Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss Retired Go To FrankenFlash Project and SOSFakeFlash Announces

Posted by KittyFireFlash on April 5, 2009

The FrankenFlash Project has removed the site from the website group. Addressing eBayers who have suffered from fake and false capacity MP Players, USB flash drives and Memory Cards Purchased on eBay this site suffered heavy bandwidth as buyers attempt to research their fraudulent sellers. Specializing in providing translation to reach the global community, eBayers Against False Capacity Flash will be missed. Unfortunately the site was attacked. To avoid the server hosting the site from being exposed, the project chose to remove the site.

Fighting the issue of fake MP Players, Memory Cards and Usb flash drives is challenging. Those who engage in this illegal traffic and reprogramming of devices don’t want the global public to be informed on the issues. It destroys their profits. That is exactly the aim of the FrankenFlash Project – to stop this terrible plague that hurting so many people around the world!

For the international community:

Please visit the replacement for , go to Ebayers Against Fake Flash Devices II has the same functionality of the old site. Translation will be slower but it is now offered in 42 languages. It offers caching but will only translate 1 article every 11 minutes. In time the cache will build to provide everyone with the information they need in languages they understand.

For translation on news for fake flash you can visit FakeFlashNews II.


2 Responses to “ Retired Go To FrankenFlash Project and SOSFakeFlash Announces”

  1. Steve said

    Why was the site attacked?

  2. InspectorTech said

    Hi Steve

    We wish we knew – WHY! We can guess, it is not a popular subject with some.

    We also have a pretty good idea on how but we can’t reveal for security reasons.

    Sadly we are not suprised, it is to be expected when dealing with a subject like this….

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