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Fake 8GB 16GB 32GB USB Flash Pendrives Drives On eBay YouTube Videos – A Buyer And A Seller Speak

Posted by KittyFireFlash on February 13, 2009

SOSFakeFlash has been fighting the issue of Fake MP Players, Memory Cards and Usb Flash Drives for 9 months. The biggest source of these items comes from eBay and have flooded 52 countries so far. On eBay it is an epidemic – often referred to as a plague. It kills data. Sold by unscrupulous ebay sellers these false capacity drives have caused so much harm to eBay members. It’s not just about money. It is the files – gone forever! We have two interesting YouTube video’s we invite you to watch!

Not all sellers are dishonest on eBay! One of the goals of the FrankenFlash project is to find genuine sellers at reasonable prices. A challenge! Very soon SOSFakeFlash and the FrankenFlash Project will start the program of listing safe sellers on the internet and eBay. As we expose seller who have been caught with fakes (even if just one!), we will shine the spotlight on good sellers! The honest sellers deserve recognition!

Flashies warnings, from a GENUINE Flash seller

Bernies story – A typical Fake Flash buyer

Flashymemory  is an honest eBay Platinum seller  of usb flash drives.  Like many honest eBay sellers (and not only those who sell flash drives) he is extremely unhappy about fake flash sellers on eBay.  Bernie1927 describes us all and our  fake flash buying experience on eBay.  We hope you found these stories interesting and informative.

Please feel free to share your comments on what these two eBayers, one a seller the other a buyer.


9 Responses to “Fake 8GB 16GB 32GB USB Flash Pendrives Drives On eBay YouTube Videos – A Buyer And A Seller Speak”

  1. Sophie said

    Bernie’s story is my story too.

  2. Mike said

    hey flashymemory thanks. i didn’t know. my friend told me about ebay. was not sure. good luck – wish more sellers like you.

  3. Chippy said

    you guys are the real scammers. We know this site is run by flashy memory. He is obviosly as dirty as the sellers that he accuses of selling fake flash because he is only trying to ruin others rep so he can get more sales. Greed at its finest. Bias??

  4. Helen said

    You are entirely wrong Chippy. The person who runs this blog was a victim who bought fake USB flash drives from various sellers eary in 2008. The only connection between the two is that this blogger learned something about fake flash from flashymemory. I bought fake flash drives on eBay from several Chinese / Hong Kong sellers, in the autumn of 2008 foolishly thinking that the low price was because they were probably coming direct from a wholesaler.

    Fortunately for me I happened across this blog before any of the fakes arrived. By the time the drives arrived I had read all the good advice on this blog and downloaded h2testw. I tested the drives as soon as they arrived – all failed the test and I successfully claimed refunds from all the sellers. There are many eBayers like me with a lot to thank the writer of this blog for – and I can assure you that it’s certainly not flashymemory or anyone else selling flash drives.

  5. fightflashfraud said

    Quite right Helen. I too have a lot to thank sosfakeflash for – it is because of the help I had from sosfakeflash that I started my blog. I felt a debt of gratitude and that I should help out too. Why is it that people like Chippy suspect the good guys of being up to something rather than the bad guys?

  6. KittyFireFlash said

    To Chippy

    I doubt the reading public will agree with you. The people who work on the FrankenFlash Project get paid zip, zero. Depending on their activites and assignments they SPEND MONEY – their own money, I might add.

    Flashy Memory does not run this site(s) (note the plural?). Please do your homework. The project started up in the spring of 2008. The first internet site launched at the end of August. Exactly when did Flashy Memory join eBay?

    You can begin by going to the first article published. You’ve got about 270 to go – just at this one site.

    As for accusing. Again, do some research on the internet yourself. It also looks like you did not bother to see Bernie’s video.

    Sellers who sell the real deal used to be drowned by the fake flash sellers. Not fair. We took our time before starting a list. It is because the victims of fake flash kept asking for it that it is up.

    And yes, Chippy a list of safe internet sites is in the works too.

    Last of all, do you know what it means to lose data? Files that you will never see again? Because the “real fake flash scammers” wanted to make quick profit? So who has the greed?

    After you have examined all the information and evidence, let us know what your view are.. still the same or changed.

  7. FakeStopper said

    Hi Chippy

    You might not know, but people who like me brought flash drive on ebay because it was apparently “cheap”. But what we found out is defective drive. I didn’t know anything about fake until KittyFireFlash contacted me.

    I can assure you, this site is and have NO connection whatsoever with Flashmemory or any of the seller(s) that they list.

    The list of good or bad sellers are the work of individual and fake flash angel on the patrol asking buyer to test their drive. When more and more evidence can proof this seller is selling real or fake, that’s is when people recommend to others and the word get spread. Eventually the good or the bad sellers get listed.

    The time the fake flash angel spent trying to get the real scammers out of ebay it astonishing. The time and money is Priceless! There is no price you can put at how much energy and time is spent since the past few months. But, the real satisfaction is helping others to realise before more and more data are loss.

    I believe you should investigate before you make such comments. Other people will and can give you an answer with this –

    This site is independent from any sellers (whether good or bad) reported here. The purpose of this site is to provide useful information, to educate, and to help or assist buyer who has experience fake flash drive. This site is merely an informaton sharing site.

    So Chippy, if you can provide proof where you have brought a REAL capacity drive, I am sure the site is more than happy to add your seller to the safe list 🙂

  8. Gumball said

    Hey guys. You could have easily not approved and blocked Chippy’s comments. I admire you for publishing it and letting it run. In my eyes, that just PROVES how honest and fair you are to both sides. I think that it’s quite funny that Chippy said that this site was run by flashy memory. The time and effort alone would take up 24 hours a day. When would he find the time to eat and sleep? DOH! Keep up the good work. Gummy from ebay. (I was conned as well).

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