Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World – No More Counterfeits – No More Data Loss Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – MP Players – Hong Kong

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 23, 2009 is an eBay seller of Counterfeit (Fake) MP Players. Your fake MP Player is not 16GB but 2GB and you get to chose the colour of your fake, offers you over seven different colours! Based in Hong Kong certainly a fox. Why? SOSFakeFlash will be releasing the details shortly. This is one fox being chased by angry eBayers! Do not be deceived by this seller and whatever you do, do not leave postive feedback to get your refund!’s recent earnings:

Items Sold: 48.59%
Total Value Sold: £3253.47
Total Value Shipping: £0.00
Total Value Not Sold: £1170.99
Sold Item Fees: £66.15
Unsold Item Fees: £81.45

To see’s negative feedback Please Click Here

February 23rd, 2009 – we have 1 eBay listings confirmed fake.

The model sold under the eBay seller confirmed as Counterfeit, recorded with eBayer ID and eBay Item Number – Standard Procedure. Presented as listed at auction. Counterfeit items tied to criminal activity enjoy no protection. If you bought one of these MP Players from, you should test immediately with the software H2testw 1.4 . Do not store any important music files on the drive until you can confirm you have the advertised capacity (minus formatting overhead).

The 16GB Model sold by, comes in 7 different colours.


Should your drive not report the true advertised capacity:

  1. Immediately attempt to move any data you have stored on the drive to another source. Be advised if you have stored more than the reported size from H2testw 1.4, you will not be able to recover it all – you can expect to see errors in the copy back.
  2. Immediately report to eBay and PayPal to add your voice against this seller.

If the eBay Item number has disappeared from your won list. Please go to PayPal and search through your transactions for the approximate time frame of your purchase. You will find the details of your transaction and ebay item number. PayPal keeps this information for a long time. Use the email address:

Please include:

  1. PayPal Transaction Number
  2. Ebay Item Number
  3. Date Of PayPal Transaction
  4. Date Of eBay Item Listing
  5. Your eBayer Id
  6. Cite eBay Seller
  7. The results from your testing with H2testw 1.4
  8. Any information concerning data loss and it’s value to you

You are to inform them you wish to be part of the investigation against this seller and are adding yourself to the evidence. You expect to be fully refunded for the purchase and shipping and if you can prove data loss compensation for it as well. Furthermore, it is a fact that PayPal and eBay are aware of cases pouring in. You are invited to copy:

on your correspondence.


3 Responses to “ Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – MP Players – Hong Kong”

  1. Scott said

    You got him. is gone from ebay.

  2. Sammy said

    Same guy sell staff in this adress

  3. kittyfireflash said

    Hi Sammy,

    I had a quick look at the site. On first inspection there are no 16GB MP Players for sale. 8GB is the max. Have a look at one item:

    this is being offered on eBay at much higher capacity. Pandawill is offering it at $39.71. This is for a 1GB MP Player. Victims are generally reporting 1GB to 2GB as the true capacity of their supersized 8GB and 16GB fakes. The model presented from pandawill, could with the right software be altered to pretend to be 8GB or 16GB. So they will look the same. Given the price, it is fairly accurate for the chip size, and MP Player functions so not likely a fake.

    If Pandawill is not a collective pool of sellers, there is a strong likelyhood that it offers genuine articles and is not exposed to those out for shady deals. To be certain, people would have to order and test.

    They do not offer any usb flash drives over 4GB and the prices are pretty much in line with what you could expect to pay. See a 4GB chip was about $6.60 for the chip needed. So a price of $18.50 is possible for a flash drive that size. The 4GB quartz watch is a novelty item, interesting and it is almost $85.00 Have not inspected the memory cards in detail.

    Someone would need to buy and test items. It is very important for everyone to try and use the pricing of chips as a guide line. It is only a guide line, no guarantee, but helpful in spotting obvious fakes. You can expect to find other sellers selling flash devices exactly like the fakes you bought on eBay. The key is in the size they offer and the price tag that goes with it. Often those fakes when people manage to return them to their true capacity often correspond to the selling prices for the genuine sizes offered in the model. For example a 16GB fake MP Player that is found to be 2GB, may be selling at a genuine seller at the same price or even lower then purchased on eBay.

    So some internet sellers are selling the same items at their true capacity. 2GB or 4GB. They have not been reprogrammed to become a fake. At the moment, price against advertised capacity (what chips cost and so on) is the best detection along with testing upon arrival.

    To Everyone

    If you buy on the internet from a seller and find you have the real capacity please do two things:

    1) leave a comment on a post
    2) Use the safe sellers tab, to find the information to send in to nominate a seller. We would like to have an list of good internet sellers soon. True sellers need all the help they can get to stand out from the fake flash selling crowd.

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