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Beware of eBay Sellers Who Demand You Withdraw Negative feedback!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 27, 2009

Ebay sellers do not have the right to ask members to change their feedback as a condition of refund. It is a direct violation of eBay policy! See eBay – What To Do When Sellers Demands You Change Your Negative Feedback To Positive For A Refund Or Demands Positive As A Condition Of Refund – A Guide

The reason so many eBay members continue to suffer fraud is that they change their feedback! Yes, it is true. In doing this a fraudulent seller continues. The seller makes more victims. So if you are a victim of a fake usb flash drive or mp player or memory card – do not be surprised. It is very sad. eBay members, trying to get their money back betray other ebay members! Do not get angry with them. Most will never get their money back. In betraying you, they learn the hard way, no refund.

Stand up. Fight! Don’t believe what we are saying? see dingdingstore11


Decide. Are you a person who believes fraud is wrong? Is the only thing that matters is YOU? Or do you belive it is wrong to fraud people? If you think it is wrong to fraud, you have a choice to make. Stand up and sayNO! or crawl on your belly and change your feedback. We know just how hard it is to earn money. It hurts. Are you the kind of person who thinks only of yourself, or do you think of other people too?

eBay seller dingdingstore11 is a nasty piece of work. His reply demonstrates why YOU became a victim!

If you believe it is wrong to fraud people, you need to add your voice. It means you do not give in. It means you fight. You care about others. You warn other eBay members. You don’t let fraudsters get away with selling fake mp players, memory cards or usb flash drives.

It can be a bitter experience. It is also a test of who you are, what you beleive in. Make sure you report to eBay and PayPal. Record any seller such as dingdingstore11 who was stupid enough to demand that you change your negative feedback for a refund. Trap them!

Understand that in changing your feedback, you are not necessarily going to get your refund, You will not have an opportunity to change it again and you will create more victims. Decide.

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SOSFakeFlash News July 27 2009

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 27, 2009

SOSFakeFlash can not issue internet alerts or add fraudulent sellers to the fake flash ebay seller list, based only on comments at any of the sites in the project.

Internet alerts and being placed on the black list is powerful. SOSFakeFlash does not remove an alert. Ever! It does not remove a seller from the list, only update any id name changes if a seller tries to hide by changing id name. Unless there is evidence that a seller sold fake and false capacity usb flash drives or memory cards or mp players, no action can be taken. Innocent, until proven guilty.

Suspicion unfortunately is not enough. These rules are hard. They are tough and it does hinder cleaning up eBay and protecting members, but it is necessary. We deal in facts, truth. It places us at a disadvantage in fighting against these fraudsters.

It’s up to you, report in using or let your eBay fake flash seller get away with it. Your choice. It is also up to you to warn other buyers for the seller.

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