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wonder_jewelry_shop aka shinich918 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Id Change Under eBay Suspension

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 26, 2009

shinich918 based in China was an eBay seller of counterfeit fake usb flash drives. He first attempted to evade victims by changing his feedback to private. This action is not a sign of a seller who is repentant for the damage he has done. It was to block eBay members from seeing the truth left in feedback by other members. This has been followed by changing his eBay id to wonder_jewelry_shop.

Currently still under suspension, this seller may attempt to crawl back for another round of fake flash selling. SOSFakeFlash published an alert on September 27th, 2008. See: Alert – shinich918- Ebay Fake Flash Seller

Be on guard for this seller’s return after release from eBay Fake Flash Prison.

He did a lot of harm to eBay members. The FrankenFlash Project does not believe that eBay seller wonder_jewelry_shop aka shinich918 has been re-educated. Profit from selling false capacity usb flash drives, is just too addicting. Please monitor activity on wonder_jewelry_shop’s Negative Feedback to ensure that this seller does not attempt to sell any MP Players, usb flash drives or memory cards.

As far as victims and SOSFakeFlash are concerned, there is no eBay Fake Flash Seller Protection Program. Correct behavior is to contact all buyers, to refund in full and to apologize for the harm that has been caused.


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