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SOSFakeFlash Quick Note 20090814

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 14, 2009

Feature: saffronspas Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – United Kingdom It’s about counterfeit Flash Voyager GT usb flash drives.

The victim known under the pen name of CaptainVoyager, documented his fake carefully – even took it apart to show everyone what you can expect to find.

You will find InspectorTech’s article and CaptainVoyager’s webpage interesting!

MickeyWritesWe don’t just publish alerts at SOSFakeFlash, we publish your stories. If you would like send us your story at we are happy to receive it. Note: we will not publish you under your eBay id – unless you insist. You must chose a name or ask us to. Your privacy is important. You can also document your fake at your own website or page and send us the URL address.

One Response to “SOSFakeFlash Quick Note 20090814”

  1. designedbysteve said

    This know extends to 256GB drives

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