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PayPal Refunds Victim Of Fake – False Capacity USB Flash Drives Purchased On Ebay. 8 Month Battle Leads To Success.

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 20, 2009

Ebay victim finally refunded for fake false capacity usb pen flash drives! Known at SOSFakeFlash under the nom de plume, “SuperMan“, it took an 8 month battle to receive refunds. Some people refuse to be frauded.

As SOSFakeFlash has always said, if you are selected for the “special treatment” from PayPal, get out your boxing gloves and climb into the Ring! “No” from PayPal does not necessarily mean no. It means, time for another round in the ring. Some people just give up. Others will not. Is it for the money? Generally it is more about the principal. Superman’s story shows endurance and determination. You can learn a lot from his final report to SOSFakeFlash.

Hi Kitty,

This is to inform you about the final results of my complaints to Paypal about fake flashpens.

I have, unfortunately, bought many of them, between the fall 2008 and march 2009.

In a few cases I was given a refund directly by the seller ( 1 seller for 3 devices ) after having sent to him my complaint, together with h2testw result. In some other cases I received a full refund for late arrival of the items (and afterwards the items resulted fake on arrival). At the end there were remainig only 6 complaints rejected from Paypal, for flashpens bought last october 2008.

After 3 level of rejection from Paypal, I passed my complaints last January to the UK Ombudsman Service, their adjudicator assessed at the end in june my complaints with a settlement proposal that includes full refund, provided a test analysis from independent source (h2testw results were not accepted) , BUT the cost of such an analysis being paid by Paypal.

It is interested to add that no distruction of the devices was asked and that the match between the items tested and the item bought was not asked, no photo or other evidence, just a report from a PC technician about 6 ( possibly whatever ) flashpens.

I have also noticed that there are now on ebay very few offer for flashpens or mp3-mp4 devices, or similar small electronic devices from sellers from China, most of them l have been excluded from Ebay-Paypal, even if there are some other auctions from European Seller, which to me look suspects (including 1 Kingston 64gb flashpen, with this capacity available after “upgrade”).

I do not intend to buy any more this type of devices, but, at the end, all my purchases were refunded, and I have now many low capacity flashpens (with actual capacity recovered) in my drawer.

Thank you for your support.
yours sincerely

Those who assist the FrankenFlash Project, have the right to chose their name. This eBay member chose the name “SuperMan”. He lived up to that name!

SuperMan’s observations on the number of sellers, is with respect to how many there were in the Fall of 2008 and early winter 2009. When people come together to fight a problem they can make a difference.

The number of sellers did go down, but it is increasing again. The tactics have changed. Quick listings around the clock for several weeks, then they stop until the coast is clear for another round. If eBay has shown some signs of improvement in suspending sellers, is because YOU the victims, are reporting to us, are leaving negative feedback, filing disputes at PayPal and reporting seller listings. This is the only way to address the problem.

To keep fake flash sellers on eBay in check, to vacuum them out of existence requires the participation of everyone.

From all of us at the FrankenFlash Project, WELL DONE SUPERMAN! May you have a fake flash free existence.

Take heart, Superman has shown it is possible to win your cases with Paypal. He would not let go. It might be necessary to find an Ombudsman Service to assist you, but you should keep on fighting for what is right and not let fraud win.

You might find fighting your claims exhausting, but consider this. How do you think some people who work on this project feel after 19 months of fighting for you? If we want a better world, there is only one way – stand up and refuse to accept what is wrong. Be a “Superman” too!


28 Responses to “PayPal Refunds Victim Of Fake – False Capacity USB Flash Drives Purchased On Ebay. 8 Month Battle Leads To Success.”

  1. marko said

    I don’t understnd, why don’t Ebay close this user??? I also ordered one usb and still didnt get it….

  2. InspectorTech said


    Superman is a victim of flake flash purchases on ebay. Superman never sold any usb flash drives on ebay.

    If you did not receive your usb flash drive Marko, you are lucky. It is easier for you to claim with paypal as item not received.

