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The Truth About MP Players Sold On eBay – SOSFakeFlash Education Week For Consumers

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 24, 2009

SOSFakeFlash MP Player education begins! We will be presenting alerts exclusively on eBay fake flash sellers of MP Players. This is a very high profit area for fraudsters on eBay and it is growing at an alarming pace. Selling in high volume a great deal of money is being made. The sad fact is, few buyers ever discover the truth!

People think there is something wrong with the MP Players, that they are defective. Wrong! Little do they know the real problem usually is the flash drive storage chip. It is much smaller than the advertised capacity. By manipulating the usb flash drive controller chip, fraudsters digitally alter the MP Player to report a much larger capacity than the real storage chip can support.

These articles are important reading for anyone who wants to understand what is going on with Fake MP Players. If you are a victim, this information will give you a better understanding of what happened and how it is allowed to happen on eBay! Presented are some of the best articles published by the FrankenFlash Project. Remember if you are a victim please report in to SOSFakeFlash.

Don’t forget to leave the calling card of “SOSFakeFlash” and “H2testw” in your feedback to help others. Do not change your feedback to get a refund – you only create more victims. Feel free to leave comments on the posts for your fake flash seller at the SOSFakeFlash site. You can do a quick search by typing in the sellers name into the search box.

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2 Responses to “The Truth About MP Players Sold On eBay – SOSFakeFlash Education Week For Consumers”

  1. Seth said

    You did a great job sosfakeflash on this one, but fake mp players are still sold. Would a new education week help? People are still being suckered. We still have fakeflashcommando team but there too many id selling shit on ebay. By the time we contact people to test or try to take a seller out, ebay kicks them off. %$#@@+*&! 😕

    We recommend buyers with ballsset up a new id on eBay. Connect with a different ip address, go to an internet cafe, make a new id, and snipe the shit out of their seller if still listing. Put negative. Then run baby run!!! lol:

    Scam sellers are doing the same thing, using several ids at same time, not their regular ids either since they don’t want to really get burned.

    Yeah, ebay is helping them but that is not news, right?

    So buyers who have been scammed need to step up. Listen guys…. don’t think this site will do all the work for you, they can’t.

    Do the math.

    Used to be one seller sold 1000~3000 fakes. Now 100 seller ids, 100~200 fakes before they get caught. Cut off one head, they grow 10 new ones.

    My team is sick of pussy ebay buyers who make excuses for sellers when we contact them… maybe they did not know, maybe they made a mistake. Huh? What planet you from?

    We feel sorry for this site, they are just too nice and fair. Give them a break and stop begging for them to get your money back. YOU fight back and get your money back. They wrote all the info you need to do it.

    We have decided to give a helping hand to the investigators because there are so many eBay sellers involved in the scam.

    We are also trying to convince sosfakeflash to publish every address for every ebay seller they get from buyers who use the the report a fake they have here. I know buyers who report want it. sosfakeflash is not convinced. I suspect it might have something to do with tracking the counterfeit rings. Okay. But what about ebay sellers not in Asia? What about publishing their addresses and email addresses and names too?

    In the United States we splat sex offenders everywhere. No place for them to hide.

    So sosfakeflash, what about splat for ebay sellers of fake flash?

    If you scare the shit out of them, maybe they won’t try to have several ids selling the garbage in parallel.

    We need to make it really hot and nasty.

    If you have been scammed on eBay, move it and report in to sosfakeflash with the gory and important info. Use the report a fake tab here, or whin and accept being frauded. Duh! You are the ones who decide if a seller gets his denunciation. If money is easy for you, don’t bother. If you worked hard to earn it, then you have to send a message to the seller and ebay. Your call.

    FakeFlashCommandos are looking for newbies with guts. We did our time and sevice to all of you, now it is your turn.

    My people have decided to join DragonDakel for now. Sorry sosfakeflash. To many ebay ids so they have to be stopped. We are joining the Spookie id.

    Cut them down as soon as they start.

    If you got to this site, then you have been scammed. You got to decide something…..

    Are you a pussy? Do you let people take advantage of you? Do you like to eat shit?


    Do the following words describe you?

    1) Integrety
    2) Honest
    3) Fair
    4) Hate Fraud
    5) Work Hard
    6) Fight For Your Rghts
    7) Care About Other People
    8) Not Selfish
    9) Courage Is You
    10) Believe You can make a difference as Kittyfirelflash always saids
    11) Know the internet can be a powerful weapon, to give people information.
    12) Wish somebody had warned you, send you a warning message on ebay to test before leaving positive feebback.
    13) You are a person with guts, you will stand up for your rights.

    If you can say yes to any of the above, we need you.

