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upcomingtrend Ebay Fake Flash Seller Warning Alert – China

Posted by KittyFireFlash on May 29, 2009

SOSFakeFlash is issuing a warning on ebay seller upcomingtrend. You are strongly advised not to bid or buy any 16GB usb flash drives from this seller. The listings are rolling out on ebay with alarming speed. They are being sold at prices below the true costs of the flash chips and are suspected of being false capacity. You should not put any data on these usb flash drives unless and until you can confirm the advertised capacity – you risk losing your data files if you exceed the actual capacity of the flash drive chip.

Generally SOSFakeFlash does not publish until a confirmed fake is reported, but this seller has been observed and the pattern indicates a dump and run operation is under way. The current wholesale costs for a 16GB flash drive chip is close to $30 US for a grade “A” chip. This excludes the costs for the casing, circuit board.

Please test all usb flash drives from this seller before you store data. Report in to SOSFakeFlash if your testing confirms you have a false capacity device. If you have a true capacity usb flash drive confirming that ebay seller upcomingtrend is determined to lose money and subsidize buyers report in with your evidence as well. It will be a first! We can not issue an offical fake flash seller alert until we receive evidence.

Please assist in monitoring this sellers feedback – contact any buyers who left positive and ask them to test for true capacity.

These are the 16 GB Models oftered and sold by upcomingtrend.

2233   2232
2231   2230

Note that all of these models have been confirmed many times over as fake and counterfeit usb flash drives by SOSFakeFlash. If you see any such listings on eBay – Please stay away from them! Don’t become a statistic in our database.

SOSFakeFlash is also looking for this sellers addresses to determine if it is an old fake flash seller using another ebay id.

Be aware that 16GB capacity is the most common false capacity size currently offered on eBay!


4 Responses to “upcomingtrend Ebay Fake Flash Seller Warning Alert – China”

  1. Randy said

    upcomingtrend had listings removed sometime on the weekend 1/2 June.

    This could have been a result of reporting this seller for a pattern of selling 100s of items for less the $.25 including shipping. This could be considered a method to purchase a power seller rating and to maintain a high DSR rating.

    Noticed some negative feedback about fake drives but is not longer visable as it was changed by some buyers. This is unfortunate.

  2. dj aldini` said

    Yes i bought one of these from this seller it was a 16Gb for under a tenner on ebay and yes they are fake , When copying a 14gb file to it it only copyed a small amount of the folder and stoped copying , then trying to add files it shows its copying but does not atually do it .

    Going to see it i can get money back today !

  3. […] upcomingtrend Ebay Fake Flash Seller Warning Alert – China […]

  4. […] upcomingtrend Ebay Fake Flash Seller Warning Alert – China […]

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