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SOSFakeFlash News July 23 2009

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 23, 2009

SOSFakeFlash recently enhanced this site to assist victims of fake mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives. Please use the Advice Tab, How To Use Site Tab to get started. Victims must consult the information at this site to deal with their fraudulent sellers.

Currently a lot of investigations are underway on new fake flash sellers. Keep reporting in using the Report A Fake Tab. Vacations are in full swing but we continue to enter your information. Incomplete information (not providing 1-4) is not investigated.

Priority is on identifying new fake flash sellers and confirming. Fake flash seller can create more than 2000+ victims. We ask that everyone, make an effort to contact other buyers for their fake flash seller and warn them! It is the only way to stop sellers.

Addresses are important. The number of id’s under 3ToTrade, theDon of Fake Flash in the orient grows!. gooditemonly id changed to newgoodies2009 belongs to this counterfeit ring!

If you have been ordered to return the fake flash item to this address:

32B, XiaoFeng Building ,
29# YouYi Road,Luohu District,
GuangDong Province

Make sure you report in, identify the eBay seller id involved! Provide any and all information you have! This is one of the worse offenders on eBay. The sales volume is currently estimated in the millions with at least 200,000 members frauded on eBay!

We are struggling with multi-Million dollar fraud on eBay. SOSFakeFlash is trying put the brakes on these sellers and reduce the number of victims.

You have a choice, accept being frauded, or act.


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