    Make yourselves heard. Use the internet. Do not accept any bullshit from ebay. Kick them where the sun don’t shine. Save other people as my team has for over two years.

    Consider how you feel and how ebay let you down and swing in the wind. sosfakeflash says 95% of listings for mp players, memory cards and usb pensticks are for fakes. Go search on ebay and then figure out how much money they make from the scam.

    Accept and kiss your heard earned money goodbye.

    Refuse and you got a say. Fight back baby any way you can! In private dialogue with team members at this site….?

    STOP the fraud. any way you can.

    Link, link, link this site and posts anywhere and every where.

    You are feeling pain. Yeah, I did too once. I did something about it and let me tell you, it still feels good. I gave a shit about you and so do others in the team. Okay it goes on and on. But we still help. You are reading this right? So now you know why we do what we do.

    Kitty, hope you are ok with us joining DragonDakel’s effort at

    As we see it, there is no other choice if we are to contain the scammers. Fuck-bay will remove the listings and continue to hide the truth, but the listings at FakeMemorySentinel really presreve the facts. There is no way ebay can deny the listings recorded there.

    At sosfakeflash you started to preserve the evidence. It was great until sellers split their ids. Your site is still the powerhouse and if people continue to report to you with their information you will kick ass.

    Please take our suggestion and that of other victims on ebay seriously. publish any addressing and email address information on sellers outside of Asia. Even include telephone numbers if victims provide it. Let the sellers shit in their pants and make things really hot for ebay.

    As long as you get the seller id, the results from H2testw and the buyer id, you can burn them as they have burned so many of us with their fu*cking fraud.

    Think about a new education series, buyers need it, they are still so dumb. DUh! Reminds me of me once……

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    @ Seth,

    We agree that fake flash commandos are necessary. Gratefully we no longer have to deal with people who are timid or believe in as you might say, piss ant behavior. They ranted and raved and they demontrated they did not have the long term stamina to address the issues.

    Sadly naive attitude and behavior allow the fraud and scam to continue on eBay. We are happy to learn that FakeMemorySentinel has accepted your team to become investigators You have all earned it.

    At this point the issue is to stop the newbie ids and quickly There are just to many of them. The neat thing is that all listings use the “Spookie” id. Ha ha, we love it It shows You are going to learn more about it soon. Congradulations on the promotion of your team, you have earned it.

    SOSFakeFlash thanks you for your efforts and hopes you will continue to share your insigts. Agree we need new commandos.

    About publishing addresess for fake flash memory sellers….

    This is an internal issue. We need people to offer the addresses for sellers usiing the Report a fake tab. We will publish according to what we belive is important to addressing the issue. It is true we have not published a lot of the addreses. One of the reasons is to track the counterfeit rings on eBay.

    It will be our choice of when and where in the frankenflash project sites we choose to reveal the addresses.

    For any confirmed eBay seller of fake flash memory we have only one thing to say…..

    Run. Or refund all of your buyers as your exact location will be revealed. Either in a court of law or on the internet.

    Seth, as you know, the most important thing is for victims to get off their ase and do something, warn others for their seller. Long term we will reveal address information, and all email addresses. We have no intention of letting them escape.

    If eBay is reading this comment and ya they probably are, they are not going to get away with protecting the sellers.

    Bay Can eBay Sale Of Fake And Counterfeit Memory? A Frauded Buyers Simple Insight To Solving The Problem For Fraudulent eBay Listings.

    Makes thing cristal clear.

    We hope there will be a new breed of fakeflashcommandos to replace your secret team, if there are not, who show the guts your secret team has, we are in deep trouble and endless alerts.

    Our curremt estimates is approimately over 1 billion in eBay sales for flash memory fraud.

    Amasing how people just suck it up and do nothing.

    Does that mean we have to exist in 2014? Frankly we want to retire and do something else. The daily traffic to SOSFakeFlash makes it clear that we have do continue, even if we are really tired of the issue and how naive people are on the subject of flash memory.

    Keep your team movitivated Seth. You are in a good position to contribute to FakeFlashSentinel. It is the best site to cut down on the fraud. We report details on the confirmed they cut the sellers down faster and make eBay really shit. It is in ower opinion to document the listings for fake flash memory. The screen captures of the listings, ha ha eBay can not retract. Doesnt matter if we pulish asll the gory details here. DrakenDakels team caught them in the act. They can suspend the seller but they can’t erase the listing(s).

    Frankly in IMHO I think the sentinel site is probably going to be the most daming for a class action suit against ebay.

    Hint readers, you can’t be part of a class action suit if you did not report in to use with your info in the report a fake tab.

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