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SOSFakeFlash News May 16 2009

Posted by KittyFireFlash on May 16, 2009

SOSFakeFlash continues to enter information from your reporting. It takes some time for investigation and then to prepare alerts. Keep sending them. A new update to the fake flash eBay seller list will be published within the next two weeks.

Looking for stories. Do you have one? Your experience with a Fake Flash Seller? If you have reported in with your evidence you can write your story up and send it in to Don’t forget to include your id and please chose a pen name for yourself. It is preferred that eBay members do not use their ebay id for stories, it is an issue of privacy. In the database your penname and ebay id is recorded so we can decode, but it is not for the public. Be creative in your choice! You do not have to write in English only. We welcome other languages and we need them to assist others who are victims. Look at the stories category on the left menu, scroll down for ideas and examples. If you are comfortable in English and another language – send two!

And interesting story from Russia will be published soon. Not all fake flash is purchased on eBay, but you can easily become a victim from a wholesaler in China. Victims in Russia have worked very hard to prepare a presentation with evidence for you and wrote it in English. Be on the look out for this story coming soon!

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