    One of the best and greatest contributions ebay members can make, is to fight back against a fake flash seller, ebay and paypal.

    To refuse, a no. For some people, they think they can not win. Superman shows YOU CAN! No matter how long it takes. It is the principal.

    Every person who does this also makes it easier for future victims. Only one year ago, August 2008, few saw a refund. It is changing because ebay members are fighting back.

  3. InspectorTech said

    In Superman’s final report he did not mention any particular fake flash sellers. The emphasis was on the battle and the success.

    SOSFakeFlash protects the identities of those who report fake flash sellers. This is very important – respect for privacy. The sellers Superman bought from are in the database.

    Obviously “superman” is not the ebay member name. When people write in and ask to have their story published we ask them to choose a name.

    This particular ebay victim chose “Superman” – and it might sound corney, but the victim lived up to the chosen name. Superman also provided important information on fixing fake flash devices. A lot of people consult it at this site.

    To Everyone

    It is important for you to know that we go through a lot of trouble to protect your identity, if you want to publish your story. You have the right to privacy.

    Becareful of the pen name you chose. Grin! Superman had to live up to it! And “Superman” did! 8 months? That is a long fight. It showed determination.

    If you are wondering what happened to Superman, well the victim now lives a fake flash free life and has become a lot wiser too. Superman has retired from the project. After that battle you can understand why.

    We are all grateful to Superman!

    Every victim might think they don’t really matter. Not true. Any little positive action makes a difference.

    If you live in Europe, consider contacting the UK Ombudsman Service for help. Superman did not live in the UK but they helped! It just shows you how the EU works together. They set the moral high ground.

    To all victims, be like the rest of us – fight back. Don’t give up. You can win.

    You might be interested to know something about KittyFireFlash. Okay, he probably won’t like this, but he never sent a single fake back to a fake flash seller. He never had to fight long paypal battles. He just used “words” and fake flash sellers refunded him very quickly.

    Unfortunately…for the rest of us, it is not so easy. Some get quick refunds some have to fight. It seems to be a lottery. What I can say is, it is a lot easier now to get a refund then it was a year ago. The more people fight, and do not give in the easier it becomes for future victims.

    BTW if you have fake flash solutions from repairing fakes, send them in. The fix fake flash site doesn’t have a lot of new solutions. Probably because the fake flash sellers all use the same usb controller chips.

    You might not know this but fake flash sellers make it a point to use usb controller chips that have flaws and can be exploited. It’s a dirty secret in the tech world.

    Anyway, follow “Superman’s example” – do not accept a “NO” from paypal. They know what is going on. They also know how many disputes have been filed against a seller. Don’t let them get away with it. Make them live up to Buyer Protection

  4. sid said

    My advice is to pay with a credit card through paypal. If you have funds in paypal withdraw them before paying for the goods. Pay for each item separately, do not keep any money in paypal. Do not spend weeks or months arguing with Ebay/paypal they are the same company, get in touch with your credit card company either claim the goods did not arrive or they were not as described. The credit card will refund your money and deduct it from paypal’s account who will then deduct it from the seller.

  5. Randy said

    Sid, good advice on how to ensure that the charges go against your credit card. There are a number of post on this site that recommend that you pay for items on ebay using your credit card.

    Some things to be aware of –

    some credit card companies have the same policies around 3rd party verification for “not a described” as paypal and that you must return the product

    credit card policies also depend on individual countries consumer – credit laws

    some credit card companies (Barlcays) have special wording in the user agreements around 3rd party payment agencies (paypal) that limit their customers ability to do chargebacks.

    based on the amount of business you do with your credit card company they may be easier to deal with than paypal and will answer the phone faster and should be more responsive than paypal.

  6. Phil said

    Wish I’d read this first! They look like a bargain and you think it must cosher because there are so many on the site. 2GB memory sticks are hacked to look larger. 16GBs worth of files can even fit on them! But when you try to open any files over the true 2GB limit you find they are corrupted and undeletable!! Cheeky swines. It is fraud and you are covered by consumer rights but thats just an unimportant detail to them. I shall now start the task of getting a refund through paypal, joy.

