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silviajune eBay Seller – Warning. Report To SOSFakeFlash Immediately!

Posted by KittyFireFlash on July 4, 2009

SOSFakeFlash usually publishes internet alerts on investigated fake flash sellers on ebay. The problem with fake 16GB usb flash drives is escalating! See: Escalation In False Capacity USB Fake Memory eBay! SOSFakeFlash News July 3rd, 2009

With the assistance of ebay victims SOSFakeFlash publishes consumer alerts. As a result eBay sellers who engage in fraud, soon receive suspensions on eBay. Unfortunately the moment they are shut down, they simply pull a new Id from their arsenal. Sellers of fake usb flash drives, prepare. They know that an organization is after them and is trying to prevent such sales on eBay.

Their solution? Simply switch to a new id, and continue. Is it any wonder why the problem of false capacity nand based flash drives continues on eBay and why the issue is over 5 years old? Millions of dollars have been made in this fraud on eBay and it will just continue. Unless….

Because of the the escalation and as eBay refuses to address the issue, SOSFakeFlash has no alternative but to take a more aggressive approach. It is the only way to reduce the number of victims. In issuing an alert on seller ssilviajune, you can consider this a preemptive strike.

We ask eBay members to contact anyone who has purchased a usb flash drive from silviajune. Ask members who leave positive feedback to test immediately! See H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

If they confirm they received a fake usb flash drive, ask them to use the report a fake tab and send in their results – immediately so that SOSFakeFlash can issue a “Formal” internet alert against silviajune. The very fact that we dare to issue this warning must tell you something. We are not foolish and have an established reputation. These are the usb flash drives offered by the eBay seller known under the id of silviajune.

We invite you to research our site. Where have you seen internet alerts before? Which seller id’s?

2628 2627 2626
2625 2624

StopEbayFakeFlashSellersAs always, make sure you send in the addresses. It is how we build connections between seller id’s. Currently the bid prices are generally below $20 US. This means but one thing, a fabulous price for 16GB = a fabulous fake. At the moment, these fake usb flash drives are in transit to the pending victims. Please patrol silviajune’s feedback and immediately contact any buyer for these flash drives. Have them do immediate follow up feedback indicating the truth. In doing this, it will be possible to shut this id down more quickly and reduce the number of buyers who are likely to become victims.

We await your detective work to determine which previous alerts match the models being offered! Let’s try and stop thes seller is before he has a chance to make a lot of money. Send a clear message that you, the eBay member refuse to tolerate fraud!


11 Responses to “silviajune eBay Seller – Warning. Report To SOSFakeFlash Immediately!”

  1. Randy said

    If you look at this users feedback as a buyer you will also notice purchases from know sellers of fake flash (identified on sellers list).


    So is this seller part of a ring or the same seller?

  2. Dave said

    I bought a fake from silviajune… I’m an inexperienced ebayer… what should I do?!?!

  3. KittyFireFlash said

    To Dave

    We do our best. Everything you need to get started is available at this website. You anger is understandable. Join the club. We are all victins like you. For the old timers, there was no website to go to for information. There was no fake flash seller’s list or anyone to report fakes too.

    This battle is grueling. It can wear people out. We need new voleenters to replace those who are just too tired.

    There are three fronts to fight on:

    1) Fake Flash Sellers
    2) eBay
    3) PayPal

    This site has all the insights of pervious victims. It is their gift to all of you! Use it. Contribute for the future victims.

    You may be wanting Help Dave, but you didn’t do the most basic things in this struggle.

    1) Test (info is the post popular post at this site.
    2) Report in.

    We understand how you feel. Remember we were victims too. We made the effort to publish on this fake flash seller. Now we ask that victims of silviajune roll up their sleeves and do something too. If not, expect this seller to have a merry time frauding more people.

    It is up to the victims of a seller to decide. Not us. The ones who put them out of business are those who have been frauded by the seller. When victims join togther, a fake flash seller is suspended quickly as eBay and PayPal become aware. Refunds are easier to be had. When they don’t, no refunds and the seller laughts all the way to the bank.

    The fate of a fake flash seller lies in the hands of the victims he created.

  4. Dave said

    To FightFlashFraud,

    First of all, thank you for this site, and all its information it contains.

    Now, as I said in my e-mail to FightFlashFraud that got , I came across this site from a google search of silviajune… I had no prior knowledge of this site. I read this ONE page, had NO idea where to start and as I replied to FightFlashFraud, “Commented hastily perhaps”. His or her e-mail response of “We do not have the time to hold each individual victim’s hand” WAS a little insulting but I certainly didn’t want to make a big deal about it and get it posted here on this blog…

    Advice: maybe a simple note at the bottom of these pages would eliminate people like me who stumble apon a page like this and have no idea what to do. Something like : “Please see the “how to use this site” and “advice” tabs before leaving a reply”

    However, thanks to all the information on this site I have been able to take the following steps. I’ve made a claim through PayPal. I’ve left a message for SilviaJune to give me a full refund, which he replied:

    “Dear friend, I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I will make a full refund, could you please kindly revise the negative feedback? Please accept my sincere apologies. Best Regards, SV”

    And best of all I left a cleaverly written negative feedback thanks to this site, that got some attention:

    I left:
    “16GB” is really a 2GB google SOSFakeFlash for details. Please test B4 feedback!

