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naffy23k eBay Fake Flash Seller vs H2testw and eBay Victims

Posted by KittyFireFlash on June 7, 2009

eBay fake flash sellers are crafty and naffy23k is no exception. These sellers will do anything to continue deceiving to sell false capacity items to eBay members. The profit is addicting, the harm done to buyer data files horrific. SOSFakeFlash, in the new consumer education series mentioned price is a good indicator of fakes, but not always. When it comes to brand names such as Kingston or Sony, the selling price can be as high as 80% to 90% of what you might find at your local retail store. The perfect trap!

naffy23k illustrates the problem on eBay. No innocent, naffy23k has been classified as devious by SOSFakeFlash selling counterfeit and false capacity USB Kingston flash memory pen drives. If you bought anything from this seller you must test. Report to SOSFakeFlash immediately using the report a fake tab.

Why has naffy23k been chosen for the consumer education series? You are going to find it hard to believe what naffy23k has said and done!

naffy23k has claimed the program H2testw 1.4 is Fake! Not his usb flash drives.


What did the eBay member buy?

naffy23k-buyer complaint April

This drive now discontinued by Kingston, is a 2GB flash drive well known to the Frankenflash Project.

naffy23k replied to the buyer:

Reply by naffy23k (Apr-29-09 15:01):
Buyer lost paypal claim! Item is 32GB and not fake! h2testw is a fake program!

h2testw is a fake programme? See H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

Now what would be “fake” about H2testw written by Harald Bögeholz? It is one of the most downloaded programmes on the internet to test the capacity of flash chips. Do you think anyone would spend so much time developing such a programme, improving it over the years if it was useless? While copyrighted, it is offered to people for free. Why? As a public service, the problem of digitally altering flash chips to lie about their real size is that bad. German attention to detail and precision is legendary. Offering an English interface shows consideration and willingness to share.

SOSFakeFlash and victims have confirmed the results of output many times. How? Take apart the fake flash device and decode the flash drive chip used against the manufacturer’s size specifications. See: Flash Chip Storage

So would this mean that eBay fake flash seller naffy23k is simply ignorant of technology and does not have a clue about the product he is selling?

Consider this, the auction showed was public. Just click on naffy23k’s Feedback and at the moment you can still see the item as it is in the 60 day listing window.

naffy23k is puffed up stating that the buyer lost their PayPal claim. It would be more accurate to say that the buyer either refused to return the counterfeit or was worn down by PayPal’s robotic emailers. A lot of buyers are unaware that they can reopen cases or email and telephone PayPal until they wake up. The fact is, victims who walk away with refunds are those who simply will not give up!

naffy23k protested that the item was really 32GB. Why then did this seller switch to private auction listings? A seller confident in his product will not to try to hide what he is selling in feedback. Read:

eBay Private Auction Listings – eBay Fake Flash Sellers Prefer – Victims Learn The Meaning The Hard Way – A Guide

naffy23k knew very well he had a problem but was determined to dump his stock and continue selling. There was only one way he could do this. Hide the truth. Unfortunately all this will do is delay detection. It does not stop the facts from coming out. naffy23k has sold many using multiple item stock listings. Just how many victims are there? The project with the help of eBay members, patrols and seeks out sellers like naffy23k and we wait….

Well does naffy23k sell true capacity now? No he does not. We have just received confirmation from another victim of fake flash seller naffy23k for a different Kingston USB flash drive.

naffy23k- current confirmed

naffy23k has been busy selling Kingston DataTraveler DT120 32GB usb flash drives. What do you see here?


Private Auctions!

So what is the real capacity of this usb flash drive? 512MB, not 32GB! We aren’t publishing the output from H2testw 1.4 here – SOSFakeFlash wants you to do your own testing on this drive!

As the time of this articles release, naffy23k isn’t listing. The auction ended early with still two more fake flash drives to sell! Obviously naffy23k knows something is up.

Every eBay listing shows this:


Does it mean anything? To a lot of eBay fake flash victims it means little. Now will eBay hold the seller to “assume” responsibility for the listing? Will eBay force this seller to refund all buyers?

The listing also shows this:


Does this mean anything? Well the FrankenFlash Project will tell you victims have something to say about this but it is not fit for print. It is spin. A lie. It is on listing pages to give a false sense of security for would be buyers. The true reality only presents itself when you discover you have bought a false capacity item. SOSFakeFlash has published: PayPal How Long Do You Have To Claim For A Refund In Disputes? A Guide About PayPal From eBayer’s Experiences. to help people deal with Paypal. It has a wealth of information to assist you and many reference articles for you consult.