  7. Jay said

    Ebay make to much money.. 1000 x 10% of 10£ is a lot of money…

    and 99% of consumers probably don’t know about these fake pens.

    Paypal, often will not do nothing.. and HK POLICE don’t do nothing either… UK’s Serious Crime Officers are doing what they can, and uk customs are trying to deal with as well…

  8. stephen cox said

    NEVER leave feedback on anything on eBay until you have checked it out and had it working. If you are only paying pence for the rubbish they send you, LEAVE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK with comments to show the problem. more people will see your feedback to stop them buying than will come to this site. Thanks.

  9. Mark2 said

    Hey there! I just bought a digital camera from this guy, it came with a 4gb SD. The camera came an it is seriously below par, either that or it doesnt work as it should. I requested to return it and he agreed and gave me an address to send it to. It didnt take long to find some bad stuff about this guy and I found myself here. I am wondering if anyone knows if I should send it back, risking him saying he never received it and I lose my money or I should take another route?

  10. KittyFireFlash said

    Hi Mark2,

    Who is the “Guy”? It is not clear which eBay seller you are referring to. Can’t be “Superman”, as “Superman” is a coded pen name for the real eBayer id. We do not publish real eBayer id’s in stories UNLESS the eBayer insists we do.

    Please tell us who the seller is. Did you test the SD card for real capacity? It is important that you perform the testing with H2testw. If the memory card is fine, check the instructions manual that came with your card to ensure it is compatible with the size send.

    Glad you found our site Mark2, but unless you tell us who the seller is, it will not help other potential buyers. Let us know…

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  13. Andy said

    Hi, i recently fell to the evil ploy of the ebay scammers and have myself with a hacked 4gb usb to look as a 32gb, my problem is should i send it back?….as the seller is requesting I should send it back or he wont give me a refund

  14. Steve said


    If you intend to return the item, ensure Pay Pal support the request, before sending it back,
    When you agree to do what pay Pal asks, make it perfectly clear, your terms are £20 if the dispute is found in your favour.

    Ensure the return address is agreed with pay pals knowledge, and send it back register post ie get a signature.

    i.e. expect to be fully reimburse for return cost plus packaging cost.

    Later Pay Pal will ask for a receipt copy, you should blank out the weight and cost and ask for £20

    Pay pal don’t have a process to handle this type of request and will become belligerent, When the time comes and you win the dispute, chase your £20 ….and don’t give up…I got mine as a gesture of good will

    This worked for me…but it will take time and patience

    “GO GET UM…”

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  16. Jose Manuel said

    Hello, I have been deceived too. I bought my daughter a 16GB MP4 player, and it really is 2Gb. I ran H2testw and confirmed it. The scammer is called hkbay in ebay and now it wants to return the item and I pay the postage and then refunded me the article. He has sent me a name and address, which is ZhuoQiuGe (HK) FLAT C 11 / F FUNG WAN Xiao Fung Court GDN. 518,001 YAU YEE ROAD ShenZhen China. Everything seems fake. Please tell me what steps I have to continue to accuse him on ebay and/or PayPal.
    Thank you very much.

    PD.Sorry for my poor English, I have very rusty.

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  23. David Snow said

    I am unhappy to say I am a victim of buying 3 fake flash drives on ebay. I am happy to say that It only took 3 weeks for me to get my refund from ebay for all 3 of them. I also still have 2 of the drives! This is how I did it. I filed a claim for each one as not being what the seller claimed it to be.I was told I would have to send the item back to them (witch I did).I sent them back as registered!!! That way they would have to sign and show proof that they got them.Well neadless to say thay didn’t want to have proof of this item so 2 of the 3 didn’t sign for them. I showed ebay the proof that I had returned the items with the reg# and after 2 weeks of the seller not responding to me I was given a refund for all 3. It was about 2 weeks later I got a surprise!! (2 of the 3 drives were returned to me as unable to deliver). So now I have 2 drives and all my money back ( thank god ).

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