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The Orient – eBay Sellers Of Fake MP Players, Memory Cards, USB Flash Drives. Are You Not Getting What You Paid For?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 9, 2009

Fake flash sellers on eBay are clever. The ones located in the Orient are professional, even polite. They have a long term view and have been in business for a long time on eBay – long before you bought your false capacity device!

Rarely rude, at least not at the at the start, they will apologize and do all they can to have you believe the item is defective or a mistake. Even point the finger at their wicked supplier for having deceived them to milk your tears of sympathy for all it is worth. They will plead saying their job is at stake. They will negotiate. They will bribe. They will tailor the story to your personality. It is an art form, part of doing business. You will not find the crude vulgarity displayed by North American scammers nor the obstinate short tempered nature of European fraudsters.

Many think the Oriental fake flash sellers are greedy. No they are not. They are moving product in volume. Since low capacity devices don’t sell, they simply dress them up to the capacity that will interest buyers.

The reality is, you simply pay a small premium for the value of possessing a counterfeit of false capacity. Known to victims as fake usb flash drives, fake mp players, fake memory cards Those who perform the digital alteration need to be be paid for their efforts. The data collected by the Frankenflash project supports this for items purchased in the Orient, for 16GB advertised capacity it is glaring. The true capacity of the flash chips are in line with the prices paid along with a small premium mark up added. Not what you were hoping to hear?

Consider the price you paid for your item then read:

Have a look at the average bid price a seller receives by the continent where the seller is located. Sellers in the Orient fall under “Asia”


The data is current up to the end of May 2009. Shipping charges are not tracked. If you read up on the cost of flash chips, now use the true capacity of your flash drive chip against the bid prices sellers in the Orient receive. What are your conclusions?

Unfortunately while fake flash eBay sellers in the Orient feel they are just “doing business” – the sad fact is, they are selling data poison. Buyers lose their files when it comes to usb flash drives and memory cards. The damage done has devastated many. For Buyers of MP Players, they receive aggravation and a loss of consumer confidence in buying ANYTHING that comes from the Orient.

You may find this article very interesting reading:

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