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SOSFakeFlash News 20090712 – Fake 32GB Memory Cards On eBay – Massive Fraud!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 13, 2009

Warning! Stay away from purchasing any Transcend memory cards on eBay. Especially any 32GB capacity. SOSFakeFlash has discovered a serious outbreak, a new plague in counterfeits and false capacity for Transcend memory cards. Do your homework! You are not going to get a genuine item or true capacity at $10 US to $75 US in 32GB size! Research the prices for memory cards. It is escalating on eBay! The number of people frauded are in the thousands. Dangerous sellers for fake memory cards in 32GB are:


All genuine memory cards from brand names will have serial numbers on the back that you can use to verify at the brand name’s site. More information will be published shortly. If you have false capacity:

1) Leave immediate negative feedback.
2) Contact the brand name.
3) File a dispute with PayPal
4) Inform eBay immediately
5) Report any listings offered by the seller to eBay! Every single one! Make the fake flash sellers life Hell. You have every right to do so as a victim. You need to let them know that you will not tolerate their deception or their greed for profit at your expense.
6) Do not send the counterfeit item back! It is illegal in most countries to use the postal system to send or receive counterfeit merchandise. It is also your evidence.
7) Do not change your feedback to get a refund! Paste such emails in your claim and inform ebay immediately. Sellers do not have the right. It is also evidence to prove your being frauded.
8) Contact other eBay members who left positive feedback for the item. Warn them!
9) If you left positive feedback please do follow up feedback to tell the truth!
10) Report your fake to SOSFAKEFLASH using the Report a Fake tab.

Memory cards are a hot item on eBay, too many members are being burned! The profit being made by these fraudulent sellers is astonishing. Remember that both eBay and PayPal also enjoy profit in fee’s. They don’t want to shut these sellers down. It means losing money. Fake 16GB and 32GB memory cards on eBay are increasing. The sheer volume is unbelievable!

SOSFakeFlash is finding the Transcend brand name is being counterfeited and sold on eBay. Paypal has 180 days to do an investigation on a fraudulent seller. Recently, “Superman” won his case on fraudulent fake flash sellers. He refused to give up to ebay and paypal robots! It was principal. He battled for 8 months. He got all his money back!

Victims who succeed are those who refuse to be frauded.

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