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Review eBay Fake USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Memory Cards – What Can You Do?

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 22, 2009

Did you buy a fake or counterfeit Memory Card, USB flash drive (penstick) or MP Player on eBay? Items advertised at: 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 32GB 64GB 120GB 128GB 240GB 260GB 360GB 500GB? Unbranded or counterfeits using the name of Sandisk, Kingston, Sony, Samsung just to name a few?

Did you lose data? Did you have to fight with eBay or PayPal or the seller or all of them to try and get a refund?

What can YOU do about it?

If you are reading this, you found one of the websites in the FrankenFlash project, set up to help you to understand the problem, explain how to test and deal with the triangle of pain (eBay, PayPal, seller).

Many victims have asked what they can do to help.

In February 2009 the project entered it’s 10th month. A lot of victims want to offer money, even the funds recovered from their fake flash purchase. Money won’t solve the problem or make it go away. The progress we have seen comes from people.

If you feel the project matters and is helpful, you can help where it REALLY counts! Save a few eBayers and spread the news. That is what makes the difference. Fraudulent sellers are using a new dump and run approach – they know we exist and are trying new ways to hang on to those addicting profits. YOU the victim, are needed even more now.

Here are some of the things you can do to help:

1. Contact 5 to 10 eBayers who bought the same item as you did.
2. Feedback
3. Forums and Blogs
A) Forums
B) Blogs
4. Fake Flash Repair Solutions
5. Stories
6. Money Does Not Solve Issues
7. Law Enforcement
8. Local News Media

We’ve presented each section in detail for you. Chose whatever seems to interest you and where you think you can make a difference. When this struggle began no one had any idea just how big the problem really was, or what would be discovered. Everyone knew it was serious, fighting it would not be easy. You don’t see 37,000 listings available daily anymore – those days are gone. Why? Because victims helped. The battle is not yet over, victims are still created every day. Success or failure depends on people. Victims must decide.

The project is now opening up to invite people to chose something they would like to do and offer. Chose your mission. Decide what suits you. If you are upset about what happened to you or just horrified that something like this exists (digitally altering the real capacity to lie), here are ways to make a difference.

1. Contact 5 to 10 eBayers who bought the same item as you did.

Tell them what happened to you. What the true size was verses the advertised size by the seller. Ask them to test with H2testw 1.4 – a program free on the internet. Ask them to let you know if they got a “good” item or a “bad” one like you did. If it turns out they got a bad one like you, have them report in to SOSFakeFlash.

See Report A Fake

You are allowed to contact only 5 members a day. It is fine to “share your buyer experience” – that is what the messaging system is for on eBay. When a seller sells good items it actually increases business for a seller. When a seller sells bad items, it soon brings them to the attention of everyone, including eBay. This action has led to many bad sellers being removed. It is one of the most effective methods to STOP a seller of fake flash items. It also saves people from losing their data.

2. Feedback

Never ever allow yourself to be blackmailed by an eBay seller. Many sellers will demand you leave positive feedback in exchange for a refund. So now you know why some sellers have such high positive feedback scores and how you probably fell into the fake flash pit in the first place. Do not allow yourself to be victimized again. Leave negative. If you have evidence of the seller demanding positive feedback in exchange for a refund you should do two things:

a) contact eBay and forward the evidence
b) send the emails and details to

Do not delay in leaving negative feedback thinking this will help you get your money back. We have studied the evidence for months. It does NOT increase your chances of a refund. It can actually delay it. Many have been tricked this way. Some who modify their feedback of negative to positive never got a penny back and now have no leverage to make a claim. Never fall for crocodile tears about a “defective” item – digitally altered items are not defective, they have been reprogrammed.

Always indicate in feedback the truth about the item. You can warn people to test using the keyword “H2testw” and or “see SOSFakeFlash”. The last one is especially good if the site has an alert on the seller. Eventually the details of what you bought disappears after 60 to 90 days, so it is a good idea to indicate what the item actually was. This way the evidence is preserved – forever!

If you left positive feedback – you still have a voice. You can do follow up to your original feedback, warning that you got a fake. You can use the same keywords. It leaves clues for other eBayers searching for the truth.

With sellers doing hit and run so common now and eBay racing to suspend and remove listings, it is so important for you to get that feedback in the MOMENT YOU DISCOVER YOU HAVE A FAKE!

After having tested the item of course. If you don’t do this right away and the seller is caught, the listings will be removed and you will not be able to leave feedback. See the eBay email BlueFact received and recorded in: Investigation On Seller Using eBay Id guruelectronics Continues At SOSFakeFlash

If the listing is removed and there is not a strong trail of negative feedback, other victims will not know the truth. Resist all thoughts of holding your feedback as a weapon against a seller – the averages are against you. Modifying your feedback to get your refund just gives the seller more power to continue hurting others and the truth is hidden from eBay, PayPal and buyers.

Using your feedback to warn people is a very constructive way you can help.

3. Forums and Blogs

A) Forums

One of the best ways to make sure that people learn about the problem is to tell your story in forums. Or to let people know where they can get help. This is needed not only for English sites, but for other languages too. eBay buyers around the world are being impacted – SOSFakeflash has over 54 countries on file. Visit the local sites in your country and let people know. You can paste in url addresses to FrankenFlash sites and posts you think might help people.

