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Kingston USB Flash Drives – Detect Counterfeits And Fakes – Product Verification

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 6, 2009

Did you buy an 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 120GB, 128GB or 256GB Kingston USB Flash drive you think is a fake or counterfeit? Countries in Asia are very vunerable to these counterfeit items, but Europe and even North America are experiencing an increase of these items circulating for sale. What does Kingston have to say? Is there a tool you can use to check quickly to determine if you have an authentic item? Yes Kingston is aware of the problem and they have set up a web page to help. Yes there is a tool.   SOSFakeFlash also found technical support numbers you can call.

Updated – 20100226.

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honchai9974 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – United Kingdom

Posted by KittyFireFlash on March 6, 2009

honchai9974 is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) Flash Kingston USB drives. Based in the United Kingdom, honchai9974 has been identified selling Kingston Counterfeits in multiple units mode per listing. Not confirmed but recently sold are “REFURBISH 4GB SANDISK EXTREME IV CF CARD” using a picture for 8GB. This may be an oversight but very odd. SOSFakeFlash does not know if “refusbished” means reprogramming to the real size or not.

honchai9974 has unfortuantely trapped himself, and we have a serious message for eBay and Paypal regarding Kingston Counterfeit flash drives. This is one article you just can’t pass up reading!

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