    This morning I came across a neutral (I don’t understand why he didn’t leave it as negative):
    16 GB fake, non real capacity ! To send back costs too much……

    and a negative:
    Confirm to other user; 16 GB fake, non real capacity!

    SiviaJune as of this morning has no more items for sale. I don’t know if this is a good thing (was shut down by ebay) or a bad thing (after receiving some negative feedback changed accounts). Either way, I am thankful for all of this advice and will do my share to contribute to this project.

    Best Regards,

  5. KittyFireFlash said

    To fightflashfraud & Dave & Everyone

    Ah, we don’t know of anyone in this world who has it easy, especailly not these days.

    One of the serious issues that is affecting everyone in the FrankenFlash project is verification of information, spotting new sellers and attempting to provide individual counselling to those they contacted and warned internally on eBay.

    If you had been contacted from within eBay Dave, you would have received your guidance. The problem is, a fake flash angel as this duty is refered too, can only contact about 4 or 5 people a day.

    There is an urgent need for more people to take on this duty. There are just too many victims. Dave is a perfect example, having to use the internet to get to the truth.

    Some members, have to double up on duties. Verification is key. When information is presented at this site, it is a FACT. We are very careful. The objective is very much the fake flash sellers who deal in volume. They have changed behavior, listing in amazingly high number in a very short period of time, then stop to attempt avoid being detected. Because they have about 2 to 3 weeks before these items arrive to victims, they have about 4 to 6 weeks of fraud potential. After that they are on borrowed time.

    It is a race against the clock.

    Just got the metric data sent, silviajune has sold more than 2100+ of these usb flash drives.

    The id silviajune will now go dormant and attempt to avoid a suspension. A new id, will pick up to continue selling these same usb flash drive fakes.


    eBay Fake Flash seller upcomingtrend has picked up the pace where silviajune has left off.

    Every one please have a look:

    Recognize anything? Surprise! This is how the frauding game is played on eBay.

  6. Dave said

    Yeah, I noticed that upcomingtrend took up the torch as well.

    I copy pasted my fake item description ’16GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory 16G Pen Stick Thumb Drive W’ and came across the upcomingtrend profile. EXACT same wording of all the EXACT same items.

    To me this means only one thing, they are the exact same group of people.

    Update on my situation: I am now aware that the headache of fighting all of this is worse than the price of the fraud itself. My time which is wasted with eBay, PayPal, and this site is worth much more than the value of the drive (as is the case with all of us I’m sure). I am thus even more thankful for the volunteers on this site.

    I will continue to send messages to ebayers and to try and make a difference the best I can.

  7. KittyFireFlash said

    To Dave

    You are a quick study! You understand. Some of us have been at this for over 19 months now. No we don’t expect people to do a tour of duty that long. People need a break sometimes…

    It’s not only about the money people lose. It is the data files. The damage and trauma to people can not be put into words.

    Our favorite term is “data poison”.

    We’ve been investigating for a long time, learn as we go. In the past we didn’t keep address information. The database had to be modified for it. The problem is, almost everyone throws out the envelopes as soon as they did their quick inspection with the operating system to verify in properties.

    The real connector is generally when people are ordered to return the fakes. The distribution channels in Hong Kong use a lot of different addresses, but at the backend, we see a different pattern. Odd ebay and paypal don’t do this…or do they? We wonder.

    The Don Of Fake Flash – 3ToTrade (search site for this id) as we named him, has more id’s recently uncovered. We rushed this out in a news alert

    There is something very special about that id, 3totrade. That is the id led to the creation of the FrankenFlash Project!

    The most important thing people can do?

    1. Zap your fake flash seller with an immediate negative if you received a fake and testing so reveals.
    2. Race in a paypal claim and hang in there.
    3. Go Back to the sellers feedback and contact a few buyers for the item(s) you bought to warn them.

    These actions, started 19 months, have brought action, awareness and are making fake flash sellers, ebay and paypal miserable. It also led to the birth of the different sites starting in the fall of 2008, to assist victims with lots of information – from previous victims.

  8. Micro said

    Dave, and all angels: If you target silviajunes buyers from the feedback list with advice that they should test their flash memory for capacity WITH h2testw. Please select those buyers with larger feedback numbers (100+) too many of the buyers are “noobs” or “plants”
    Noobs=new buyers with little eBay experience: Plants= buyers associated with silviajune that use auto-bidding programs to “Shill” bids and never actually complete purchases, even those that appear to have won an auction will most likely never actually pay, so the net result is silviajune gets a credit towards the top-seller awards, and those few NEGATIVES left by buyers that do proceed to claim, though damning on their own do little to DENT the total number of FAKE positives from the “Noobs” and “plants”

  9. Micro said

    Moderator: please change the last “FAKE” in the statement “FAKE positives from” to FALSE

  10. kittyfireflash said

    Hi Micro,

    Did not see “FAKE Positives” in this post. Where?

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