Victims of naffy23k need to test their usb flash drives quickly. What is going to happen to fake flash seller naffy23k? An interesting question. Shortly, this seller will be on the fake flash sellers list when the new update goes out. naffy23k will be there to stay.

There are other fake flash sellers who tried to hide what they were up to. guruelectronics was one reported in: Investigation On Seller Using eBay Id guruelectronics Continues At SOSFakeFlash That story had a happy ending, guruelectronics was booted – to eBay fake flash prison and so far has not dared to return.

eBay is NOT a safe place to buy usb flash penstick drives, memory cards or MP players. Right now, brand names are under attack. Kingston is receiving the brunt of it. Do not buy any Kingston usb flash drives on eBay right now – it is infested with counterfeits and fake capacity!

The hottest fakes that are making money are MP Players. Both eBay and fake flash sellers are making a killing!

The most popular false capacity size at the moment is still 16GB. 16GB memory cards, 16GB MP Players and 16GB usb flash drives. 32GB and 64GB flash drives are arising, mostly for brand names. Please stay away, or a victim you will likely be! Pay a little more, buy at a local retail outlet. eBay for nand technology buying for devices with flash storage chips in these capacities will lead to a nightmare you do not need.

As victims on eBay all say: “If it is too good to be true…it usually is!”

Additional Reading:


5 Responses to “naffy23k eBay Fake Flash Seller vs H2testw and eBay Victims”

  1. PayPal often requires that victims get items tested by an IT specialist to obtain a refund. I am happy to provide a letter with thorough test results to help victims obtain a refund. Just send me the drive and a self addressed envelope and I will test the drive and send you a letter on our company letterhead.

    I can be contacted on if anyone needs assistance.

  2. Frank said

    Naffy32k seems like a nasty little oik – deserves to be booted off ebay pdq!

  3. Ioctl said

    I knew it!

    Fakers Are Gonna Somehow Shoot H2testXX Down!

    where it being a driver that crashes H2testwXX or Just Saying That H2testwXX is a badly made App – Etc.!


    We Must Prove a fake in more ways than just H2testwXX

    I.E Dismantle The fake Take pics – prove it fake by useing more programs than just H2testwXX – ( Like FlashChecker, Disc Director And Others Not Just ( The Very Nice ) H2testwXX Program!

    While we are working good we are not working hard enuf!!! :-0

    — As Allways keep up the good work 🙂 — Ioctl

  4. Rod said

    These scammers are everywhere, especially China !
    Most don’t accept Paypal so you have no recourse.
    When you discover the goods to be fake, the seller just says it’s your fault – you didn’t understand etc.

    I’ve discovered recently. Their prices look good, so I looked closer :
    No physical address listed
    No phone or fax numbers
    Mickey-mouse email address
    They don’t respond to enquiries, especially asking where they are/ refund policies/ h2testw test etc
    They pay to block their details from WHOIS database so they can’t be traced.

    I’ve seen a legitimate eBay Kingston dealer also selling fake 128GB Kingston flash drives via China for $10 !! I reported that dealer to Kingston..

    So.. ask for h2testw results before you buy off anyone.
    No results + no Paypal ability = no sale !!

  5. InspectorTech said

    Hey Rod,

    You are right. The real problem is coming from Asia.

    I can’t go into details but sellers can play games with h2testw results. In fact some dared to use screen captures of h2testw to show that their usb flash drives were good. Nobody should fall for this.

    My team could show good results from h2testw from h2testw for a usb flash drive at 2 terabytes in a screen capture. And in OS properties too. We know how the scam is done.

    Rod, it is not fool proof but the best indicator of a fake is the price. The cost of flash memory chips. Researching the internet, especially for brand names. What do they charge? A generic would be about 20% less in cost. Not less than that.

    The shortage for good flash memory chips continues. It is the crap, grade c and d that are being used in fakes. usb flash drives, memory cards and mpx players. Usually 2 GB or less in real capacity with a true usable space of 1.8 or 1.7GB.

    Using h2testw is great for preliminary testing. If you get bad results, regardless of whether the seller is on eBay or internet, we suggest you open the item if it is an mpx player, or usb flash drive.

    Decode the controller chip and the flash storage chip. They don’t lie. Search them on the internet, photograph them. Never send them back and trap the seller with evidence they can’t dispute. The ultimate proof comes from the chips themselves and their serial identification.

    There are no bargains. The real profit margins are very small on genuine flash memory chips. It only more people understood this, they would not be scammed in the first place.

    Ignorance is what fake flash memory sellers prey on.

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