Help is needed for all European countries, Asia, Middle East and Near East. Language barriers are the biggest obstacle to promoting awareness for the problem. We do have a site that offers google translation four 34 languages at:

B) Blogs

Blogs often have stories or articles on the subject. You can leave comments. At SOSAFakeFlash, it helps people a lot. You can really increase awareness by typing your sellers name into the search box and if there is an article on the seller – you can contribute your opinions and experiences. It helps other victims when they find the alert on a seller. You can monitor the post too and update your experience and status. It helps victims struggling with a seller, eBay, PayPal or all three combined.

4. Fake Flash Repair Solutions

Some people never get refunds and try to repair their fake usb drives, MP players and memory cards. We offer a lot of information at SOSFakeFlash and also known solutions at FixFakeFlash

If you succeeded in repairing a fake, share your solution with others. It is a difficult journey for many. You can make it easier for others. See:

5. Stories

If you have a personal story you would like to share, write it up and send it in to Don’t forget to choose a pen name of your choice. We prefer not to use or release real names to the public or internet for eBay buyers. It is your choice though.

Sharing your experiences helps others and puts a real perspective on the issue. It can be interesting too.

6. Money Does Not Solve Issues

Throwing money at a problem rarely solves an issue. When people roll up their sleeves and devote a little time – that changes things. This project began with just one person. All the information available today at our sites is the result of people who took a little time to help.

Just warn a few eBay buyers like yourself – that is the best currency. A good deed.

7. Law Enforcement

Lately eBay and PayPal are attempting to duck their responsibility in addressing the issue themselves. Instead they are telling eBayers to contact law enforcement authorities. It is a good idea. Much depends on your country but it can make a difference. Recently in response to a members protest PayPal said:

We appreciate your concern about the activity on your account. While the
vast majority of online transactions are completed without complication,
fraudulent activity can occur. If you feel you have become a victim of
Internet Fraud, there is help available.

Below are options that can be used outside of PayPal.

1. File an internet complaint report against the other party.
o National Fraud Information Center
o Internet Crime Complaint Center
o Better Business Bureau Online
2. File a police report against the other party.

I appreciate the opportunity to assist you. We are committed to making
your experiences at PayPal pleasant and rewarding.

As we have reported many times, both eBay and Paypal like to wiggle their way out of taking responsibility or living up to their claims of “improved buyer experience” or “buyer protection”.

We published information about reporting to the Hong Kong police for sellers located in this region: Hong Kong Fake Flash eBay Sellers – How To Get PayPal Refunds details are in this article. Often they will ask to dialogue with your local law enforcement agency. If you have the time, drop into your local police station, armed with your fake flash usb drive, details on your test results and information on your eBay purchase. A hands on demonstration by having them test on one of their computers is definitely going to get their interest. It beats the routine work they usually face. Most probably don’t know such a problem exists. If you want them to believe you, invite them to try out the drive! If your drive comes from the Orient – have them contact the Technology Crime Prevention Unit in Hong Kong.

Some people as a last resort and final protest, fed up with eBay and PayPal are making a statement by simply stuffing their fakes into an envelope with details and sending to the police over there. Since you are sending to a Law authority as evidence, you are not in violation of your countries postal rules. If your local law authorities are friendly – we suggest you start there instead of sending to Hong Kong.

8. Local News Media

You don’t have to make a Hollywood movie to get people’s attention.

It can be something as small as a local town newspaper or even a school newsletter to warn your local community about the problem on eBay for fake usb flash drives, MP Players and memory cards. If you do this you promote awareness and protect your local community.

You can contact local radio, or television too. You don’t have to aim for the biggest National station. Make sure that you have your fake flash item handy – and not repaired. This way they can see for themselves what these devices do. A hands on demonstration – is the best way to provide evidence and convince people.

Awareness is the first step to addressing the problem. Protecting your local community is important. Word spreads.

For back ground information you can always mention our sites for additional reading on the subject, it will help support your claims and provide more evidence.

This is a global problem. There are so many regions of the world that do not know about it. You can make a difference by warning your area. In doing so you will save a lot of people from future data loss and losing money that is so hard to earn these days.

There are many ways people can help. If you don’t like what happened to you or feel this is a terrible thing to do to people – Chose Your Mission.


2 Responses to “Review eBay Fake USB Flash Drives – MP Players – Memory Cards – What Can You Do?”

  1. Martin Booth said

    Hi, I got my flash drive from 3totrade it was sold as a 32 gig drive after running the test it was actually only 8 gig. I lost a lot of files tranfering to the drive. i contacted pay pal and followed the proceedure to the letter. i even spoke to them and sent them a fax with all the details which they requseted and they sent me a confirmation reciept for my paperwork by email. on the fax i told them that i was going abroad and would not be able to respond to emails until i returned i included how long i wiould be missing. when i got back they had sent me an email saying due to me not responding to there request for information “which i had actually faxed to them before i went abroad” they closed my claim. I sent them a copy of the reciept email and an explanition but i never recieved a reply. I have closed my Pay Pal Account as i was disgusted with there attitude.. protected by pay pal.. my Arse.. you can survive on ebay without them… Good riddance pay pal..

  2. Randy said

    If in USA, consider filing a fraud report with the US Postal Service.

    Information on Mail Fraud.

    Link to US Postal Service.

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