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Hong Kong eBay Fake USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Counterfeit Ring

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 23, 2009

SOSFakeFlash asks what is so special about 935 Choi Ping House at Choi Yuen Estate in Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong? It is the place many fake usb flash drives and MP Players are mailed from to unsuspecting eBay members. The FrankenFlash Project has been monitoring for a long time.  Four ebay seller id’s all have something in common, a person by the name of Yu zhikang. The common eBay seller id’s are:, chaiching28, davidtam000, i.t.smart_electronic . There could be more id’s involved. The articles published so far:

To assist the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong we invite them to inspect:

and ask that they do drop by to visit Yu zhikang to inspect his merchandise. We are sure they will find it very interesting to have Yu zhikang demonstrate how these fake flash items can deceive.

For the curious here is the mystery location:

Sheung Shui

Sheung Shui - detail

The addresses on file with SOSFakeFlash so far:

Yu zhikang (zhi Bin)

935 Choi Ping House
Choi Yuen Estate,
Sheung Shui, N.T., Hong Kong


YU zhikang

935 Choi Ping House
Choi Yuen Estate,
Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong


YU zhikang

935 Choi Ping House
Choi Yuen Estate,
Sheung Shui, N.T. Hong Kong


YU zhikang (KEN)

953 Choi Ping House
Choi Yuen Estate
Sheueng Shui, N.T.
Hong Kong


2 Responses to “Hong Kong eBay Fake USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Counterfeit Ring”

  1. Vera Grimm said

    I am horrifed at how ebay continues to allow the sale of fake flash items – especially USB flash drives which are obvious fakes – on their site. It is more difficult to identify fake memory cards (such as SD cards, MMC cards and so on) or MP3/MP4 players – so maybe you could excuse them for not noticing these.
    However – allowing the sale of flash drives where (although the brand name may not be mentioned in the wording of a listing) the picture/s clearly show brand names such as Sony or Kingston or trademark names such as Vaio (a Sony trademark name only used for laptops, not flash drives!) or DataTraveller (a Kingson trade mark) where the picture does not match an item of the claimed capacity can not be excused. Ebay must be held to account!
    The victims of the fraud ebay has allowed will eventually have our day in court. We know it has been difficult for them – but ignoring repeated warnings about fraudsters can not be ignored.

  2. FakeStopper said

    Hi Vera Grimm

    I total agree with what you saying. Fake flash is way too obvious. There must be someone who is working for ebay and monitoring the site day and everyday. They are paid to do that. They can monitor ebay forum/discussion and remove any “bad” mouth about their site on their site! Yet they can’t remove the BAD OBVIOUS FAKE on their site!

    What does this really says about ebay? Hiding all bad publicity about them and continue with “ignoring” the fake flash issues.

    I suggest people who is buying branded item to actually go to the branded website, e.g. Song, Kingston etc and actually see what kind of drive they are offering and match that to the picture on ebay. If they look alright, ask the seller the questions and demand a screen shot of the testing result. If the seller is selling real capacity, the seller would more than happy to supply because they are generating revenue.

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