay Fake flash sellers are now using a “mix” to protect their feeback scores from victims. Read: eBay Scams – How Fraudulent Sellers Try To Fight Back Against eBay’s Seller Ratings To Avoid Suspensions

Help! eBay seller k-boxz has returned: eBay Massive Fraud Seller k-boxz Returns To Sell Fake Flash Capacity 8GB MP Players On Ebay


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