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eBay Suspends xie-518 – Notorious Fake Flash Seller Of MP Players

Posted by KittyFireFlash on August 3, 2009

EbayPrisoneBay fake flash seller xie-518 has been suspended by eBay for selling false capacity MP Players. This seller was devious trying to hide behind eBay’s private auction listings.

On June 28, 2009, SOSFakeFlash issued the following consumer alert: xie-518 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert Devious – China

Sellers who try to hide their sales from buyers using private auctions are being found out by victims.

If you purchased an MP Player from xie-518 , please test it for it’s real capacity. File a claim with PayPal immediately if you did not receive the advertised capacity. Do not delay! Report into SOSFakeFlash to enter your evidence to the database using the Report A Fake Tab

11 Responses to “eBay Suspends xie-518 – Notorious Fake Flash Seller Of MP Players”

  1. Lee said

    damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just bought a 16GB mp4 player from this guy. Have been waitin 20 odd days for it to come…. still isn’t here. Any advice anyone?

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    To Lee,

    Your best option it is to file a dispute on paypal “of item not received”.

  3. Donna said

    I wanted to leave an update on this seller. I was taken in this scam too. I bought a 32GB MP3. It cam in the mail about 3 weeks after I bought it. After charging it there were a few applications not working correctly. I logged on to eBay to find the seller had been suspended. Per the alert sent to me for potential “phishing” – trying to obtain personal information. Ebay would not help me and told me to file with PayPal for a refund…

    At that time I was not sure I needed to do that so I started my research (which I should have done first, except I was tricked by all the positive feedback) … I found this site and started reading about the fake flash drives… I downloaded the software and my test showed I had 1.8 GB available… I had bought a defective 2GB MP3 instead of a 32GB… I was angry…. So I filed with eBay and filed a claim with PayPal and also escalated the claim.

    PayPal asked that I return the item to the seller or accept a partial refund. Since the seller was suspended for potential fraud I argued with PayPal about having to return fake merchandise to a fraudulent seller. I then asked that they provide me with the sellers Name and complete address with all contact information. They refused and said they could not due to “some reasons.”

    I again called PayPal and spoke with a not so friendly person named Chris who told me my MP3 player was not considered to be a fake or counterfeit because it was not sold to me under a name brand such as Apple or Sony… Because it was a non-label of generic they would only consider it as “significantly not as described.” I asked him why Paypal would not consider it fraud… It is fraud for a person to intentionally alter and manipulate a flash drive to read something it was not, sell it to me as something it wasn’t and declare it to the US customs for something it was not.. To me this is Fraud. He kept repeating the same canned junk about it and said I would have to return the item even though it would have cost me more to return it then it was worth. I told him this was not acceptable and asked for a supervisor. He stated he would escalate it to a supervisor and I would hear back from them in 24 hours. That did not happen…

    So I started looking for some other contact information and found several phone #s to the executive offices of PayPal on I called and left a detailed message with my problem, my claim # my contact information and my email contact and within 2 hours had a return call and email that a refund would be issued. (Thanks to Brittany @ paypal’s executive office)

    I also reported the activity to the Hong Kong Police technology investigative department ( with all the information I had on the seller and my test results and yesterday I received the following email.

    Dear Donna,

    I refer to your email dated 11th August 2009 in title “report a fake MP3
    bought from eBay’.

    Please be informed that the case is now followed by Customs and Excise
    Department under the reference number S443.

    Should you have any question, please contact the Customs and Excise
    Department at (852) 2545 6182.

    Thank you.


    Investigation Team B
    Technology Crime Division
    Commercial Crime Bureau
    Hong Kong Police

    I would hope that something will come of it all. I also want to add that this seller is also associated with a web site listed as

    Zhou Zhangyi
    Sun You Logistics

    Sorry for such a long post but every one should be aware of this and what they may need to do to get a refund.

    I am also concerned that eBay had put their profile back online. It was blocked and indicated to seller was suspended but now it is back… There are no items listed for sale but I’m wondering whats going on with that.

    Best wishes to all.

  4. Donna said

    I wanted to add the following information. Below is an email from the Hong Kong Custom’s Department apparently investigating my claim of fake MP3 players being exported from Hong Kong by Zhou Zhangyi at Sun You Logistics (E-bay seller Xie-518). Please, if you have bought any electronics from this seller and tested your product and it has been proven to be a fake or has been manipulated to read something it is not, send all information to the emails below.

