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orange1378 Genuine eBay Seller Of USB Flash drives –

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 15, 2009

eBay Seller orange1378 also known as is a genuine seller of usb flash pendrives. Dave has been selling for a long time.

When this eBay seller first started to research for suppliers in China he was shocked. So many offered to sell him fakes. He was disgusted. Upset he posted information at his website. One supplier pleaded with him – “please do business with me, I am honest“. This supplier revealed a lot of things to Dave and gave him his eye opening education into the costs of producing real capacity drives. This is the supplier Dave uses. His usb flash drives are genuine.

Dave has some information he would like to share with you about the cost of usb flash drives.

Hi, I sell real drives. They can be seen at

Here is the current rule of thumb (2-10-09)
Wholesale prices for…
8GB Flash drives approx. $14.00 USD
16GB Flash drives approx. $25.00 USD
32GB Flash drives approx. $50.00 USD

Then add to that shipping from China and customs fees.

On eBay I get charged to list them, Then I get charged a final sales fee, Then PayPal charges me to receive the money. All of the sellers out there are charged the same fees. SO let’s do the math…
You buy a 16GB flash drive for $26 USD they ship it to you for free, pay eBay twice and PayPal once. If the wholesale cost was $25 they lost money.
DID YOU GET A REAL ONE? Probably not.

I hope this helps,
Good luck out there,

If you would like to buy from this seller please query on his eBay seller id orange1378 or visit his website. His id will be on the new safe seller list to be issued by sosfakeflash shortly. If you would like to ask him a question about what he sells, you can email him there. We learned a lot from this seller in our early days of fake flash education.

He deserves to be supported for his struggle to offer people real capacity usb flash drives. Dave refused to make a quick buck. He is a shining example of what eBay used to be and can be again!

The FrankenFlash Project receives no referral fees and does not accept donations from eBay Sellers. If a seller is nominated, it is by the sellers own merit. This service of nominating true eBay sellers is provided at the request of eBay members desperate to find genuine sellers for true advertised capacity flash devices.


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