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PayPal Demands Aids Criminal Activity – Danger! eBay Refunds For Fake Flash USB drives – Fake MP Players – Fake Memory Cards

Posted by KittyFireFlash on May 11, 2009

eBay and Paypal orders victims of fake flash purchases to return the crime to the criminals as a condition of refund. What happens? When victims of fake flash purchases on are ordered to return the items, SOSFakeFlash considers it aiding and abeiting criminals and sheltering them to continue in their black market activity. Selling fake MP Players, fake usb flash drives and fake memory cards is big business on eBay and has harmed many with data loss. In forcing members to return items as a condition of refund both ebay and PayPal participate in the crime, they force members to violate the laws found in most countries that prohibit using the local postal system to send or receive fake and counterfeit goods. Some eBay members are not aware of this. Others are but because eBay and PayPal refuse to listen and as they have suffered a serious financial loss attempt to examine the possibility of returning the items. What happens to eBay members when then return the items? Do they get a refund? What are the challenges many eBayers face when they try determine where to send the items back?

A recent case involving eBay Seller worldshiping12699 and eBay Buyer BarryX is presented to demonstrate the problems.

What happens to eBay members when they return items to fake flash sellers, do they get a refund?

Some do get a refund. They have to pay the expenses for postage out of their own pocket. They are not refunded for the shipping charges for receding the item or for returning it. Is this fair? The sellers they send back to, do not stop listing items when the member submitted evidence of false capacity. Instead these sellers continued to list and sell. In some cases they accelerated the number of daily listings, racing against the fake flash clock. No matter how many negatives in feedback they continued with both eBay and PayPal sheltering them under their powerseller status. What happens to the fake returned? It is recycled. Sold to the next eBay buyer.

Most people do not get a refund when they sent an item back. Why? They receive bad return addresses or the seller simply claims they did not receive it.

When an eBayer paid additional postal fees to ensure a tracking number, what happens? Frequently these sellers upon having funds removed from their accounts retaliated issuing an unpaid item strike. against the buyer. Vindictive. Nasty.

First the eBay buyer, gets a fake flash item, often losing important data for good. Second the eBay buyer finds both eBay and PayPal siding with the seller and forcing them to return the item at their own expense. Third, the eBay buyer never hears again from the seller, losing the evidence and now the additional fees for returning the items or the eBay buyer finally receiving only a refund for the bid price (no shipping refund) is now faced with trying to straighten out an unpaid item stike. This is eBay’s enhanced buying experience for buying nand based flash technology that is actually false capacity. A very dark side of eBay and PayPal is revealed for the buyer.

What are the challenges many eBayers face when they try determine where to send the items back, what address?

Fake flash sellers on eBay often have many addresses. The one used for sending often is not the one for returning the item. The one on file for the seller with eBay is often not the one on file with Paypal. Confusing? Yes!

Take the recent case of a victim of fake flash seller worldshiping12699 verses BarryX.

worldshiping12699 is registered in the United States, to one:

Kevin Burgon

6446 Tryon Rd
Cary, NC 27518
United States

When victim BarryX recieved the item, the return address was:

G/F , BLOCK 26,428 Yuen
Konk Tsuen, Yuen Long
Hong Kong

When the victim contacted the seller id worldshiping12699 he was told the return address was:

Sun jianzhong
Wanfuge Floor 12, D.
Hengfu Garden, South Caitian Road, Futian District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Zipcode: 518045

PayPal ordered Victim Barry to return the item to:

6446 Tryon Rd
Cary, NC 27518
United States

What address is the real address to return the fake flash usb drive to?

PayPal is ordering the victim to send the item to a restaurant. The address:

6446 Tryon Rd
Cary, NC 27518
United States

is for London Fish & Chips


It is not the first time an American Fake Flash seller has used a restaurant address, the last one SOSFakeFlash received was a for a kebab restaurant. Now Fish and Chips is being used as target or is that actually a side order on the American Fake Flash menu?

The item appears to have been sent to the victim from here:



The return address worldshiping12699 wants the victim to return the item to using the zip code is:

Sun jianzhong
Wanfuge Floor 12, D.
Hengfu Garden, South Caitian Road, Futian District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Zipcode: 518045



A university? Is digitally altering flash drive chips on the curriculum? It doesn’t make sense.

So which address is the right one? Can you see the dilemma and challenges faced by victims?

BarryX in definitely confused and can not get a proper answer.

PayPal thunders “Return or no refund!”

Nice for Barry. Should he just put the addresses in a hat and blindly select one to return his false capacity usb drive to? Would that give him a 33% chance for a refund? We doubt it will be that high.

It may interest you to know in the case of BarryX, Kingston confirmed the usb flash drive he received from worldshiping12699 was a counterfeit.

Also that in a later communication worldshiping12699 wrote:

Dear BarryX:

The Item was real and brand new.
Ebay has a lot of fraudulent activities. Don’t threat me.
If you want a full refund, you need to return the item to the sender
I try our best to make my customer satisfied.