    Thank you,

    — On Tue, 8/25/09, wrote:

    Subject: report a fake MP3 bought from e-bay
    Date: Tuesday, August 25, 2009, 10:27 PM

    Dear Donna,

    I am from the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong.

    I received recently a copy of your e-mail dated 30.7.2009 to Sun You
    Logistics and copied to the HK Police Force reporting a fake MP3 bought
    from e-bay .

    The case has been passed to this department for follow-up.

    In this regard, I should be grateful if you would contact me via the e-mail
    address under reference with a view to furnish us detailed information on
    the case.

    I am looking forward to receiving more information on the subject soon!
    Thank you!


    K Y WU

  5. Pat said

    Hello everyone,

    Same here: bought a 32GB Media player from xie-518 on eBay. Everything was working fine except the wall charger who was defective. Surprisingly, seller sent me another one for free! But when I wanted to load it with music and videos, stuff appeared to be there when hooked to the computer but a lot was missing when searching only on the media player (not hooked up via USB). THEN, I noticed recent new negative feedbacks talking about fake flash and a small application to test real capacity. I ended up testing my device to find out only 1.8GB was useable (out of 32GB).

    I first asked directly to the seller for a refund but he wanted me to return the device which I refused. I then proposed a partial refund, substracting $15 which is the average cost for a 2GB MP3 player in stores. I accepted but told me he could not refund at the moment because his Paypal account had problems. The 30-day limit approaching, I filed a claim with Paypal, it was escalated, however the answer I got from Paypal was to return the device with tracking number at my expenses and I will be eligible for a refund, but they could not promise I would get full refund. I did not want to return at my expenses so I cancelled the claim.

    However, reading Donna’s story, it gives some kind of hope. Donna, would it be possible to post the email you sent to Paypal’s executive that worked well in your case? I was about to give up but if I can get any kind of refund, it would be great. After all, I lost $52 for a 2GB media player!



  6. Pat said

    Hi Fightflashfraud,

    When I got the response from Paypal, I wrote them an email explaining the whole story again and that I didn’t want to return the item but instead me and the seller agreed for a partial refund of 35$. The only (automated) response I got was that they hadn’t received tracking info yet and that dispute would be closed by August 23 if I don’t give tracking info. It would have been closed anyway by Paypal!

    Any suggestions/comments?


  7. Pat said

    I sent a request to re-open my claim dispute giving the argument that PayPal asked me in an automated email to return item to China, but reading further more on that counterfeiting fake flash problem I learned that it is illegal to ship fraudulent stuff by mail and that they shouldn’t have asked me that, which lead me to cancel my claim because I tought I had no other choice (and was not getting human reply from Paypal).

    So I sent it to, with and in C.C., ending the email stating I want a human reply! I’ll see if they accept to re-open my claim, I’ll post my email and their reply when I get it.

    Later… Pat

  8. kittyfireflash said

    Pat, and also should be good.

    We recently received a response from a victim who did battle with paypal email robots. The lesson learned? Do not give up and do not let computer programmes take charge of your life. All money was refunded with an apology from PayPal.

    About the postal system, see this old post:

    It was published almost one year ago and records FlashStormer’s experience. Regarding submitting proof, see Superman’s story:

    Both victim’s nom de plumes were well chosen. Each has left a legacy to help current and future victims to fight their way.

  9. Donna said


    I think you can still get this done… I didn’t really get anywhere with emails but I called 1-402-935-2251 (Toll Number — Manager, Resolutions Department)It went to a voice mail but I left my detailed information with claim # and my frustration and got a call and an email with in 2 hours and a refund in about a week.

    and you could also copy (Scott Thompson, PayPal President) (Mary Hentges, CFO PayPal) (PayPal Office of Executive Escalations)

    Please keep us posted.


  10. LORRAINE said

    I bought an mp4,ant the battery was going flat all the times,then the seller send me another battery, and was still with the problem .Then the seller told me to send it to China and to register ,and to send him the reciept ,of the expenses of the postage,I did axactly what he told me.I AM VERY ANGRY BECAUSE KNOW I HAD NOTHING.

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