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excel88past88 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert – China

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 5, 2009

excel88past88 is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash memory cards. excel88past88 has also sold those classic usb flash drives repeatedly been confirmed fake. Registered in China, excel88past88 has received a suspension from eBay after having sold more than 690+

If you bought from excel88past88 you must test immediately and file your Paypal claim quickly, do not delay!

A victim of excel88past88 reported:

I bought 2 SDHC cards (separately) on eBay and both were fake. I contacted the seller who point-blank refused to refund me unless I sent him the cards back, at my own expense, first. As if!

I filed 2 Paypal claims but it’s a very idiosyncratic process, which has dragged on and on. It seems that PayPal are loathe to refund in cases like this and they seem to look for ‘get-outs’ so that they don’t have to actually refund. I will not let PayPal’s blocking tactics deter me, though! I will fight them all the way!


not yet investigated:

3050 3049


3048 3047


3046 3043 3042

To understand about Fake Flash Sellers: fengfeng_joy2008 Fraud – Conversations between THH And Fake Flash Seller On Fake 32GB Memory Cards. Tale of Denial, Bribery And Violation Of eBay’s Feedback Policies

Important Reading:

Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device.

Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you will only create more victims.

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