Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss

Fake MP Players On Ebay – 8GB 16GB Tidal Wave Of False Capacity – What Can You Do?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 26, 2009

Fake MP Players are the lastest plague to hit eBay. Harder for Buyers to spot before they leave postive feedback. Why? A 16GB false capacity MP player that turns out to be only 2GB can hold as many as 500 songs. It takes time to load. Most buyers of MP Players just use technology and are not techie. They fall for the “opphs a defective item” song sung by the fake flash seller. The lure of “free shipping” is one of the strongest pulls to end up in the fake flash pit. It appears that eBay fake flash sellers in Hong Kong and China know this so well – they have studied their buyer audience carefully. Here is advice – a Guide from SOSFakeFlash.

The sheer volume of sales for these items on eBay is mind boggling. It is hot. It is very big business. Everyone makes a lot of money, the cut eBay seems to get is averaging at about 10% in listing fee’s – that does not include Paypal’s profits. Don’t expect them to do much about the problem. Over time, the sellers will get caught and they will get a little tap on the wrist – a suspension. As powersellers they will not be banished from eBay. Fake Flash sellers do need a little “holiday”, a rest after listing and shipping so many items out. The army busy reprogamming these MP Players to appear “bigger” also needs to create the next fleet of fake MP Players to sell.

In polite fake flash circles, the word “fake” is never used. Neither is “false capacity”. Instead it is called “upgrading” the flash drive chip on these MP Players. Digitally altering these MP Players to lie about their size is not an upgrade.

Buyers are more likely to discover the truth about fake usb flash drives and memory chips than MP Players – they are simplier items for storing files.

The tidal waves of false capacity of MP Players are not likely to stop on eBay for quite some time. The source of revenue is just too important. Your only hope is to be a smart buyer.

1) Never leave postive feedback on eBay until you have tested your MP Player for true capacity.
2) Always leave immediate negative feedback against a seller, even before you file a dispute with Paypal.
3) Don’t allow sellers to black mail you – demanding that you remove your negative for a refund. Instead keep it as proof of seller guilt.
4) Don’t fall for sending the fake (counterfeit) item back, besides being illegal to use postal systems for this, most buyers never get the refund. Instead they just lose more money in postage costs.

The only people who can stop the MP Player problem are the buyers. You have only three weapons:

1) Negative feedback
2) PayPal Dispute
3) Promoting awareness – Locally, Nationaly and Globally (Internet).


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