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Fraud Ebay! happyyaoyao2009 aka fengfeng_joy2008 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Id Change

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 24, 2009

happyyaoyao2009 eBay seller is engaged in massive fraud selling counterfeit memory cards. This id was previously fengfeng_joy2008. The FrankenFlash Project published internet alerts to warn the Global consumer public. As a result this fraudulent seller is attempting to out run SOSFakeFlash by renaming his eBay id!

The infamous address in Hong Kong is:

Ehong Xuxin

P.O. Box No. 97527
Hong Kong

If you are a victim of the Ehong Xuxin counterfeit fake flash ring, make sure to leave negative feedback immediately. Contact other buyers and warn them. SOSFakeFlash need your assistance to put this counterfeit ring out of business – permanently! Anyone who bought a memory card from


risks losing their precious photographs and memories.

1. Leave immediate negative feedback
2. File a PayPal Claim and do not let go!
3. Report any listings under the id of happyyaoyao2009 to ebay
4. Contact buyers immediately and warn them!
5. Report your fake to SOSFakeFlash using the Report a fake tab immediately!

Use the search box at this site to bring up posting information on the id’s for additional information.

Beware! Despite negative feedback Ehong Xuxin under happyyaoyao2009 continues to list!



2 Responses to “Fraud Ebay! happyyaoyao2009 aka fengfeng_joy2008 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Id Change”

  1. THH said

    happyyaoyao2009 has been shut down – “No longer a registered user”

    What new name is going to pop up under?

  2. wesselcolsen said

    I registered a claim at Paypal on the 25th and got notice on the 27th that they got shut down by ebay (from a verified Ebay adress). Still no word on my paypall claim though.

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