We would like to offer the more partial refund ($25.00) and you don’t need to return the item. Also please first change the feedback, otherwise I will charge you $15 for restocking fee. If you want get the full refund, we require you to return the item to the following address which is our drop shipper’s address:

Sun jianzhong
Wanfuge Floor 12, D.
Hengfu Garden, South Caitian Road, Futian District,
Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, Zipcode: 518045

The international shipping cost is very expensive. We recommend you accept this offer to save both of us time and money.
Any question, please let me know.

Thank you

worldshiping12699 has in engaged in exhortion see: eBay – What To Do When Sellers Demands You Change Your Negative Feedback To Positive For A Refund Or Demands Positive As A Condition Of Refund – A Guide and is in violation of eBay policy. A seller might charge a restocking fee, but for a counterfeit? Also the restocking fee does not make sense. It is only a fee to be charged if the feedback is not changed from negative to positive. worldshiping12699 eBay fake flash seller has trapped himself.

The address confusion remains. For a full refund BarryX must return to the sender, but the sender was XU GANG. Then in the same email BarryX is instructed to return to the drop shipper, Sun jianzhong.

PayPal in demanding these fake or counterfeit false capacity flash based devices be returned is in fact ordering the eBay victim to violate postal laws.

With the number of different addresses, victims have little hope of determining which one might just be the right one to return the “crime to the criminal“.

Everything is designed to ensure the fake flash victim gives up, so that eBay, fake flash seller and PayPal may keep the members money.

SOSFakeFlash advised that people never use their bank account funds to finance the purchase of these items, instead ensure a credit card is used. You will find things much simpler. Credit card companies are more interested in your business and protecting you than eBay or Pay pal ever will.

See their article: Buying On eBay – MP Players – Memory Cards – USB Flash drives – Why You should Use A Credit Card To Pay And Not Your Bank Account


2 Responses to “PayPal Demands Aids Criminal Activity – Danger! eBay Refunds For Fake Flash USB drives – Fake MP Players – Fake Memory Cards”

  1. Chris Parker said

    Thanks KittyFireFlash for a very helpful article. However, you didn’t really answer how to say NO to returning the item and still get a refund from eBay/Paypal? Should I instead send it to the USPS Postal Inspection service and get a letter from them? Or another law enforcement agency office (FTC, OAG, DA)? Or will Paypal resolve the complaint differently than eBay and issue the refund itself?

    In my current case, eBay itself has sent me a prepaid UPS (not USPS) return label to send the item back to the seller as a condition of refund, despite the eBay representative making this decison being told it would be implicate eBay as an accomplice to the crime. I need my refund back, but I also need to keep this drive to submit to the proper authority for investigation and prosecution. So, what should I do?

  2. KittyFireFlash said

    Sorry for the delay in responding Chris, but there are many eBay fake flash sellers to investigate. As strange as this may sound to you and other readers, we also study the trends and behavior of fake flash memory sellers.

    eBay sent you a prepaid label UPS? This is very unusual. So far we have not received a report of eBay sending prepaid labels to anyone for a fake flash memory seller. For people outside of the US, UPS is a shipping company, similar to Fedex.

    How did you receive this label? Can you photograph it and send it in to ? We would like to see it.

    Has anyone else in the United States, also received instructions to return a fake flash memory item by eBay where eBay sends you a prepaid UPS label to use for mailing? Let us know.

    Back to your situation Chris. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. UPS is not the United States postal system, so you are not violating postal laws. At the moment we do not have time to investigate UPS policy for items that can be shipped.

    If you choose to send it back for a refund, you will no longer have the item. You can however, photograph the item in detail. Perhaps open it to decode the chips. You can also photograph the return package and of course the eBay UPS label. You can also write on the package that you are returning a fake flash memory item on order of eBay. It can not prevent you from receiving a refund and it states the truth clearly.

    If you choose to keep the item for potential prosecution, you may temporarily forfeit a refund.

    If you funded the purchase with a credit card, please call them and report the transaction as fraud, it will save you a lot of grief. We are finding credit card companies very sympathetic. However, most only allow a person to report one fraudulent transaction per calendar year, fair in our opinion.

    If you funded with your bank account, much depends on your bank. We have had reports from frauded buyers that their banks have assisted in reversing transactions for fake flash memory. Not all are helpful but some have been.

    Ultimately you have a decision to make.

    Money does matter, it is very hard to earn these days. However, you should know that most of the people involved in setting up this site and the others, the pioneers in the fight against fake flash memory sold on eBay never received a refund. They knew that there would be more victims and they choose to think of the victims yet to be…. For some it was a very serious financial hardship.

    BabyBoomers tend to be the ones who make the sacrifice, out of principal. They are also…

    well let’s skip the details, I will only say, when they fight eBay cries.

    To readers,

    a lot of younger people have caught the Babyboom fever! We have a lot of pride in their actions, it is what our world needs. No to fraud. Standing up against big companies who support it. If you don’t think there is progress, we invite you to go back to our early posts and march through the past three years. If eBay is now sending prepaid UPS shipping labels…they are getting really scared!

    Kudos to all willing to fight and make a difference!

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